Monday, March 16, 2009

A Visit to the Ocean

Purple ocean

A Visit to the Ocean

I had a wonderful time at the ocean this weekend. It's amazing how calming the ocean is to me. Just to be able to sit there and watch it was absolutely mesmerizing. :))) I took the time to clear my head, banish the negativity I was carrying, and really try to think about what I wanted to do as far as my life and spiritual paths.

While taking a walk on the beach I was coming back up towards my hotel room and there were these two really smooth sandy looking stones placed next to each other. They looked very much alike. They seemed to call to me so I picked them up and brought them home. I have placed them on my windowsill along with a couple of shells that I had picked up from the beach a previous time. :)

I had the quartz crystal that I got a couple weeks ago with me so I spent some time meditating on that looking over the ocean. The weekend was an amazing experience for me.

It was also very nice to come home. It finally warmed up a bit here yesterday so I was able to have all the windows open in the house to get some fresh air into here. It's amazing what an uplifting experience it is to just open the windows after they have had to remain shut the entire winter. I am definately looking forward to the warmer weather that spring is brining.

This Friday I will be attending the Ostara ritual online. I am very excited. It is my second online ritual. :) I am starting to gather the supplies that I will need. I should've started earlier but I believe I will be able to find what I need this week. As time goes on I am building a collection of special items to use for my rituals.

I need to collect -

a hard boiled egg with a rune symbol written on it
a yellow or light green alter cloth
springtime colored candles
spring flowers
a small cauldron
and some floral incense.

When I was at the beach I was taking several pictures during the day. One of them came out darker I have no idea why but I absolutely love it. :))

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