Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Maiden - Aspects of the Maiden I See in Myself and My Role Model

I recently attended the study hall for first degree dedicants on the Maiden. We were given a homework assignment to answer what aspects of the Maiden to we find in ourself and in our role models. The following is the essay that I wrote. I wanted to keep a copy of it in my journal. :)

The Maiden aspect of the Goddess is curious and loves to discover. She is creative, energetic, carefree and has a true joy of living. She can be very confident and independent. The Maiden aspect is typically associated with a woman in her 20's before she has reached childbirth. When one is finding her way in this world and is on the path of self-discovery but still enjoying life with more of a carefree attitude, as she has not yet taken on the responsibilities of being responsible as a mother for her children.

I see the Maiden aspects most clearly in myself on nights that I have someone to watch my children and I am out on my own. For those few hours I am responsible just for myself and I feel "younger" again. It is amazing the amount of responsibility that you have when having children. However it is something I would not change for the world as I am very blessed to have two absolutely amazing children that I love with all my heart. On nights when I have a sitter for both of them I find myself full of wonder and excitement. I typically want to go explore someplace new, or do something fun. I am full of joy and have a more carefree attitude knowing at that time that I am free to go where I want and do what I like without worrying if it is appropriate, or too late at night etc.

Some Maiden aspects that I see in myself in a day to day basis is my absolute love of learning. I am very curious about the world and how things work and I love learning as much as I can. I have been so excited and full of joy since I have begun my Wiccan journey here at the Mists. My discovery here is self-empowering. I am becoming more of a person who stand on her own two feet rather than following or being who others want me to be just to make them happy. I am not afraid to be different anymore. I am more accepting that I am who I am, and am following my intuition on a path to self-discovery and I am loving every minute of it.

My Grandmother is a woman who has always been my rolemodel. She passed on 8 years ago and I have most definately missed having her here in my life. My grandmother was my second mother. She definately had some Maiden aspects. She had an energy and joy of life that was absolutely contagious. She would always lead me on paths of discovery, and teach me new ideas, and show me new things. My grandmother loved learning as well. The love and patience she had was absoluteuly amazing and I can only hope to be that loving and patient one day in my life. My grandmother had a pure love of life. You could see it everyday that she spent here. She almost always was smiling and had a positive outlook on what was happening. She tought me that everything happens for a reason. No matter how sad a situation my seem, if something bad happens you need to find what you are to learn from the situation and take it as a positive influence in your life. My grandmother always had time to play with me as a child. She helped fuel my imagination when I was little. She was also one that never disregarded the sightings I had as a child but tried to help me to see them in a not so threatening light. I will forever be gratefull to her for the impact that she had on my life. I live most of my days aspiring to be as happy as she was in life.

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