Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Pendulum

I just purchased my first pendulum a couple of days ago. There is a shop in Connecticut that I love that has some Wiccan items mixed in with other things. It is actually a Dinosaur shop lol :) But it is one of the few places that I have found supplies at. They have a room that is full of crystals and stones. They actually had a small display of pendulums on their case. There were about 25 pendulums to choose from. This was my first time even handling a pendulum. I spent a few minutes looking at them, some of them were really pretty. I picked up a few and held it like it showed in the picture on the display. A couple moved a little bit but it just didn't feel right. My attention was drawn to a rose quartz crystal pendulum that was towards the back. It was actually hanging at an awkward angle because the clasp on the top was snagged. I fixed the clasp so that it was free to move about. I held the top of the string in my hand and immediately felt connected to this pendulum. I asked it to show me "yes", and it started spinning clockwise in a circle. I was surprised as this was the first one that really started moving in a set pattern rather quickly. I then asked it to show me "no" figuring it would go counter clockwise. It started swaying back and forth in a swinging motion. I asked it a few more obvious questions and I was getting pretty consistant correct responses. I then asked it if it was the correct pendulum for me and it started spinning clockwise in a circle. The circles were quite big on this question. I had gotten a resounding yes! lol :)) I brought it home with me ;)
Love and Blessings,
Jasmeine Moonsong

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