Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moonlit Wishes Do Come True

I've been going through a lot lately. Crazy times. lol Summer is ending and I am getting ready for fall which brings very hectic times for me. My daughter is just starting kindergarten this year. A very exciting time for us both. :)) Much as I love the warm weather I also love waking up to the crisp cool morning that fall brings.

Last night I was stopped to take a minute to myself. I was quite overwhelmed and found myself asking the Goddess for guidance on a longstanding issue I have been dealing with. Once I finished quietly asking for guidance I glanced out the open window next to me and focused right on the moon. It's glow was just amazing against the dark sky. As I looked at it I noticed that it seemed to begin to really glow. The glow seemed to take the shape of a cross. It really radiated out in the moonlight and I sat there and just marveled at how beautiful it was. (I looked to try to find a picture of something similar but wasn't able to find anything) I thought the timing on it was remarkable as I had never noticed the moonlight light up the sky in that way. Still I thought it could be just a coincidence. Right as I thought it could be a coincidence I noticed a tiny star immediately to the left of the moon. It was the only star visible at that time. So I made a wish! lol :))) I once again asked for guidance on the issue that I am dealing with. Feeling content after taking the time to take in the beautiful view, I went in to get my daughter ready for bed.

I brought my daughter in to brush her teeth and right when she walked into the bathroom she said "Oh Mommy look at the moonlight!" She ran over to the window, put her hands on the sill and sat there just gazing at the moon as I had not 5 minutes before. I found it remarkable that she happened to be taken with the moonlight as she's not mentioned it in the past and her timing was perfect. Right after that she says "Look Mommy the first star of the night right next to it. It's a wishing star. Mommy I'm going to make a wish because Moonlight star wishes always come true." I was taken completely aback that she said that. Her timing was incredible. I took it as a sign that my request for guidance had indeed been heard. My daughter then proceeded to wish for a pegasus epet. lol :))))) I gave her a big hug and sat and looked at the moonlight with her for another moment then got her ready for bed. It's funny how little things really can make a difference and give you hope and love.

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