Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spiritual Anatomy

Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual DevelopmentOne of the books I'm currently reading is the Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, and Spiritual Anatomy. I'm currently reading the chapter on spiritual anatomy and came across something I found interesting and thought I would share. :)

"Teachers who focus on the medical aspects of Reiki often spend less time on the chakras, and may focus instead on the physical anatomy of the body. The physical body speaks to us through a symbol system that is not as esoteric as the chakra system. Each part of the body represents specific psycho-spiritual issues. Illness or injury in a particular part of the body represents a mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalance in the area of consciousness represented by that part of the body. Use this list to learn and understand the system of boy symbolism.

Left Side: Feminine, receiving, personal, home, private
Right Side: Masculine, giving, projecting, work, public
Head/Face: Identity
Eyes: Seeing the world clearly, looking at the past/present/future
Ears: Listening to others, listening to the inner voice
Mouth/Teeth: Nourishment, communication
Throat: Speaking truth, communication, listening/speaking balance
Shoulder/Arm: Communication, self-expression
Hands: Dominant Hand: ability to give. Nondominant hand: ability to recive.
Heart: Love, self-love, relationships
Bones: Support, strength, foundation, reliability
Back: Support, strength, standing in your truth, being yourself
Breast: Feminine, mother, nourishment, childhood
Stomach: Nourishment, mother
Liver: Anger, fear, resentment, feeling unprotected
Intestines: Discrimination/discernment, work, nervousness, release
Kidneys: Balance, relationships, cleansing
Reproductive: Sexuality, pleasure, family, shame
Bladder: Anger, fear
Eliminative: Fear of death, holding on to harmful energies, release
Thighs: Freedom, activity, action, sport, recreation
Knees/Shins: Responsibility, pressure, tension, stress, honor
Ankles: Individuality, social support, friendship
Feet: Creativity, music, art, dance support, depression escape.

I've also found the study of the medical astrology to be very helpful in finding the spiritual root of physical ailments. This discipline relates parts of the body to various signs and organs, and then correlates the spiritual issues related to each sign and planet to the illness. Chakras, symbolism, and astrology are all methods for understanding the relationship between consciousness and physical health."

If you are interested in reading more, I would highly recommend his book. I have found it to be an easy read and very enlightening to anyone wanting to learn more about healing. :) Enjoy!

Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Take the Time to Play in the Rain and Puddles

On Father's Day I went to visit my parents. They live in a log cabin on top of a mountain. I always love going back to their house as I am an outdoor girl, and love going back "home" It's very relaxing for me. My Dad wanted to have a relaxing Father's Day and just wanted to have some simple sandwiches and take a walk in the woods.

There is a reservoir near my parents house so we drove up to it and parked the cars. It was an overcast day and it kept raining off and on. When we got there it was raining a bit and my parents were hesitant on going for the walk. However it was really warm and the rain wasn't that bad so we grabbed some umbrellas and started to walk out to the dam that goes over the lake.

My son Cole was dressed in nice clothes but he had sandals on as well. As soon as we got out of the car he was eyeing the little stream the rain was creating going down the path and the huge puddles. I was told to hold onto him so that he wouldn't get all dirty and wet. My son is a year and a half. I could see the smile and excitement on his face and really couldn't see the harm in him puddle stomping. So I rolled his pants up above his knees and let him go for it.

You couldn't possibly miss his huge smiles and squeels of glee and laughter as he stomped his way down the little stream and the puddles. Everyone was protesting at first at how dirty he was getting, but the fun he was having and the look on his face was just priceless. :))))) Along the way Cole helped me pick some wildflowers and rocks! lol We were stuffing them into the wagon where my daughter sat holding an umbrella over her head trying not to get wet. The view was absolutely amazing as well. The rain was making this magickal mist over the water and you felt like you were in a fairy tale. By the end of the walk, Cole and I were both absolutely filthy and soaked but so relaxed, and everyone else was smiling and laughing as well :))))

What could have been a damp dismal day turned out to be an absolutely magickal day. My son lit up the lives of all of us that day. :))))

Next time it rains, take the time to go out and play barefoot in the puddles. You may find yourself happy that you did :))))

Friday, June 19, 2009

Have a Blessed Litha!

