Monday, July 13, 2009

Emotional Journey

I am so behind on everything! lol I am struggling to keep up with my daily workload, cleaning, taking care of the kids and enjoying summer ))) I know things will calm in the fall as they always do. I am just taking time to spend with my children enjoying the wonderful weather.

In the past couple of weeks the strangest things have been happening to me. It appears I am destined to take a journey confronting my past. It is one full of mixed emotions to add to my already current mixed emotions. I do feel that it is the Goddess's intention to have me confront these issues in order to help me determine what is going on in my current life. I am accepting the situations with open arms and working through them I will not delve into a lot of details but a few significant people from my past have just recently come back into my life and I am confronting some unresolved issues and situations. That's about as comfortable as I am in revealing them here.

One I do feel free to speak about. A very good friend from the past has come back into my life and I am so grateful she has. We seem to have found each other at a time where we could both use a confident to lean on Fondly enough she had explored the Wiccan path in the past, and due to our recent rekindling of our friendship she has decided to pursue it again. ) So not only have I regained a wonderful friend but also a spiritual one as well. I truly am blessed.

As for my journey through my past I will continue to meditate to help find my answers and follow my heart and hopefully the path that I am intended and seek the answers which I am meant to find.


  1. We need to chat soon cuz I gotta find out what's going on witcha!!!

  2. I hope everything is going good for you Brandy! We all get busy and stressed sometimes, but just remember how much you have been blessed with and how amazing you are! Hang in there!
    Blessed Be!


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