Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Answered Prayer

An amazing thing happened today. My parents long going battle with their tenant appears to finally be over. *fingers crossed* It is a day for much celebration. It has been an ongoing struggle for my parents for almost 2 years now. I had asked for help here on the helping hands board about a month ago and that seemed to get the ball finally rolling in my parents favor. They were at risk of losing their own house among other things. They went to court last Friday to work on the issue. Without getting into a lot of details here, when they left the courthouse they found 3 pennies lined up on the ground. :) My grandfather has been known to leave pennies for us. :)

I haven't attempted many solitary rituals yet as I am still nervous. However I attempted one yesterday. I just asked that the Goddess help this tenant become a good man, filled with love and positive energy and to help him do the right thing and find the way to purchase the house from my parents which would solve the problems all around. I'm positive it wasn't there when I left. When I came home last night I found a penny on my altar. :))

The phone rang this afternoon and it was my mother. :) The man came through with the money and they signed the papers! :)) I am sooo happy for them. This gets them out of risk of losing anything or having any lawsuits against them. He now owns the house so the mortgage payments are setup through the appropriate people now and it appears the nightmare is finally over. It has been so long that my parents have been waiting for this news.

Something ironic about all of this is today is that my grandfather passed away 8 years ago today. I find it interesting that it finally is over on this particular day. Maybe now my grandfather and my parents can all have some peace.

I light a candle in loving memory of my grandfather. May you always have the love and light with you. You will never be forgotten.

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