Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Spider As Your Totem

**original graphic from Overdaforest on Flickr**

The Spider As Your Totem
Merry Meet :))))) The past few weeks I have been having a lot of spiders cross my path, from walking across the dash of my car while I'm driving, to showing up on my nightstand as I'm trying to fall asleep, they have been in so many places for me the last few weeks I've lost track.  What I find interesting, is that I've gotten e-mails from several of you saying that you've noticed the same thing and have been having similar experiences.  So let's take a better look at the spider and see what this all means. I don't know about all of you, but the first thing I think of with a spider is the amazing webs that they weave.  I don't love them as much when I walk into them, but have you ever taken the time to really look at a spiders web and how intricate it is? The spider is likely one of the most creative totems out there.  The spider and the webs she weaves are also powerful reminder of how intricate our lives our but how they flow.  As a spider builds her web, each section builds upon a section she built in the past, and is carefully woven to support the strands of her future.

We in essence are doing something very similar.  Our viewpoint of our life, our past, and our future is what weaves the web of the perception we have of our lives.  Notice how I said perception, as you are in charge of how you view your life.  So the spider helps us to be more aware of our life choices and the webs that we are building.  Be sure that the web of your life is supportive and not restricting you.  They help remind us to always make sure we are staying positive and weaving a strong web that will support us in the future.  With each choice you make in life, make sure that it supports the future and is the best option for you and those that you love.

The spider as a totem is a feminine energy. In Ancient Egypt she was a sign of the Divine Mother Neith. You will find that she is a symbol of Divine feminine energy in many traditions.  Another characteristic is her patience.  She encourages us to keep weaving our webs while being patient and watching our lives carefully.  We must make sure that our foundations in our life are strong and safe and that we are always prepared and ready.  Yet she is a reminder to not strike premature, or be aggressive in our nature.  It is all about timing in your life and the patience to wait for those correct moments to make moves.  The spider is very wise, and her wisdom helps you to analyze the intricate web of your life and make the best decisions possible on your path.

One more important symbol and message of the spider.  She is shaped as an infinity symbol :)))) She is a reminder that we have infinite possibilities available to us and that the Divine's love for us has no boundaries.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Updates! and New Shop!

Updates! :)))
Merry Meet :))) I hope this message finds all of you doing well! I know many of you have been getting completely inundated with Sales emails for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and such so I know many of you have likely missed some of my emails. So I wanted to stop by and say hello and give you some exciting news and a couple of last calls.  First the exciting news!

New! New Shop! I have a new shop :)))) The Etsy shop will still function like you are use to but for those of you who love going to my store it is now located right on my website. :))) You can see it here:  I hope you love it as much as I have been designing it.  It's hopefully a little easier for your shopping needs. :))))

Coming Up!   Yule Tarot readings will be coming out next week! How exciting is that! I am really looking forward to the Yule Time Tarot Journey's :))) They are similar to the Journey's that we took at Samhain just an amazing energetic experience and I love doing them. :))))) I also have some other things in the works for all of you like always! :))))  New Gift Certificate options will be out next week as well hopefully! :)))   I also have been working on new Spirit Animal readings and Spirit Guide readings. :))) I'm very excited about those as well.  Those will likely come out following the New Year depending on how things go for December. :))))  

Last Call!   I have two tarot readings that are important to you right now :)) The Tarot Forecast which includes a card for each week in December, advice from your guides for the month and your Spirit Animal.  The New Moon reading is also available for last night's New Moon.  Make sure  you book them now! :)))

Picture - The picture above is of my parent's house on Thanksgiving. :))))) Earl and I went to visit them on Thanksgiving and we were blessed with the most amazing snow.  It was just so pretty. :)))))

Moonsong Daily Magick - Are you a member? If not now's the perfect time to sign up with all new options! :))) Make sure you get in on all the Yule Tide goodies and opportunities!

I hope you and your families are having an amazing holiday season. :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Moon Readings Available

New Moon Readings Available Now!

Set the pace for the next Lunar cycle! :))))

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The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, hope, faith and optimism. It is a very important night energy wise as it sets the pace for the entire lunar cycle. This means it’s also a great time to work with the Tarot. Get a New Moon Tarot reading to check in and see how things are going in your life. Find out what energy this New Moon will bring you. Ask your guides what you should be working with this lunar cycle and what you should let go. 

This reading includes the following:

Your Past - Let's take a look at where you came from and see how it's affecting the present.

Your Present - There's no time like the present. ;) Where are you currently on your path?

Your Future - Where is your path leading you? This is a great card to see if you want to adjust your path or continue as you are.

New Moon Energy - What energy is this New Moon bringing you.

What should you release? - What should you release going into this lunar cycle.

What should you you embrace? - What energy should you work on bringing to you this cycle?

What Your Guides Want You To Know - Special advice from your guides. What do they want you to know right now?

Your Power Animal - What Spirit Animal is currently assisting you on your path and how can you best work with their energy.

All readings are done via email. You will receive a PDF document via e-mail with the cards as I drew them and a detailed explanation of each card. 

Options! :))) You can also include a visit to the oracles and/or your December Tarot Forecast. :))) Enjoy!

