Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Protected by Guides

I was falling asleep last night and I had an overwhelming urge to write about an experience I had in August on here. When I awoke this morning I still felt compelled to write about it so here I am. It's a fairly long story so if you can, hang with me. ;)

I went on vacation to Maine in August. A few days before I left for vacation my husband and I had a night out as we had a babysitter. Our original plans had fallen through, so we had a nice dinner then found ourselves wandering the stores at the mall. I wound up at Borders, a book store in the mall. I absolutely love books and quickly found myself lost in the New Age section looking at all the different books. I've always been drawn to things, but since my Reiki attunement I find that when I am suppose to notice something my hand will start tingling as it does when I practice Reiki. The closer I get to what I am suppose to notice the stronger it tingles/vibrates. Does this happen for everyone? I have no clue but I know it's been happening to me since my attunement in July. On this particular occasion I was really drawn to a book. It was a bit off topic for what I was looking for. But I was drawn so strongly to this book I decided to pick it up as well as a book on Reiki. The book was about developing your psychic abilities.

Fast forward to vacation. :)

When we got to the place we were renting on vacation we were very happy with it. The condo was beautiful. However it had two big issues for us. The first and biggest issue was that it had very large windows in all the bedrooms that were very low. I mean the bottom of the window sill was below my waist. Apparently there must not be a code about this in Maine. My husband drew my attention to this fact right away. Not a problem, we'll just make sure we keep them closed all the time and keep the air conditioning on. ....... Next problem..... no air conditioning. Both of us were concerned as we had to keep the windows open so as not to make the bedrooms like saunas. We were use to keeping the bedroom doors closed at home to keep Cole out of trouble so figured we would go with this option. For those of you who may not know, my son is 2, and my daughter is 6.

We got all settled in that night and woke up the next day ready to begin our vacation. We started our morning with a few hours on the beach. At about 10:30 Cole began asking to go for a nap. I put him down in our bedroom to sleep with a fan on to try to keep it cool in there. I shut the window as I was paranoid about him climbing up and falling out of the window. But the room was cool from having the window open all night.

While he was napping I settled in on my deck outside and curled up with the book I had purchased. Again I had an overwhelming urge to start with the Psychic book so that's what I did. I found it a very very easy read and found myself flying through it fairly quickly. The book used a lot of stories to illustrate points. I was on the section about mother's intuition and one story in particular jumped out at me. It was about a mother who was doing laundry in another room. She had a 2 year old son. She noticed the house was quiet, too quiet, and went to check on him. The door to her bedroom had been left open, as she walked into the room she noticed her son sitting on the windowsill playing with a toy. She moved very quietly toward her son, so as not to startle or surprise him and when she got within an arms reach she grabbed him off the sill.

For some reason this story really jumped out at me, and I marveled how she was able to remain so calm in such a scary situation. I just lay there for awhile thinking about it and found myself drifting off to sleep in the sunshine and had a dream about it. Only it happened to me and Cole. My husband woke me up from my snooze. Everything was still quite fresh in my mind so I told him all that had happened. Now the windows in my room were really making me nervous. But I tried to relax and figured we would have to be really anal about making sure the doors were shut. I convinced my husband to go to WalMart with me after lunch to see if we could find something, anything to use as a barrier in the window.

By now Cole was awake and I made lunch for everyone. I was cleaning up from lunch, doing the dishes and I looked out at the living room . My husband was reading a book to Melody. It was quiet...too quiet.... I asked him where Cole was, he said he was in the hallway playing with his trucks. My son is never quiet when playing with trucks. I quickly went to check on him. My heart was racing as I already had a feeling something wasn't right.

As I rounded the corner to the hallway I noticed my bedroom door was open. I already knew what I was going to find. As soon as I walked through the door I saw my Cole sitting on the windowsill. My heart immediately went to my throat. He was playing with the screen pushing on it, somehow he managed to pop the screen and was holding onto it. We were on the second floor and Cole was holding the screen up over the parking lot below balancing only by his one leg that was still on the side of the sill in the bedroom. The other leg was outside the window. I immediately went into "Mom mode" as I call it. I was very very calm, talking to him quietly and asking him questions as I made my way to him. As soon as I got close enough I grabbed his arm and pulled him to me. Once I got him back in my arms then I started shaking. I was so grateful to have him safe in my arms. I immediately shut the window and locked it.

I still marvel at the string of events that led up to me responding that way in that situation. Had I panicked at all there's a very good chance it would've startled him and he could have fallen. I honestly have no idea how he was managing to balance on that windowsill and hold that screen up. I am grateful that my guides helped to call my attention to that situation before it happened and helped me to respond appropriately. Would it have happened the same had I not read that story? Possibly. But I find everything that happened too much of a coincidence to pass it off as a coincidence. Whatever happened I am very very grateful that Cole is ok. :))))

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