Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Herbalist Training Course - Lesson 1 Homework

Herbalist Training Course - Lesson 1 Homework

I am working on the Herbalist Training Course at Sacred Mists and am very excited that I just turned in the lesson 1 homework today. I found the first lesson very intense to read. I wound up rereading it several times. lol :) But I am proud of myself for getting through it and getting the homework done. The beginning that told of the history of anatomy I found fascinating. I have always been drawn to historical facts and found that information an easy read for me. I struggled a bit getting all the information for the bones, joints, muscles, nervous systems and the rest. :) However I understand why we need to have a background in it. Hopefully I learned the material well enough that I will be able to get through the test for the lesson once I am approved to take it. :)

I find it interesting how I was drawn to take the Herbalist Course at Sacred Mists. They actually ran a sale for it at 50% off at the beginning of February, but I decided not to join it at that point. A couple weeks later I was taking a bubble bath and meditating on some candles and I got a beyond overwhelming urge to join the course. I mean overwhelming! I just about grabbed my iphone and enrolled while still taking my bath. It feels like its something I am meant to do. I enrolled after my bubble bath and have been working on learning the material for lesson 1 for the past couple of weeks. I definitely love to learn and am excited about learning more from this course.

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  1. hi there, it's Yemaya Olokun from the 'Mists! Good to see another Sister out there blogging :)
    Your blog is gorgeous! I enjoyed reading it. Blessed Be.


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