Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A friend may join Sacred Mists

I have been on facebook a fair amount in the past couple months. I have been loving it because it gives me a way to connect with people from my past and present and keep up with what is going on in their lives. I'm not a huge fan of the telephone ;) lol I had friended a girl that I went to highschool with about a month ago. When I did it jumped out at me that she was Wiccan. I didn't contact her or anything at that point. The other day I was driving to pick up my daughter from school and I just got hit with this overwhelming urge to send her a message telling her about Sacred Mists. It was like I was being told to do it. I actually found myself talking out loud in the car saying "Ok I'll message her as soon as I get home" lol

I got home and sent her a message just like I had said that I would. Then I sat nervously for the next 48 hours worried that she was going to think I was nuts for just messaging her out of the blue with that information! lol I have never recruited anyone for Sacred Mists. I am just a bit awestruck at how clear it seemed to be that I was suppose to do that and what I was suppose to tell her. I am rather excited about how it happened.

I just heard back from her this morning and she said she was thankful for the message and happy about having someone else to talk to about Wicca. She also said that she is new to the path, has just been reading some books about it, and is going to check out the Mists. I'm excited. I am really hoping that she will join us here. :)

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