This week has just flown by. I can't believe it's Friday already. I am behind on everything! lol I am now a co-facilitator on the Health and Healing board Yayyy I'm very excited to be able to give back a bit to the Sacred Mists community and am really happy about being able to work with that board.

I've been doing a LOT of gardening in the past week. This is the first year I've really gotten into it at all. I've set up an herbal garden with oregano, chives, mint, and lavender. )) I've also planted some flowers around the yard, and am working on a vegetable garden in my yard as well. I am so sore! lol :))) But I have been loving every minute of it.

I am looking forward to the Litha ritual tonight at the Mists. I am hoping that everything goes as planned and I will be able to get the kids in bed on time and the quiet time to be able to participate in the ritual. This is my first Litha :))) I am going to take the kids outside as it is actually not raining here for a little while and we are looking at the next week may be all rain.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Litha! ))) May your day be filled with magick love and light. :)))

Deities of Litha (from

The summer solstice has long been a time when cultures celebrated the lengthening year. It is on this day, sometimes called Litha, that there is more daylight than any other time; a direct counterpoint to the darkness of Yule. No matter where you live, or what you call it, chances are you can connect to a culture that honored a sun deity around this time of year. Here are just a few of the gods and goddesses from around the world that are connected with the summer solstice.

Amaterasu (Shinto): This solar goddess is the sister of the moon deity and the storm god of Japan, and is known as the goddess "from which all light comes". She is much loved by her worshippers, and treats them with warmth and compassion. Every year in July, she is celebrated in the streets of Japan.

Aten (Egypt): This god was at one point an aspect of Ra, but rather than being depicted as an anthropomorphic being (like most of the other ancient Egyptian gods), Aten was represented by the disc of the sun, with rays of light emanating outward.

Apollo (Greek): The son of Zeus by Leto, Apollo was a multi-faceted god. In addition to being the god of the sun, he also presided over music, medicine and healing. He was at one point identified with Helios. As worship of him spread throughout the Roman empire into the British Isles, he took on many of the aspects of the Celtic deities, and was seen as a god of the sun and of healing.

Hestia (Greek): This goddess watched over domesticity and the family. She was given the first offering at any sacrifice made in the home. On a public level, the local town hall served as a shrine for her -- any time a new settlement was formed, a flame from the public hearth was taken to the new village from the old one.

Horus (Egyptian): Horus was one of the solar deities of the ancient Egyptians. He rose and set every day, and is often associated with Nut, the sky god. Horus later became connected with another sun god, Ra.

Huitzilopochtli (Aztec): This warrior god of the ancient Aztecs was a sun god and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan. He battled with Nanahuatzin, an earlier solar god. Huitzilopochtli fought against darkness, and required his worshippers to make regular sacrifices to ensure the sun's survival over the next fifty-two years, which is a significant number in Mesoamerican myths.

Juno (Roman): She is also called Juno Luna and blesses women with the privilege of menstruation. The month of June was named for her, and because Juno was the patroness of marriage, her month remains an ever-popular time for weddings and handfasting.

Lugh (Celtic): Similar to the Roman god Mercury, Lugh was known as a god of both skill and the distribution of talent. He is sometimes associated with midsummer because of his role as a harvest god, and during the summer solstice the crops are flourishing, waiting to be plucked from the ground at Lughnasadh.

Sulis Minerva (Celtic, Roman): When the Romans occupied the British Isles, they took the aspects of the Celtic sun goddess, Sulis, and blended her with their own goddess of wisdom, Minerva. The resulting combination was Sulis Minerva, who watched over the hot springs and sacred waters in the town of Bath.

Sunna or Sol (Germanic): Little is known about this Norse goddess of the sun, but she appears in the poetic eddas as the sister of the moon god.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shower Cleansing Exercise

One of the things I am working on is to become a better healer and get better at working with energy. I am currently reading the book Mindlight by Silver Ravenwolf. In the book she has a shower meditation that I absolutely love. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Shower Cleansing Exercise

"This exercise is so easy you'll want to do it every time you take a shower once you've experienced how great it makes you feel! And assuming no one watches you in the shower, you have all the privacy you need. For young parents or a busy household, normally the one place you have all to yourself for a few minutes each day for total privacy is the bathroom.

