Monday, July 6, 2009

Mystical Farm

It feels like ages since I've had the opportunity to write a post. I went to Cape Cod on vacation the past week I came back on Tuesday. On my return I had a really bad infection in my tooth which unfortunately kept me away from my work until today. I'm happy to report the antibiotics are finally fixing it and the pain is gone for now. Hoooray. :)) Enough about the tooth though ;) I wanted to write of an amazing experience I had at the Cape.

Anyone who knows me knows I am an ocean girl, and I definitely enjoyed my time at the ocean while I was there however one experience really left a lasting impression on me. We were staying at a house on Bray Farm Rd in Yarmouth Port Cape Cod. I was told there was a farm at the end of the street. On Sunday morning I decided to put Cole in his stroller and venture out for a walk with just the two of us. The walk itself was enjoyable as I love checking out houses and just going for walks in general. As I rounded the top of the hill I became awestruck as I first caught site of the farm. It was like walking back in time and to another country all in one. The pavement turned to a dirt road that went along the edge of the farm. As soon as I hit the dirt path with the stroller I noticed a fine mist coming down and me and I could feel the mist just rolling on the ground in the area. The mist extended as far as I could see.

I walked up the dirt path a bit and found a large rock on the side of the road. I could see it was engraved so of course I had to check it out. :) It was engraved with the following "Ye Old Taylor Rock, Near this rock about the year 1639 Richard Taylor built his house. Erected by George P and William Bray." The house itself was just a little ways from the rock. It was sunk into the hillside on the side of the dirt road just behind the house. I walked up the path a bit further and as I looked up I could see the fence along the edge of the farm and in the distance was a tree line with an opening that just looked over the mountains. With the rolling mist the scene was beyond breathtaking and I was immediately calmed and felt at home.

They keep the farm open to the public so I brought the stroller up under a tree and unhooked Cole letting him down to wander free about the farm. I spent the next couple hours relaxing, following Cole and watching the donkeys, chickens, sheep and Scottish "coo's" or Scottish Highland Cattle:))) I could not have felt more comfortable or at home which I found strange for a place I had never been. It's very hard to put into words the experience that I had, but I know that it is one that I will not forget, and a time with my son that I will cherish forever. The pictures really don't do it justice but I tried to get some :)

For more information about the farm you can check out this link:


  1. I think the photos are beautiful, especially the ones with the horses! And look at Cole getting all grown-up! I'm glad you got a special memory to hang on to! :)

  2. Sounds amazing Brandy! I would love to walk around and relax there! Since I have moved to Phoenix I have been very removed from nature and it makes me so depressed! Thank you for the blog it was still refreshing for me even though I wasn't actually there.


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