Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Take the Time to Play in the Rain and Puddles

On Father's Day I went to visit my parents. They live in a log cabin on top of a mountain. I always love going back to their house as I am an outdoor girl, and love going back "home" It's very relaxing for me. My Dad wanted to have a relaxing Father's Day and just wanted to have some simple sandwiches and take a walk in the woods.

There is a reservoir near my parents house so we drove up to it and parked the cars. It was an overcast day and it kept raining off and on. When we got there it was raining a bit and my parents were hesitant on going for the walk. However it was really warm and the rain wasn't that bad so we grabbed some umbrellas and started to walk out to the dam that goes over the lake.

My son Cole was dressed in nice clothes but he had sandals on as well. As soon as we got out of the car he was eyeing the little stream the rain was creating going down the path and the huge puddles. I was told to hold onto him so that he wouldn't get all dirty and wet. My son is a year and a half. I could see the smile and excitement on his face and really couldn't see the harm in him puddle stomping. So I rolled his pants up above his knees and let him go for it.

You couldn't possibly miss his huge smiles and squeels of glee and laughter as he stomped his way down the little stream and the puddles. Everyone was protesting at first at how dirty he was getting, but the fun he was having and the look on his face was just priceless. :))))) Along the way Cole helped me pick some wildflowers and rocks! lol We were stuffing them into the wagon where my daughter sat holding an umbrella over her head trying not to get wet. The view was absolutely amazing as well. The rain was making this magickal mist over the water and you felt like you were in a fairy tale. By the end of the walk, Cole and I were both absolutely filthy and soaked but so relaxed, and everyone else was smiling and laughing as well :))))

What could have been a damp dismal day turned out to be an absolutely magickal day. My son lit up the lives of all of us that day. :))))

Next time it rains, take the time to go out and play barefoot in the puddles. You may find yourself happy that you did :))))


  1. Hey Jasmeine
    You know I have a friend who has a delightful story. She had been talking to my husband who was saying how grown up our 13 yr old was and how amazing that was. She left the office and drove past our 13 year old jumping in the puddles... She still laughs at that memory. Puddles are fun and hair, skin and cloths are cleanable!

  2. awwww!!! Thank you for sharing that :))))


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