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6 Steps to Good Magical Hygeine

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I found an amazing article that I wanted to share with you. The article is called 6 Steps to Good Magical Hygeine. It was written by Tess Whitehurst and featured in the New Witch Magazine. I went through the cleansing this morning and plan to try to do it regularly to help. Here is the link for the article: 6 Steps to Good Magical Hygeine. Tess has a website called Sacred Space/Magical Living. You can visit her website here: Sacred Space/Magical Living She also has a monthly newsletter called the Good Energy Newsletter that I signed up for. Enjoy!

Six Steps to Good Magical Hygiene
By Tess Whitehurst
New Witch Magazine

As magical practitioners, we walk between the worlds of form and spirit. We open ourselves up to the subtle realms, and become aware of the play of energy on a deep level. We consciously choose to create positive change in the world and in our lives, and to release negativity and that which doesn’t serve us. For these reasons, it’s important for us to regularly engage in proper magical hygiene. A daily magical hygiene practice allows us to walk between the worlds safely, effectively, and happily while becoming more and more in possession of the fullness of our magical power. It cleanses us of psychic debris and energetic blocks, allowing us to be clear channels of magical information and power.

I’ve outlined some effective magical hygiene practices that can be incorporated into your daily meditation. I often work with Archangel Michael to help with magical hygiene, and include him in the descriptions of several practices below, but feel free to work with the Goddess, God, and/or any other appropriate being(s) of your choice.

1) Grounding and Centering

Being grounded means being connected to the energy of the earth. For magical practitioners, I recommend doing this visualization every day, and before any magical endeavor. Once you’ve practiced it for a while, you’ll be able to immediately establish your connection with the earth, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. As you practice this exercise regularly, you will find that you feel safer, more confident, more joyful, more in touch with your intuition.

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and your eyes closed. You can play drum or trance music with drums if you want, or any sort of trancy music with an earthy sound. Take some deep breaths until you feel your body relax; call on Mother Earth and ask for Her blessing in connecting with Her. Visualize very bright white light drenching your face and turning your face into light; all the muscles, behind the eyes, the cheeks, the inside of the mouth, everything. Now let the white light fill your entire head and turn your head into light. Slowly continue filling every body part with light: your neck, throat, shoulders, back, arms, wrists, fingers, organs, legs, and feet. When you get to your feet, feel and see your entire body so drenched in the light that it is the light. Continue to breathe deeply.

Next, become aware of your spine. Turn your awareness to the end of your spine; see and feel your tailbone grow downward like a root. See this root — made of very bright white light — extend downward, feel it moving down and down, through the deep and receptive earth. Then see it start to expand, branch, and spread while it is still moving down and down. Take your time and experience the earth as your roots continue to move slowly down.Eventually your roots enter the core of the earth. The core is filled with the same blindingly bright white light that fills your body. This is Earth Light. Your light connects with it and you are now one with the core of the earth. As you connect, the light gets even brighter. Take time to experience this wonderful feeling. Now, move your attention back to your body. Begin to see your light growing upward like a tree; and in fact, you are a tree, and your body is a part of the trunk. The tree that you are is made of bright white light, and its roots extend all the way into the core of the earth. Reach your branches high into the sky. If it is day, see your leaves basking in the sunlight and moving in the breeze. If it is night, see your branches up among the stars. Now, much like trees pull nourishing sunlight in through their leaves, you see that you are receiving clear sparkly rainbow energy from the sky. This is Universal Light. Let it move in through your leaves and downward into your trunk, mixing with the white light. Let it slowly move toward your body and see it enter your head. From your head, it moves throughout the rest of your body. This Universal Light now moves slowly down your roots, continuing to mix with the Earth Light as it moves. Eventually, it reaches the core of the Earth. Your energy is now connected with and nourished by the Earth and Sky, and you are a bridge between the two. Allow yourself to bask in the feeling of balanced energy and connectedness.

2) Cord Cutting

Psychic and/or energetic cords can become attached to our energy fields in a number of ways, including fear, guilt, and limiting beliefs. Once such a cord is attached, it drains energy and creates imbalance. Cords can be connected to people, past situations, fears about the future, or issues like money or romance. I recommend doing this cord-cutting exercise following the grounding exercise.

Sit with your spine straight. Breathe deeply and consciously relax your body. Notice if you are holding ontoany fear or tension and let yourself release it. Ask Archangel Michael (or your chosen patron deity) to cut any psychic cords of attachment that may be connected to your energy field. Continue to breathe deeply and sit quietly for a little while longer and feel the cords being cut. Then take a deep breath and move on feeling free.

I find that, when used as part of my daily magical hygiene, this exercise lifts my mood and increases energy.

