Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elements, Thoughtforms and Spirits

Merry Meet :)

Tonight I am submitting my Lesson 11 homework. Only 4 more lessons and I get to take my exam to become a Priestess at the Mists! :) This lesson was about Elements, Thoughtforms and Spirits.

The lesson covered Earth, Air, Fire and Water more in depth.  We had an exercise to learn how to absorb and project the elements.  For fire, I sat and imagined myself absorbed in a sphere of fire. I inhaled and imagined the fire being drawn into my body. I held a string of beads in my hand, and kept tract on the beads how many times I inhaled until I felt full of fire.  While doing this I kept picturing energy and spirit.  Then I exhaled the exact number of times I inhaled to project the element and my intention and energy that I had built up.

I found this exercise so neat! As soon as I started I felt warm all over, mainly the area of my root chakra then my solar plexus chakra.  What’s even cooler is when I started this I was freezing! I tend to be cold a lot. By the time I was done I felt warm and tingly and empowered.   I completed this exercise with the rest of the elements but used the characteristics each element corresponded too.  I've been working with these each day a bit more to try to get use to them more.  I am picking the one each day that seems to be the area I need to work on the most.  I've been tending to use water the most. :) I find each time I do it, it warms my heart, and seems to be helping me to think more clearly about emotional issues that I am dealing with.

I also really loved the section about divination.   It went into clairvoyance a bit which is an area that I am very much interested in being an empath.  It gave an exercise to work on developing it as well which I have been working with daily for the last week.  Basically it's to close your eyes and envision the room you are sitting in recalling as many details as you can then open your eyes and see how much you had correctly.  As I am working with it I am trying to move a bit farther each time.  It seems to be working well, and I do believe I'm getting better at it which excites me.  However, I have noticed that if I do it for more than a minute or two it starts to give me a headache.

I really enjoyed this lesson.  I am very excited to receive the go ahead to work on the next lesson. :)

Love and Blessings,

Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Moon Ritual tonight

I just attended the Full Storm Moon ritual and I loved it :)  I am so at peace right now.  We had a beautifull meditation that led us through the forest to a beautiful brook surrounded by flowers.  Once arriving to the brook we were met by a unicorn on the other side of the river who gave us a precious gift to hold dear to our hearts.  This is the first time ever that I have been in a meditation and found myself struggling to come back! lol I was picking buttercups. Does that mean something? lol :)

I made it back and joined the rest of the circle for the rest of the ritual.  We planted our basil seeds.  I am looking forward to caring for them.  I went out earlier today and picked a packet of sweet basil seeds to use for the ritual tonight.  I also picked up a tera cotta pot to put them in.  As I was planting them tonight I'm wondering if I picked a big enough pot! I am still learning on gardning and I have much to learn. :)

I am trying to find little ways to incorporate Wicca into my children's lives.  They both very much love nature and love being outside.  I find it funny how much they both adore the moon as well.  Anytime my two year old son Cole is out at night he looks for the moon.  Each night before he goes to sleep he looks out his window and says goodnight to the moon and stars as well.  Today I decided to have them celebrate tonights full moon as well.  I picked out a tera cotta pot identical to mine for my daughter.  I bought her some chamomile seeds.  I thought those would be good for her because she loves the herbs in my garden and she was very excited about them flowering.

I set both my children up at the table tonight and helped my daughter plant her seeds.  My son helped me to fill my pot with soil.  He had a ball using a spoon to put the soil into the pot for me.  Once we had finished planting my daughters seeds I had her find a place outside to place her pot. I explained to her a bit about the full moon tonight and why it's a great time to plant.  My daughter is very much into anything magickal.  So I told her that it was a magickal plant because she planted it and put it out under this special full moon.  As long as she takes good care of it it will help her be more creative this year.  She loved the idea of it, and is very excited about it.  My daughter has been loving gardening since I first started my herb garden last year. 

As I'm getting ready to go get some sleep I'm very much at peace with how tonight's ritual went and how happy and responsive my children were to what I tried to do with them today. :) I love the closeness that they have with nature and want to try to ensure that they keep this bond as they grow older.

Love and Blessings,

Full Storm Moon


Also Known As: Seed Moon, Lenten Moon, Crow  

Use this month for magical workings related to rebirth and regrowth. New life is blooming during this phase of the moon, as is prosperity and fertility.  

At this Moon begin your spring cleaning. Think about what needs to be released and let go of in your life and in your home. Burn white candles and purifying incense, sweep out the cobwebs and prepare for the new growth of spring.

Colors:  Green, Yellow, Light Purple
Gemstones:  Bloodstone, Aquamarine

Trees:  Dogwood, Honeysuckle

Gods:  Isis, Morrighan, Artemis, Cybele

Herbs:  High John, Pennyroyal, Wood Betony, Apple Blossom

Element:  Water

The Storm Moon Legend

"According to the Cherokee, March is the Windy Moon. As winter turns to spring, storms sweep in and high winds damage trees and homes.

The Choctaw call this the Big Famine Moon as reserves have been exhausted, but the renewal of life has yet to produce new foods to eat.

The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow. On the plains, snow still falls, reflecting the strengthening light of the Sun.

March holds the transition between winter and spring, a turbulent time of both hope and danger. Keep a wary eye out for severe weather. On the first warm day, avoid the temptation to run out in light clothes. Instead, dress in layers so you can respond to rapidly changing conditions – you’ll catch fewer colds. Watch for the first signs of returning life, and rake mulch away from spring flowers as they sprout. Offer food to wildlife as long as its consumed; put out scraps of fabric or string when birds begin to build nests.

