Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pendulum Experience: Goddess Isis Confirmed

Daily Affirmation: There is no one in the whole world like me.

I decided to focus some more time with my Pendulum today. I spent time cleaning it, meditating with it, and instilling it with my positive energy.

I LOVE my pendulum :) I am really really surprised at how easy, clear, and consistant the answers I get from it are. I completed the excercise in Lesson 5. It was actually a nice reaffirment for me of the yes and no that I was asking it, and I learned to hold it properly now! lol I was just holding the top of the chain between my index finger and thumb. It worked the way you instructed as well.I first asked it to indicate how it would like to respond "Yes". My pendulum immediately started spinning in a clockwise circle. I then asked it to show me how it would like to show me it's ready for the next question. It immediately hung straight. I must admit I was shocked at how quick it went from a wild swing to a straight non moving position. I then asked for an indication of "No". It swung back and forth from left to right. I asked it to go back to rest which it did. I then asked for an indication of being unsure or maybe, it started swinging from front to back. I am loving this! ))) I truly am just in awe of this.

I then moved on to work on Lesson 6 :)

I've just spent some time doing a reading with my pendulum. I asked it some basic questions that I knew the answer to. The responses are indicated in parentheses. I then proceeded to ask some questions that I did not know the answer to, it was a sort of natural progression? I don't know I rested the pendulum between each answer. Is my husband at work? (Yes)Am I taking my daughter to dance class tonight. (Yes)Is it raining outside my house right now? (No)Will my husband be home before 7:00 tonight (Yes)Is my mother feeling better from her cold this afternoon (Yes)Is my grandfather still here watching over me and my family (Yes)Is he standing next to me right now? (No)Is there a spirit standing next to me right now? (Yes)Is it someone that I knew in this life? (Yes)Is the spirit standing next to me right now my grandmother Mary? (No)Is this spirit someone who walked physically in this life at the same time as me. (No)Is this spirit someone I met in this lifetime? (Yes)Is this spirit around me often? (Yes)Is this spirit a Goddess? (Yes)Is this spirit the Goddess Isis? (Yes)At this point I placed the pendulum down and meditated. I have just had a really amazing experience and am a bit baffled at the moment but filled with love. When I first asked the question about my grandfather I expected it to be yes. When I asked if he was standing next to me I was unsure if he would be but understand that he is not. I have had other "spirits" around me due to my life and the history of the house that I live in. This is why I asked if a spirit was standing next to me. I was still calm when I got yes as an answer. I got a bit nervous when it said it wasn't my grandmother either because the other two spirits I have not met in this lifetime. So I reread my question and tried to get more specific. It then occured to me to ask if it was a Goddess standing next to me. When I received my yes response I got excited. When I asked if it was Isis and I got a yes I was thrilled )))) She came to me in a dream awhile back and introduced herself and I thought she has been with me. I have been asking for confirmation to make sure that it is her. I have always felt it was her but didn't want to be calling her by the wrong name? *blushes* I am also one who likes to have confirmation on things a few times to make sure it's not something I am "thinking up" :) So what I received today was absolutely amazing for me. At this point I put the pendulum down, gave thanks to the Goddess Isis for her confirmation for me and meditated enjoying the love and emotion I was feeling.


  1. Good morning Jasmeine I'm so glad to have read this post. I've recently, I'd dry within the last few months, been using a pendulum to get in touch with my higher self and my spirit guides. One day I asked my spirit guide their name and the name they have me was Isis. My first reaction was excitement and I felt humbled because I had an idea of who the Goddess was. Then it turned to fear because I felt I had just started practicing. With that said, if the Goddess is one if my spirit guides then I am truly blessed and humbled.

    I've always had an interest in ancient Egypt. As a kid I told people I was Cleopatra in my post life lol so who knows. Anyways, sorry for the rant and thanks for writing this post. Definitely gives me affirmation :)

  2. This is interesting. I started to use my pendulum quite often. One day i started to body pendulum during meditation. Found out I was connecting with isis. I asked if it was the goddess and she said no. She is always here and I use her to get in Fondation. The problem is its not accurate. My pendulum is accurate. So I say are you of the love are you of the light are you of the truth before doing body penduluming. I have only ever got yes all 3 times a handfull of times so I send then away. Because I know it's never accurate and I don't have time for anything dark or not of live and truth. For you to get isis while using a pendulum is very fascinating to me because I can see a link here. I just don't know what.


Thank you for stopping by :))) Love and Blessings, Jasmeine Moonsong

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