3) Aura Cleansing

When your aura, the sphere of light described above, is sparkly clean, you are a clear channel of magical power, possessed of clarity and positive energy. Auras absorb negativity, so it’s important to cleanse them regularly. After the cord-cutting exercise, or any time you feel that you may have absorbed negativity, you can perform this cleansing.

Sit with your spine straight and breathe deeply. Ask Archangel Michael (or your patron deity) to remove alldarkness, heaviness, and/or negativity from your aura. Visualize a magical vacuum that looks sort of like a sword made of bright white light; all dark spots or debris in your aura and energy field get sucked out with the vacuum. Any lingering negativity from previously cut cords gets vacuumed up as well. When you feel that this is finished, ask that your aura be filled with cleansing and energizing light, which replenishes and rebalances your energy field.

4) Chakra Clearing

You know when the weather person points out a spiraling swirl of air that is the cause of a hurricane? Chakras are places in our energy field that swirl and vibrate with a specific type of energy in much the same way (but in miniature!) Clearing them on a regular basis is important because it helps us clear away unhelpful patterns and negative energy while opening us up to the fullness and beauty of life.

Each chakra spins in a circle and corresponds with a color. Everyone’s sixth sense perceives differently, so you may or may not actually perceive the chakra as the color to which it is assigned. The color designation is just a helpful bridge to perceiving something that is beyond the scope of our five primary senses.

As you begin to become familiar with your chakras (see sidebar) you’ll start to feel a connection between your mind, body, and emotions like never before. You’ll also know when they are especially balanced or when you have an energetic block or any sort of issue with the healthy flow of energy in one or more of them. This knowledge allows you to work on the energetic level to bring yourself back into a holistic state of balance and harmony.

I recommend clearing your chakras after grounding, cord cutting, and cleansing the aura.

Sit with your spine straight. Close your eyes and consciously relax your muscles and organs. Take some deep breaths and consciously relax your mind. Now, visualize a concentrated beam of white light moving upward from the core of the earth. Know that this light is vibrating at a very high frequency and is a high-powered cleansing tool. Become aware of the red spiraling and swirling light at the base of your spine. See the beam of light enter the middle of this chakra. As the light enters, it makes the chakra brighten and spin at a rapid pace. The red becomes more vibrant and any darkness or heaviness dissolves away. Take as much time as you need with this. Now the light moves up to the orange chakra below your bellybutton. It enters the center of this chakra and causes it to brighten and glow. See it spinning vertically, emanating light from the front and back of your body. See the beam of light moving up to the yellow spiraling light spinning vertically half way between your bellybutton and your heart. The yellow becomes brighter and clearer. The beam now moves up to the vertically spinning green energy at your heart. This creates a great flowering of energy at your heart, and the green becomes more emerald and brilliant. Continue to see the beam move up to the vertically spinning blue energy at your throat. When the light enters the center of the swirl, the blue light becomes brighter and less dense. Let the light move up to the swirl of indigo energy on your forehead above and between your eyebrows. The indigo energy brightens and glows. Next, the light moves out through the purple and/or white swirl of energy spinning horizontally at the crown of your head. This chakra also becomes brighter and more vibrant. Take some deep breaths and continue to relax, revisiting any chakra that still feels out of balance in any way. Continue until you feel that your chakras feel totally cleansed, open, and balanced.

5) Energetic Protection

When you’re finished with the grounding, cord cutting, aura cleansing, and chakra clearing, it’s important to finish with a powerful protection.

Sit with your spine straight. Take some deep breaths and relax. Ask the God/dess to fill the sphere of energy around you with protective light through which no negativity may enter, and through which all vibrations that are loving and positive may enter easily. This light may be indigo, white, pink, or green; choose the color that feels like it would be most effective for you today.

This protective sphere of light will remain powerful for at least six hours, and gradually fade for another six. You can renew it by doing a quick visualization and prayer.

6) Get in the Habit

It may seem like a lot at first, but once you get into the habit of doing these exercises they will become second nature. Maintaining good magical hygiene brings success to your magical endeavors and every aspect of your life.

Tess Whitehurst is a writer, lifelong student of the magical arts, feng shui practitioner, and advocate of selflove, self-expression, and personal freedom. You can visit her online at

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  1. An interesting article on ritual cleansing

    Ritual and Meditation Bathing Procedures
    By Lady Maelyn.

