Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Attempt at Tarot Card Reading with My New Tarot Cards

I received my tarot cards last week and have been reading a bit in my book about how to do tarot card spreads. I am intending on enrolling in the class here as well. I was a bit apprehensive about doing a reading on myself but finally decided to go for it today and was amazed at the results that I received :) I was excited to see how true the cards rang for me and how emotionally attached I seem to be to the cards. I did a past present future spread and this was the result that I got. The interpretation is from the book that I got with the deck "The Dreamers Journal" :)

Past: 2 of Swords
A blindfolded woman wearing vibrant red sits on a bench with two perfectly balanced swords symbolizing a difficult decision or conflict. The moon hangs in the sky, illuminated by a cuious beam of light. Behind her, a turbulent ocean churns and rages, a sign of her emotions. Two ravens sit quietly, watching to see her next move.

This card represents a difficult situation. You are dealing with two conflicting ideas or a challenging decision, but you are not willing to fact the situation. You've closed your eyes to it. Rather than view it rationally, your emotions are distracting you. The Two of Swords suggests that this situation would benefit more from a rational decision than from an emotional one. It can also represent a truce or stalemate.

Present: Ace of Swords

A sword embedded in a stone glows in a dark landscape. A crown rests on the top of the hilt, representing the supremacy of clear thinking and rationality, the crowning glory of the gift of swords. A woman lightly touches the sword and experiences a powerful spark of illumination.

The Ace of Swords is a gift of knowledge and understanding. You can expect a flash of insight or an idea that will help solve a particularly sticky problem or experience a moment of truth. If you want to communicate something with clarity and just the right words, the energy to accomplish that is present at this time. It can also represent a new point of view, discovery, or intellectual achievement.

Future: Page of Cups

This woman dances on a shore beneath a rainbow. She holds aloft a simple chalice containing a fancifull blue fish. To us, it is a cup and a fish; yet she sees worlds of wonder in the smallest things. This page is sweet, sensitive, and creative. She is a dreamer, the type of girl that enchanted fish tell stories to. Her life is filled with rainbows and magic. She is intuitive and emotional. She loves openly and deeply. Perhaps she gives a bit too much of herself and risks getting hurt. She is constantly being inspired and is always on the verge of some new project or creation. That story the fish told her? She'll write it, illustrate, hand-bind the book, and give it to that nice woman she just met the other day. Pages also represent messages. In this case, possibly a message about a loved one or a creative project or possibly a love note.

**the last card brought me to tears because it hit so close to home on who I am.*

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