Sunday, April 5, 2009

Passed Lesson 3, Onto Lesson 4

Good Morning :) I'm still sleepy after just waking up. I got my Lesson 3 homework back night with the go ahead to move to Lesson 4. :) I already read Lesson 4 last night, right after I got approval. :) What a great lesson! I'm excited about working more on the golden meditation. I just had that meditation in my Empath class as well. One bit in the lesson was about living in touch with your younger self, the Maiden aspect of yourself. I just attended a study group online yesterday about the Maiden and it all went together perfectly.

I also turned in my Test for Lesson 1 on my Herbalist class yesterday. I am not as confident on that. I am really really hoping to get it back passed, as the entire first section was about anatomy and I found it really challenging for me to understand. I'm not the strongest in that sort of thing.

Another thing I wanted to note ;) As I was falling asleep the other night. Right between being asleep and being awake I had an experience with Hecate. This was a first for me. She came across as extremely loud, almost as if she thought I couldn't hear her? But at the same time it may have just been authoritative? I dunno. I found the experience a bit intimidating by what I was hearing....but I felt loved having her there, if that makes sense. I need to learn more about her. :)

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