Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ostara Sabbat Ritual at Sacred Mists

Friday March 20, 2009

I attended the Ostara Ritual on Friday night at Sacred Mists. This was my second ritual that I have attended at the Mists. Before the ritual I took a nice long meditative bath with candles and eucalyptus spearmint bubbles and wash to clear my mind and help me get focused for the ritual. I set up the area around my laptop with some springtime candles, my crystal, and the pearls that my grandfather had given me. I arrived about a half hour early to get settled and say hello to everyone. I was not nervous at all this time but excited and very much looking forward to the ritual. I got ready by grounding and centering and anxiously awaited Lady Raven.
Lady Raven arrived and opened the ceremony by greeting us all and helping to guide anyone that was experiencing their first ritual. Then she turned the ceremony over to Ellwyn Moonstone.

Ellwyn Moonstone led us through a beautifull opening meditation. I found myself deeply relaxed and completely enjoying the meditation as she led us through it. It’s amazing how clear and focused I was I actually felt as if I was in the places that she spoke of. She led us through a meadow full of wildflowers, and collecting flowers in a basket. We saw a little bunny who played with us a little bit then scampered off to the forest in the distance. I followed the bunny to the forest collecting beautifull eggs and wildflowers along the way. Upon entering the forest I saw a group of faeries dancing among the trees and leading the way to a clearing in the forest. Once in the clearing I found the Goddess Eostra who led the way to the circle where everyone from the Mists was meeting.

At this point Lady Raven took back over the ceremony and cast the circle for our ritual. Lady Raven led us through an additional meditation that I found to be an absolutely amazing experience. I have felt for quite some time that the Goddess Isis has been with me and I had this confirmed for me during the meditation that Lady Raven led. She led us through pagan easter egg hunt and helped us to create an Ostara basket. Along that walk the road forked. As soon as she mentioned the fork in the road I had this overwhelming feeling and actually had tears streaming down the face as I felt the Goddess say to me, see we have been listening to you. You are being heard and you are not alone.

I have had a lot going on in my life right now and this fork in the road was particularly significant to me so I was absolutely overwhelmed and felt loved at this point. I also felt that I had a God reveal himself to me at this point. Adonis came through very clearly to me. He told me that I needed to be more balanced and he was there to help me with that. I had a clear picture of him in my head. As a side note, I looked him up after the ritual and was amazed when I found a picture of him on Wikipedia that matched the image I had in my head of him during the ritual.
Since I have started my journey with the Mists, I have had a more difficult time with the Gods. I became comfortable with the Goddesses right away. As I said I feel that Isis has been helping to guide me for some time, but I did not identify with any of the Gods. Adonis’s appearance to me gave me a whole new sensation, I actually do feel balanced now. The love that radiated from him was amazing and I am grateful for the experience.

I had brought a hard boiled egg to the ritual. We were instructed to write a rune image upon the egg. I did a single rune cast to find the rune for the evening. I pulled Raido as I have many times lately.

“Raido is the journey rune. It stands for the worn path and the open road. It represents the hero’s quest for meaning and redemption. Raido reminds us that life is a journey that leads towards greater understanding. The appearance of Raido suggests a fork in the road. The decisions you make at this junction will determine how your story unfolds. Disruption, in one form or another, is imminent. Raido can be seen as an agent of displacement or it can be embraced as an opportunity for exploration. As with most things in life, your attitude will decide.”

Seeing the meaning of this rune and the experience I had with the Goddess and the fork in the road may help you to understand why this ritual was such an overwhelming experience for me. At this point I peeled the egg, ate half as instructed and saved the other half to give to the wildlife, and the shells to bury outside in the garden.

This ritual was an absolutely amazing spiritual opportunity and I am very grateful for the experiences that I had during it. I left the ritual feeling loved, guided, and protected, and more confident than ever that I am on the right path. I definitely will be researching Adonis more as I feel as if he has been with me since the ritual as well and I want to learn as much as I can about him. :)

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