Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Get It On :)

New Year, new me :) At the end of 2009 I was really sick for a few months. I also quit smoking due to being sick. Yayyy :) I haven't smoked in over 2 months now. During that time I managed to pack on close to 20 lbs. Unfortunately my weight is definately something that causes me stress. It makes me sluggish and can cause a bit of depression. So I am fully committed to getting it back down :)))

I joined a gym in the first week of January. My timing isn't brilliant as everyone is doing the same thing right now. lol That's ok though. A good friend of mine goes to a gym in the center of my town and they actually have child sitting services. I was so psyched to learn that. Definitely makes it easier if I have someone who can watch my two little ones while I work out. I've been working out nearly every day since I joined about a week and a half ago. I typically do the treadmill for 20 minutes to work out and then take a group class.

My first class was a weight class. Also my first lesson in doing what's right for me at the gym. I was stuck in the front of the class as the class was packed, and definitely was using more weight then I should have. I was sooo nervous so I pushed to finish everything they were doing. I completed the class, could barely move and spent the next three days nursing two thigh muscles that I could barely move on. Going up and down stairs was excrutiating for a few days. Ooops! First lesson learned. I still went to the gym every day though ;) Just took it a lot easier. lol

My first yoga class was last week and I could not have loved it more. :))) I was amazed at how much my studies of Wicca helped me in yoga! I learned that yoga is definitely about concentration and controlling your mind to be able to do the poses and stretches. One of the poses the bird pose I think it was called I watched the instructor demonstrate in front of the class. She put her hands on the ground, and got her knees to rest on her elbows so that she was supporting her entire body on just her hands. I was watching going, "yeah right" lol no chance I'm going to be able to do that. I took a deep breath and focused. I was absolutely amazed when I got it!!!! I actually held it for about 20 seconds until I lost concentration realizing I was doing it and got excited. Once I broke concentration I fell on my face. Literally.... :) Thank goodness I learned to put myself in the back of the classroom till I figure out what I'm doing. :)

I joined a dance class last night that I just smiled through the whole thing. It was sooo much fun! The music motivated me to keep moving. They make the classroom darker and even had a disco ball at the top. Felt like I was at a dance club but was working out. Defiitely another class that suits me well and will be on my repeat list.

I've been working out a couple weeks and the scale hasn't moved too much. About a pound. I have had great success in the past with weight watchers so I resigned up again this morning. :) I am very excited to be back on the program. If anyone else is a member of weight watchers you can add me, I'm under Bltshw. :) Would love to hear from you.

So this is where I am at right now. New Year, new me. I am going to get myself back in shape and healthy so that I am better in my Wiccan studies and healing.

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