Thursday, September 20, 2018

Counting Your Blessings for the Full Moon

original artwork by Ellysiumn

Our Full Blessings Moon and Autumn Equinox are just a couple of days away can you believe it? The Harvest Moon on Monday is about counting our blessings and preparing for Winter as we enjoy the last of our Summer months and the harvests that are available to us now. Mabon is this weekend on Saturday, a couple of days before the Equinox. Mabon is our Witch's Thanksgiving. It's the perfect time to give thanks for our blessings and harvest some of those blessings for the wintertime or whenever we need a pick me up.

Many of us have gardens and will need to finish harvesting the vegetables soon. I know here we are starting to bring herbs in to dry and prepare for winter use. Our basil is starting to go to seed so it is coming in this week. We also are watching our sunflowers to make seeds that we can use next year.

The reason that I wanted to talk to you about this early this year is because I have a project for you! It's a bit of a simple one but one that will bring you joy during the winter months. We are going to create a Harvest Moon/ Equinox box.

Grab any box you wish, it can be a shipping box, a shoebox whatever size you find appropriate. In that box I want you to start collecting things over the next week as we move towards the Full Moon and Mabon. In that box I want you to start collecting things for you to have during the winter or on a day that you really could use a pick me up. So for instance in my box I would have some herbs for teas, honey, seeds to plant seedlings, maybe a special book and anything else I can think of in the next week or so that I think would really lift my spirits in February.

Do the same over the several days as we move towards the Full Moon. Set aside as many things as you want. This is your special care box. On the night of the Full Harvest Moon leave this box somewhere that it is safe and can get Moonlight like a windowsill inside that your kitties don't have access to. Seal the box up the next morning and tuck it somewhere safe where you will remember it when you need it.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Daily Quote - September 20, 2018

original artwork by: Elyssiumn

I see magick in the Moon, 
the Moon sees magick in me.

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Daily Quote - September 18, 2018

original artwork by Idehl

"Wishes are the beginnings 
of dreams that are ready to take flight. "

- Jasmeine Moonsong

The Mammoth Sunflower

The Mammoth Sunflower

 Many of you know that I adore Sunflowers.  I have for as long as I can remember.  For those of you who were with me last year you may remember me wishing I had planted sunflowers and the mysterious one that appeared at the end of the summer for me.  It was amazing. I don't think I made the article public as sometimes I keep articles just for Daily Magick members.  It was at the edge of my garden and when I found it I promised myself that we would plant sunflowers this year.   We did! I wanted to show you the results today.

This is my driveway. We planted them around the light post and at a rock at the end of the driveway.  I'll get you a closer look in a second.  The one thing that we are going to do next year is start them inside.  Squirrels ate about 90% of our seeds this year so we only have a few of them.

You may notice that the color is a bit different on these flowers.  These  are the sunflowers around the mailbox. They are evening sun sunflowers and they come in varying shades of yellows and reds.  They are incredibly pretty.  Right now all three blooms are similar but last week I had one that was red.

You probably noticed that the title of the article is the Mammoth Sunflower.  Ready?  We have been so excited about this flower.

There it is! It's the flower that I used at the top.  Earl even agreed to get in the picture to give you a sense of scale.  He is 6'3.  It's a huge flower! We were excited to plant these this year and he planted around 20 around the rock, this one survived.  It's been open for about 2 weeks now. 

A few years ago I wrote an article about the Magick of Sunflowers and in it I mentioned that they can get up to 12 feet but that I couldn't imagine them getting that tall. This one isn't 12 feet but it's huge! If your'e interested in the energy that they bring us you want to check out this article: The Magick of Sunflowers.

This is a closeup of the smaller one next to the rock.

If you want to try to grow some sunflowers like we are working with next year, these are the seed packets that we used.  The evening sun ones are really really beautiful and the Mammoth ones are just fun.  Hopefully next year I'll be writing to you with a yard full of them to show you.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and ManyBlessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon Tarot Reading 

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I love the Harvest Moon. The energy with this Moon can be very powerful yet very grounding at the same time. The Harvest Moon puts the focus on the harvest in our lives, whether it be the literal harvest with crops from our gardens such as I am doing with my herbs and my garden right now, or the energy around you that you are harvesting, this is a really important time before our new year to know where you stand and how you are finishing out our year. 