    To Prepare The Bathroom

    Clean the bathroom, at least once a month, (check moon phases for proper alignment,) during appropriate phase. Clean all physical dirt and grime for it is a form of negativity, in clockwise, all surfaces. Your bathroom vanity and sink area as well as your kitchen counters and sink areas, desks, etc..., are all Altars where physical and spiritual negativity is banished from. The clockwise circling motions whether for cleaning, cooking, or spiritual workings is promoting the Goddess' positive energies to infuse your projects. Certain products are natural banishers and purifiers, such as pine, lemon, cinnamon, and pot-pourri smells in your cleaning aides. They work even better when you descriminate by buying only products that contain the real essences rather than artificially scented ones, for maximum potency and effectiveness. This should be redone every month at the very least because no protection, purification, or energy amplification workings will hold past one complete moon cycle.

    Ritual and Meditation Bathing Procedure

    1) Disrobe to nakedness
    2) Extinguish all electrical lighting and appliances in the bathroom, (even better if you can unplug them) where ever possible.
    3) Light white candle (don't forget to prep annoint)
    4) Light incense (also some soft relaxing music in low volumne is OK but oppotional)
    5) Start shower water and set the water temperature
    6) Get in shower and clean yourself thoroughly, hair, teeth, behind ears, bellybutton, between toes, under nails; be thorough to get all that physical negativity.
    7) Step out of shower and let the shower water completely drain away. Do not towel off or put on a robe, remain wet and naked.
    8) Stopper up the tub and start filling the bath water. While filling, start adding your meditation and/or ritual ingredients. When adding ingredients, concentrate on their meanings and intents for symbolization and purpose individually, ingredient by ingredient.
    9) When tub is about 1/3rd full, stand before it and start visualizing what it is you want to change in your life. Keep in mind that stuff you want to come into your life is done while the moon is wax-ing; stuff you want to leave your life is done while the moon is waning. If you have an emergency and can't wait for the proper moon phase, go ahead anyway. The Goddess is alot more understanding and lienient about these things than our Lord Father. Just know that it won't be at full potency. While tub is filling, visualize what it is you want; for instance for love of a mate you might see the water boiling over with hearts and cupids, or even the mate you want could be visualized sitting in the tub with open arms waiting to embrace you. Please be creative, the more personal and sentimental to yourself the images are, the greater potency and effectiveness you will have because of the power of personal energy infusement.
    10) Get into the tub and recline as comfortably as humanly possible, (bath pillows help here!) Start by doing some deep clearing breaths nice and slow, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then breath normally with eyes closed and start releasing tension part by body part working from toes to cranium. By now your Aura is completely inside your skin instead of it's usuall 4 to 6 foot sphere around you. The Aura receeds within when the physical body is saturated with water, and comes back out when completely dry. This is how negativity that is not yours and is stuck to your protective aura shell is cleansed. Haven't you ever noticed when you step out of the bath tub, pool, lake, etc..., that your just a little off balance? This is why, also have you ever noticed how uncomfortable people get in an elevator even though no one is physically touching? Because your Auras are overlapping and you are in each others spiritual space. Now visualize all negativity within you draining out of you by seeping from pores and into the water while simultaneously visualizing what you charged the water with seeping into you through your orafices, (Orafice-oracle, are similar in purpose. Think about it)
    11) Then proceed with your usuall method of consciousness raising.
    12) Then use your unscented glycerin soap and your herbal sachet to seal off your mind and body from further contamination of negativity and to seal in thier properties for your workings later.
    13) When finished, step out and before drying off, visualize the tub holding all the negativity you released. Pull the stopper out with your left hand, (the hand of the Goddess), and see it literally go down the drain and out of your life forever. When possible, put on an absorbant robe and drip dry instead of towel pat or rub drying so as not to rub off all those wonderful smells and treatments for your skin and aura.
    14) Then finish your toilette routine as usuall otherwise. Don't forget to scoop out the solids from the tub with a large tea strainer so as not to clog your plumbing. If you uses oils in the tub and you live with others, you may want to take a towel or sponge with some soap and clean it out so as to prevent slips and falls. Oil and porcelin make a nasty slick combination. If you use bath oils frequently, you may want to include in your monthly cleaning routine to put some drain cleaner/opener or build up remover down the drain to protect your pipes.

    (Note - wash hair every time you bathe to prevent illness)

    Bathing Time Influences
    Morning ~ increases beauty, as well as washing face with May Dew or cow's milk
    Noon ~ lucky, fortunate
    Night ~ enhances psychic awareness
    Full Moon ~ lucky, fortunate

    Bathing Day Influences
    Mondays ~ prophetic dreams
    Tuesdays ~ increases passion
    Wednesdays ~ stregthens intellect
    Thursdays ~ brings material prosperity
    Fridays ~ increases the love you have
    Saturdays ~ brings patience and past lives memories and/or feelings of nostalgia
    Sundays ~ strength and health, rejuvenation


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