In the shower with the hot water running and all that luscious steam surrounding you, cross your hands over your chest. Take a deep breath. And another. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Note the feeling of the water on your skin, the sound of the falling water as it strikes the walls, curtain, shower floor, the gentle stream that opens breathing passages. As you stand there enjoying the sounds and feelings of the water, bless the water in your own way. Thank the water for providing cleansing energy. When you are ready, take a deep breath. Then, as you exhale, fling your hands down over the front of your body and out, visualizing all negativity being cast off from your body. Do a quarter turn. Repeat. Another quarter turn. Repeat. One last quarter turn. Repeat. now, raise your arms over your head and allow the water to rush over you. As you breathe in, think of the white light filling your entire body from the tips of your fingers to the soles of your feet. When you are feeling very good (stay in the moment - no thinking about anything but being right here in this shower right now), keep your left hand up in the air, palm facing the heavens, and move your right palm down to your side, palm towards the ground. Heaven is above you. Earth is below you. You are in the center. This is balance. The ability to walk between two worlds. Take three deep breaths, staying in the moment. Move the right hand up into the air, right palm facing the heavens, and move your left arm down, palm facing the earth. Again-this is balance. Stay in the moment. Totally secure. Totally at peace. Finish by crossing your arms over your chest. Say to yourself, "I am!" while you close your eyes and fill your entire body with white light. When you are finished, turn off the water and flick water drops from your fingers three times in quick succession. This portion of the meditation is done.

As you dry off, dress, and attend to any other bodily needs, think of nothing but what you are doing. Stay in the moment until you open that bathroom door. If you practice this every day you will be amazed at the concentration and ease with which you go about your daily tasks."

"From Mindlight by Silver RavenWolf"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Root Chakra

I am working on becoming better with healing. I have been doing a lot of energy work, and working with the pendulum. The last lesson in my pendulum class was working with the Chakra's and while I realized I have a basic knowledge of the Chakra's I wanted to improve my knowledge of them. I started Lesson 1 the other day.

Part of our homework assignment for the lesson was to color in a root chakra mandala. I love playing with graphics :)) So I immediately grabbed a copy of it and went to my graphics program to start coloring it in. The first time I did it I started to feel settled and actually noticed a tingling in my root chakra. I wound up using a lot of flame graphics as I was going along. I was trying to follow the color in the demonstration one to a point. As I was going through coloring it in, I noticed myself starting to feel a bit stressed by the flames in the graphics! lol :))) I had an urge to restart so I hit refresh and started over. This time I didn't look at an example I just colored in with what I felt. As I was doing it I found myself in a relaxed meditative state and I found myself funny enough working through issues in my mind that pertained to my root chakra. It took me almost 2 hours to complete it. I had a lot of reflection time after doing it. I found it to be an amazing experience. This is what it looked like:

Root Chakra (from

The Base or Root Chakra is associated with the color red. This chakra is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our beings. Focusing one's attention on the color of a cherry popsicle or a juicy red apple can help bring our energetic body "down to earth" and in alignment with our physical body when we find ourselves energetically fleeting or in other words....."spacing off."
Chakra One - Associations
  • Color - red
  • Sanskrit Name - muladhara
  • Physical Location - base of the spine
  • Purposes - kinesthetic feelings, movement
  • Spiritual Lesson - material world lessons
  • Physical Dysfunctions- lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal tumors, depression, immune related disorders
  • Mental and Emotional Issues - survival, self esteem, social order, security, family
  • Information Stored Inside Root Chakra - familial beliefs, superstitions, loyalty, instincts, physical pleasure or pain, touch
  • Area of Body Governed - spinal column, kidneys, legs, feet, rectum, immune system
Gemstones and Flower Essences: Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate, cleanse and energize the root chakra
  • Gemstones - Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Onyx
  • Flower Essences - Corn, Clematis, Rosemary
Root Chakra Exercises - Chakracise your root chakra by stomping your feet upon the ground, marching, and doing squats

Feeding Your Root Chakra
Root vegetables: carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, beets, onions, garlic, etc.
Protein-rich foods: eggs, meats, beans, tofu, soy products, peanut butter
Spices: horseradish, hot paprika, chives, cayenne, pepper

Experience Healing with the Pendulum

I've been working on Lesson 14 in the Pendulum extension class. It involves working on healing the chakra's with the pendulum. I've been waiting for a chance to try it out.