For this special Moon I have designed a reading that will be perfect to harness the energy of what is going on. I will have the classic Full Moon Tarot reading as well, you can choose whichever reading calls to you or combine the two of them to get the bonuses and a discount.  

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The Magician - What is going to help you manifest the energy that you desire, or what is currently influencing your manifesting abilities?

That Big ‘Ol Fence - What is currently keeping you from your goals?

Bare Necessities - What do you currently need in your life.

Your Harvest - What should you currently be harvesting?

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Core Issue - What is the main issue or block on your path right now.

Your Path - A glimpse into your upcoming path

Full Moon Energy - What energy is the Full Moon bringing you.

What Should You Embrace? - What should you embrace right now on your path.

What Should You Release? - What should you release right now on your path.

What Your Guides Want You To Know - Special advice from your guides. What do they want you to know right now?

Your Power Animal - What Spirit Animal is currently assisting you on your path and how can you best work with their energy.

Enjoy!!! I look forward to reading for you!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Sunday, September 16, 2018



I absolutely adore summer. One of my favorite things to do is curl up next to the pond or under my willow tree with my kindle reading all sorts of amazing books. The one I am reading right now is called The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature, by Starhawk. Last night she hit upon a concept that I found myself nodding my head and agreeing to. It is one that I am working on putting into practice immediately and I wanted to share it with you today.

We've gone over grounding and centering and why they are important to help protect us and tune into the world around us. Anchoring takes it a bit further by developing a "personality" that you can anchor to.

We all have those voices inside our heads that we need to quiet. No matter how much work you do on your path, I don't know of anyone who doesn't struggle with this at least a bit, it's part of what makes us human. Those voices that love to cast doubt, tell us we are incapable of doing something etc. It's always negative. I do a lot of work with trying to teach you to silence these voices or at least control them as you walk your path.

Silverhawk refers to these voices as "personalities." So for instance, I have one that loves to bug me about fears from my past. I recognize when that voice is around. My giving it a name, or at least recognizing it, you can then choose how to handle it. So I recognize when that voice comes up and realize that it's negative and unwarranted and actually ask it to leave. It's a different way of handling it. Rather then giving myself crap for thinking like that, it kinda redirects off of me. Let's face it, it's not your true self telling you those things. It's likely a result of something in this life or a former life.

Another "personality" that she cited is the one that tells you that you can't do something. This is another one that we need to shush and send on it's way. Ok so it sounds easy enough, but I'll be honest if I'm tired, or something has happened to get at me, sometimes it can be really difficult to get this "personality" to be quiet, even with sage, grounding, centering and a really long walk.

So the idea is to have a "personality" that you can refer to when this happens.

So what I want you to do is think of one of the happiest/most relaxing/favorite times in your life. It can be as simple as a day you had free time to sit and read a book, a day on a vacation, the day you fell in love, whatever makes your heart happy. Then I want you to envision that day in as much detail as you can. Try to remember where you were, sights, sounds, smells etc. Do your best to envision yourself in that scenario.

Got it?

Ok, now pay attention to you. What's that inner voice saying? How is your confidence? Do you feel like you can accomplish anything? Are you happy with yourself and everything about you in this moment? Spend time concentrating on it.

This is your anchor.

Keep this memory with you all the time, and when you get one of those ego voices that is less than pleasant yammering in your ear, ask it to leave you alone and ask your anchor to come forward. Relax into that memory and remember how you felt, for that is your true self. Your true self is always positive and loving, and you can honestly do whatever you set your mind to. Once you have mastered this one, you may choose to have other "anchors", for example one for studying, one for work etc. The power of the mind is incredible, and when you learn to master it, you take that power to control your life.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Daily Wiccan Quote - September 16, 2018

You will find many of your wishes among the stars.

- Jasmeine Moonsong

original artwork by: Aurora Lion

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