Saturday, May 16, 2009


My son and I both have some sort of stomach virus. It is making me really fatigued and causing me pain in my stomach. I am taking it easy today trying to get myself well. It's a nice opportunity for me to relax and catch up on some of my studies at Sacred Mists.

I did some pendulum work this morning and completed the Lesson on Nutrition with the Pendulum. I first made a list of all the different food groups and found which ones were best for my diet. I then narrowed it down to specific foods. I wasn't surprised at all at my results. I got resounding yes's for red meat and iron. This makes sense seeing as I am anemic. One thing that came up was salmon This is something I've not had much of in my diet so I will try to incorporate that into my diet a bit more. When I tested to see if I got enough nutrients from what I ate I received no as an answer and I pressed on.

I listed all the vitamin supplements that I could take and went through the one by one with the pendulum. I had some interesting results. One of the readings I got was that I should be taking a B12 supplement. When I went on to read about B12 it helps with a lot of the issues that I have been experiencing with my health. I still find it amazing how accurate the pendulum is for me. It also suggested that I take a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, and vitamin B2 and B3 supplements. I got out my vitamins that I've been neglecting taking and took a multi-vitamin and I have B12 here which I took. I will see about getting the other supplements in the house. I am hoping it may help with some of the health issues I've been having lately. Time will tell

I am currently working on my Lesson 5 homework. I am excited about this Lesson. It is about Magick and Ethics and I am absolutely loving it so far. So I'm back to work on my homework for Lesson 5 :))

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