My husband was having issues with his legs last night so I used the pendulum to find where the problem was generated from and attempted some healing work, and also used the pendulum to answer questions to help find a diagnosis. He has a strained muscle in the top of his leg caused from fatigue and a bit of dehydration. :) Obviously I'm no doctor and we're going to keep an eye on it ;) but that was what I found working with the pendulum.

While I had him there relaxing I asked him if he would mind if I did some Chakra work. I used the pendulum first in my dominant hand and worked my way up him from his root chakra from his crown chakra. It remained in it's baseline position for all but three chakras. It started swinging as a maybe on the Solar Plexus Chakra, a No on the Heart Chakra, and a Maybe on the Third Eye Chakra. The rest it stayed baseline. I then went back over them holding my pendulum in my nondominant hand over the top of my hand I was using to attempt healing. While over each Chakra that had an issue I visualized removing negative energy and blockages and the chakra spinning. It took me a minute to two minutes for each one. As I was doing this the pendulum was actually moving. It went from a No, to a maybe to a Yes and then it would start indicating a huge spin on yes when it seemed to be all set. I noticed that when it did the huge spin on yes I was able to feel heat under my hand in the area I was doing the healing. My husband said he was able to feel the heat as well which I thought was really cool.

I used it in the same way to attempt healing on his arm and his leg. I tried to send healing and positive energy to him using my dominant and held the pendulum over that hand. As I did that the pendulum eventually went to a swinging yes for each area and I could feel heat under my hands.

Something interesting on the chakras when I went back to do a final check the pendulum stayed baseline the whole way. On the areas that I attempted to heal it still moved but where it was swinging wildly in a No, it went down to little or no movement.

I realize the way I did it was a little different from the lesson but it felt very natural this way? I'm hoping that it is an acceptable way, the way I wound up doing it.

Love and Blessings

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have had a relaxing couple of days. Well I seem relaxed besides the chaos going on! lol :))) Affirmations must be working ;) :))))

I spent last night making a signature tag for Phoenix Indigo Ember and Northern Willow. Northern Willow is a new student who will be here as soon as she gets access to the message boards! :) She found her way to the Mists by reading my blogs and I have been corresponding with her on e-mail. I thought it'd be nice to give her a signature tag for when she starts here. I love working with graphics and making tags. It's relaxing for me. :)))) I had a lot of fun making those two last night.

I came across a picture today that just seemed to jump out at me. I found myself making another tag today! lol :)))) I used this picture I found to make myself a tag for the work I am doing with the Healing Guild in the Sacred Mists community. :))) I'm very happy with it :)) I actually spent a couple hours on it *blushes* lol but I had fun listening to my music and making it. Here it is! lol

My daughter has been sick the last couple of days. :( She has a sore throat, fever and stomach pains. I had to keep her out of school today which was upsetting as it's her last couple days of preschool and she had a birthday party this afternoon. She is just not well enough to go. I did try to do some healing on her the last couple days. I did some work to try to ease the pain her her throat, reduce the fever and speed the recovery process. She said her throat felt better each time I did it and asks me to do it every few hours lol :)))) I really am not 100% sure that I am doing everything right but I trust the Goddess in leading me, and I don't see any harm in sending her positive energy.

I am going to take my son outside for the afternoon. I am very excited about it. I absolutely love being outside. I always loved being outside when I was little, but I seemed to have gotten away from it over the years. Since beginning my journey I've found my love of the outdoors has returned stronger than ever. I thank the Goddess every day for her strength and guidance in my life.
Love and Blessings
Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Healing Guild Meeting

Tonight was my first Healing Guild Meeting and I absolutely LOVED it!!! Everyone was so amazing and wonderfull and made me feel right at home imediately. :)) Just an amazing group to work with and I am grateful for the opportunity. I am so excited to begin my work with them. At the end of the ceremony we sent healing energy to each other and it was so cool! My hands just sat here absolutely tingling. It was the neatest sensation. I have felt it before but never so strong. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of love and joy. I am definately looking forward to attending the upcoming rituals with the Guild and helping out the on the forums. It is an exciting amazing night for me and I feel as if I am floating on the clouds.

I have been working on feeling and sending energy and I feel as if I am improving. :)) I have been reading the book Mindlight by Silver Ravenwolf and I definately feel it has been helping me learn to work with energy. :)))) I will write more about it later, but I wanted to mention it tonight :)))

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