Friday, April 24, 2009

Tinkerbelle and a Bit of Magick

I've been having a rough week. I have a torn muscle in my back which has been causing me a good deal of pain. I decided to have a Mommy and Melody night :) as I call it when I spend some special time with my daughter. She usually goes to bed about 8:00 but I let her stay up early tonight. I looked through childrens movies available on demand and I found Tinkerbell. Talk about the perfect movie to share with my daughter. :)))

This was the first time either of us had seen the movie and it was just so beautiful and magickal. It was hard not to have this overwhelming feeling of love when watching it. I definitely would recommend sitting down and watching this one with your little ones if you have them. I have been just starting to introduce Wicca a little bit to my little ones. Just trying to teach them basic things like the love of nature and being kind and trying to help everyone. My daughter was absolutely thrilled with the movie. As I was getting her ready for bed she asked me if Fairy's were real. It was so nice to tell her Yes and mean it. :)))))))) I told her a little bit about what I have learned about them from reading on the boards in the Mists.

My daughter went to bed so happy tonight, she was just radiating with love and positive energy. It filled my heart to see her so happy. It made me really happy that something so magickal I was able to tell her really was out there and if she was good, and spread love and happiness in her life she would get to learn more about them and see many more magickal things in her life.

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