Saturday, May 2, 2009

My first Beltane Celebration

Last night was the first Beltane ritual that I participated in. I had so much fun! What an empowering, uplifting ritual!

I barely made it to ritual as I was out all day with my children and we made it home for 8:00. I was planning on taking my ritual bath and having about an hour to prepare for ritual. However my dear son Cole had other plans for me. lol He hadn't napped all day and what usually takes me no time to get him to sleep turned into quite the event last night. I sat with him until 8:45 trying several times to get him to sleep but he just wanted to play. Something that is not like him at all. My little man loves his sleep. At that time I asked my husband if he would take over for me so that I could go to ritual as I really wanted to participate last night. He was happy to take over for me. It took him until 9:30 to get him to sleep, so unfortunately that was a bit distracting for me during the ritual but I still had an amazing time.

Maialee started out the night with an absolutely amazing meditation. She started out by bringing us through a beautifull forest with the moon above us. It was such a calming image she drew me into the meditation right away. Then she led us to an area by a river that had several bonfires and firedancers. I was so excited and bursting with energy as she was continuing the meditation. She walked us through our own personal firedance and it was absolutely amazing. The best way to describe it was empowering. By leading us through that firedance she made me feel as if I can accomplish anything that I want to. It was an amazing reminder of how powerfull a person can be in manifesting their own destiny. It also made me really want to try it! As I was sitting here in the visualization I had this urge to go outside and try it! lol :) My only hesitation would be the fear of burning myself as I am not the most coordinated person. :P But the way I felt at this point I think I probably could have! By the time she finished the ritual I was filled with this powerfull, confident energy that I absolutely loved. She then led us to the circle to meet the rest of my sisters and brothers from the Mists and Lady Raven.

Lady Raven led us through the ritual. She guided us through the visualization of the May pole and the earch being blessed and consecrated. She then invited us each to tie our own ribbon to the pole that held personal meaning for us. I chose a blue one as blue is the color that I am most drawn to, and water is the element identify with the most. From there she went on to lead us in celebration.

Beltane left me with a different feeling than the other rituals that I have attended. The other rituals I had significant spiritual encounters during the rituals. By spiritual encounters I mean that I felt I was passed messages through them. Samhain I met with my grandfather, and Ostara I reconciled my intimidation of the Gods by the message I received during it.

This ritual I felt was a very powerful experience in that it was very motivational and self empowering. I was also amazed at how erotic the ritual was! *blushes* I'm assuming it's ok to say that. lol :))) The images, meditations, and the entire ceremony just had a tone to it that was very sexual in nature. I wasn't expecting that! I suppose having read about Beltane I probably should have but I didn't? lol :) All in all I am very happy I made it last night and am still feeling the positive energy from the ritual. I am definately looking forward to the next one.

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