Friday, May 1, 2009

Blessed Beltane!

Everything is finally back to normal :) Well pretty much ;) My back is finally doing much much better. I can walk about again without much pain. Melody is doing great. The virus that she had is finally gone and the issue with her stomach is resolved as well. I am so happy that she is finally doing better. :)

My husband's mother took care of both of my children last night so that he and I could go out. He's been wanting to go to Mohegan Sun for quite some time now so we went there last night. We had a GREAT time :)))))))))))) We had dinner at Margaritaville. It was sooo yummy. We were able to play for about 4 hours. We managed to come home with the money we went there with and a little bit extra ;) Just was very nice to be able to relax and have a good time.

He has the day off today as well. We are taking the kids to Connecticut to this dinosaur place that has a lot of Wiccan items as well :) I am very very very excited to be going there. They have a whole section filled with crystals and I am looking forward to getting the ones that were reccommended for me in the Crystal Bag request. I am also looking forward to seeing what else they have. I am thinking about possibly getting a pendulum as well if one seems to feel right to me. Below is the recommendation I received for my Crystal Bag.

"For your crystal bag request I recomend the following crystals(you can choose one or all from the following lists, whichever ones call to you :)

To aid with empathy (controlling emotions):kyanite with moonstone and rose quartz, turquoise, lapidolite, smokey quartz

To help with meditation:apophyllite, aquamarine, kyanite, amethyst, quartz crystal

To improve helath:turquoise, amethyst, ruby, emerald, kyanite

To enhance psychic and intuition:moonstone, kyanite, amethyst, tigers eye

To aid with Spiritual Improvement:kyanite, amethyst, apophyllite

The combination (in a bracelet, necklace or ring) of rose quartz, kyanite, and moonstone are good for those with empathy, and those with troubled health. When we are prone to illness it may be an indicator that our systems are out of ballance and that our immune system is low on resources. Kyanite is special because it cleanses and clears the chakras and energy feilds of negativity and energy blockages, but because it does not store the negativity, it is never in need of cleansing once it is attuned to your energies. It is also a powerful energy balancer. I highly recomend reading more about it as it appears it may help you a great deal. We have an entry for kyanite on our board that you can find by using the forum search feature.

Crystal Blessings!~Lothlorien Nightlark & The Crystal Witches"

It's a bit rainy today but if the weather holds I am hoping to take a walk with the kids on the beach at the ocean. It's not far at all from where we are going. I am bringing a couple bags to collect some seashells and rocks with them. I am very relaxed and looking forward to today.

Then to top of the day Beltane ritual is tonight. I am very excited about that as well. :))

Have a Blessed Beltane!

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