Have a Blessed New Moon!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, November 28, 2016

Energy During Ritual And Spell Work

**graphic by Araniart**

Energy During Ritual and Spell Work

Merry Meet :))))) I know a lot of you are still pretty new to your path and many of you are just starting to dapple in working your own rituals and spells. One question I get pretty frequently is about energy after doing this type of work.

Any time you work with magick, you are raising energy to do your will. Almost all of us are sensitive to energy on a normal basis, so when we work with magick and raise that energy vibration up to work with, you will feel it. If you are working in a group you will notice it even more. This can feel different to all of us depending on how you sense things. Some common sensations are numbness or tingling in finger tips, you may feel light-headed or dizzy, your heart may start racing, palms may get sweaty, some actually have the sensation of altered breathing. If any of these things happen the important thing is not to panic. It's normal. While you may feel like things are getting a little crazy, they in fact aren't. Not only are you raising the energy, but by doing this type of work you are wide open and you can sense the energy even more than usual.

I can't stress enough how important it is to ground and center after any type of magickal work, regardless of if you think you have excess energy. If you felt it, it will help to cease the sensations and return you to feeling normal. If you don't feel it, it's equally important as you may not notice the extra energy you are carrying but it may manifest it's self and cause something later on. A rule of thumb I try to go by is after any full ritual or group work I will ground and center but also have a small meal and at least a bottle of water. Food and water will also help you to ground.

I have worked in large groups before and my energy has been off up to an hour later even after grounding, shielding and eating. It's ok if this happens to you. It will return back. Just keep on drinking water, relax, and know that it's perfectly normal. In most cases as soon as you ground and center you will be fine. :)))))

I hope this helps. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

December Tarot Forecasts Available Now!

December Tarot Forecasts Available!

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Want to know what your path looks like for the month of December?

Receive insight as to what the energy will look like each week for you and what you can expect on your journey.

I will draw one card for each week for a total of four weeks to help me to gain information that will be helpful for you throughout the month.

Find out your power animal for the month.

At the end of the reading I will draw an additional card for advice from your guides for the month.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Blessings Today

Thanksgiving Blessings

Merry Meet :))))) As I sat down to write today's edition of Moonsong Daily Magick, I was hesitant on doing it on Thanksgiving as I know many of you are all over the world and this is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States today.

However as a Wiccan I have learned to embrace and celebrate many cultures often times adapting them as I see fit and I thought today is a wonderful example of that. I know Canada celebrates in October, and I'm quite sure many of you have traditions that are similar to give thanks throughout the year. This holiday always feels closest to Mabon for me.

Thanksgiving has honestly been one of the holidays that I have had the hardest time getting behind over the last several years and I could not for the life of me figure out why. I finally figured it out a couple of years ago. :))))) Each Thanksgiving I go home to my parents house to celebrate for a few hours. It's always just amazing. My parents own a log cabin that sits up in the woods on top of a mountain. The air is usually really crisp and often we will take a walk before having a large meal and then stretching out in front of the fire to watch a movie. Growing up this was an all day event for me. We would tromp through the woods much of the morning, come back starving and the house would just smell amazing with all the foods being cooked. After our meal we would stay in front of the fire watching special movies together much of the night. Often these movies were Christmas movies as this usually kicked off the Christmas season.

Since I moved away from home,I really didn't do much to celebrate at my own house and it's amazing to go home for dinner but I always find it a bit strange when I come back home?

A couple of years ago Earl went home in California to see his family for the holidays. While he was gone I was cleaning the house for his return and I started taking down all the Samhain decorations. In order to do so I had to take out all the Yule decorations. One thing led to another and before I knew it, well several hours over a few days, but the house was completely decked out for Yule. I love all the lights everywhere. They really do help with the cold weather that has settled in here in New England, the sun setting around 4:00, and the loss of color as the leaves are all on the ground. We also decided that we are going to start having our own little Thanksgiving here as well. Just like my Mom did back home but we will have our own turkey here the day before or whichever day works out. This year we did it on the weekend. :))) That way the house will not only be filled with lights but the scents of the holidays as well. Toss in some movies and I believe we have Thanksgiving. :)))) Oh! And you cannot forget the mandarins. :))) We have them everywhere as that is what reminds Earl of home on Thanksgiving. :))))

This holiday for me is very much about giving thanks for all that I've been blessed with. The amazing family I have that surrounds me every day, the food and the home that I am blessed to have and all the luck and beauty in life that comes my way each and every day. :))))

So even if it isn't Thanksgiving where you are today, use today to give thanks. :)) Do something to celebrate in your home, cook a special meal, spend some extra time with loved ones. The world would be a much different place if we had a little Thanksgiving every day :))))

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving Blessing
The sun slowly rises and sparkles through the trees,
on this day I thank the Lord & Lady for the beauty that I see,
Eternally blessed to be a part of this world
 and experience the gifts of love and life that around me unfold.
I kneel in silent gratitude give thanks and honor thee,
 my ancestors, and the sprits who walked in courageous spirit before me,
Blessings to everyone in this world,
may you have the courage to stand and be heard,
to live the life you want and be free, knowing
this energy I will bestow upon thee.
On this Thanksgiving, my energy is sent to you tonight, 
 May you and your loved ones be blessed with love and light
- Jasmeine Moonsong

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