Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chakra Balancing Massage and Mist

Merry Meet :)

Every once in awhile I treat myself and go to the spa near my house, Puffers. They have this one massage that I absolutely am hooked on. It is the chakra balancing massage. I try to go every couple months when I notice that I am getting more stressed then usual. It is a 50 minute massage that is amazing! :) One of the best things though is the girl who always does my massage is skilled in Reiki as well. Still working on improving my Reiki it is a rather neat experience to have it done on myself. On each chakra massage they have me choose a scent that is appealing to me on that day by passing a sample in front of my nose with my eyes closed. Each scent is related to one of the chakra's. I typically wind up choosing the intuition chakra each time. However last time I went, it had been about 5 months since my last massage and I chose the Root Chakra scent.

Puffers deals with a line called Aveda. Aveda has a spray mist for each of the chakra's. I now have 2 in my collection, intuition and root. :) I could not love these sprays more. If I am feeling a bit stressed I will spray the root chakra scent on myself. When I am doing ritual or energy work I often will spray the intuition chakra scent to help get me in the mood. :) Aromatherapy can be very powerful in affecting your mind and mood.

For anyone who is interested in checking out the Chakra Spray Mists from Aveda that I am using you can find them here: http://www.aveda.com/templates/products2/mpp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY21597 They are amazing! :)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?


  2. That's the first time I've seen them. I'm going to download one of them to check out right now. Thank you for the tip :)

    Love and Blessings

    Jasmeine Moonsong


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