In ritual space, honor the quickening life in the world around you. Use its burgeoning energy to work magic to empower new projects -plant young trees, launch a life-oriented business, or explore educational opportunities. –Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn Worldwide

I am attending the Full Storm Moon Esbat ritual tonight at Sacred Mists.  For those of you who go to the Mists with me it will be in the Sacred Mists Circle Chatroom at 10 am Pacific or 6:30 pm Pacific.  I'm going to the evening one so that my house will be nice and quiet. :) Have a Blessed Day! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Take a Barefoot Walk :)

Merry Meet everyone :)

I put out an extra assignment for those who are taking the Empathy extension class with me at Sacred Mists and I thought some of you may enjoy it as well.

The spring is finally coming and the weather outside is warming up. Some of you may be lucky enough to live in areas that are warm year round.

I would love for all of you to find a bit of time to take a barefoot walk. It can be as long as you want. I did this yesterday and had an absolute blast, I was sooo calm when I returned home. Try to walk in some different areas, maybe even find a puddle to splash in a bit, and just pay attention to the different feelings beneath your feet and your connection with the earth. I was surprised by how warm some areas of the ground were compared to others in the same grassy area. I loved the feel of the cool water that was on top of the warm pavement. I also have a lot of moss in my yard so loved the sensation of walking on that as well.

Let me know how it goes, how you feel during and after your experience.

I am also open for suggestions for future activities as well, so if you have any ideas let me know! :)

Power of Intention quote for today, " Through imagination, God imagines everything into reality. Make this your new strategy as well."

Hope everyone had a Blessed Ostara! May you be blessed with Love and Light.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Ostara Story for the Little Ones

I'm looking forward to celebrating Ostara tomorrow. I was browsing online looking for some Ostara activities to do with my kids and I came across "Eostre and the Easter Bunny" I fell in love with the story the minute I read it, and I intend to share it with my daughter tonight. I thought I would share it here with you so those of you with little ones may wish to read it to them as well. :) Even if you don't have little ones, I think this story is one we all can enjoy. :) Have a Blessed Ostara!

Eostre and the Easter Bunny

Sonia Jenson

Many many years ago, during the time of dragons and castles, there was a beautiful Goddess named Eostre (pronounced Ee-ost-ray). The Goddess had long thick hair the colour of golden wheat, and her eyes were as blue as the sky above. Eostre was the Goddess of Spring, and it was her job to make sure that the Earth awakened from its winter sleep.

During Spring the world came alive. Birds would chirp from the trees as they built nests for the little eggs that would soon hatch into baby birds. Butterflies came out of their cocoons wearing wings of gorgeous colours. All the mother animals of the world gave birth to babies, and beautiful flowers opened their petals. Spring was a time of new beginnings. It was a time to celebrate.

Every year, on the first day of Spring, Eostre held a huge Spring Festival in the meadow. Animals and children from all over the world would attend and bring gifts for the Goddess of Spring to show how happy they were with the fresh new season.

One year, on the day before the festival, the hare wanted to give Eostre a gift. But the hare had nothing that would be fit for a Goddess. The hare was very poor and he had a hard enough time feeding himself, never mind giving a gift to someone.

That day while searching through the forest for some food, the hare found a fresh egg in the grass. He was very hungry and sat down to enjoy his found lunch. He was about to crack open the egg when he suddenly stopped.

"This egg would make a nice gift for Eostre," he thought to himself. "An egg symbolizes birth and Spring. Yes, a very nice gift indeed." So the hare hopped home to decorate the egg.

The next day the hare went to the meadow and hopped up to the Goddess. He shyly presented her with his gift. Eostre took one look at the egg and gave the hare a huge smile. It was a beautiful egg. The hare had painted the egg with lovely designs coloured from the dyes of roses, buttercups and other plants. He had then sealed the egg with beeswax so that it would be shiny.

The Goddess was so happy with the gift that she wanted everyone to have one and share her joy. Eostre knew that the hare was very poor and to give her the egg was a very unselfish act. He could have eaten it and had his belly filled. Eostre decided to reward the hare.

That day, the Goddess of Spring told the hare that he could come and live in her castle. He would have only one job, and that would be to deliver a decorated egg to children around the world, for Eostre loved children. Children symbolized birth and innocence. The eggs would be delivered on the eve of the Spring Festival, so that the children would wake up and find them in the morning.

And so every year, Eostre's bunny (for a hare is a type of rabbit) and his descendants would deliver eggs to the children. Today we call the hare the Easter Bunny, because the Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox is Easter Sunday, a Christian celebration. Besides, Easter egg is a lot easier to say than Eostre egg.

The End

You can find the original story on Dreamland Magic.

The Power of Intention

"Negative emotions tell you that your pulling power from intention is weak or even nonexistant; positive emotions tell you that you're connecting to and accessing the power of intention." Dr Wayne W. Dyer

I downloaded an application for my iphone the other day, Dr Wayne W. Dyer Power of Intention perpetual calender. It gives you a quote each day to help you work with intention in your every day life. So what is intention? A working definition for intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” A simple definition your goals for what you want in life. Have you ever really sat down to think about your life's purpose? What you want to achieve in your life? What should be your own personal spiritual journey. Loaded questions, I understand. Surely questions that can lead you to days of pondering.

The power of intention is extremely powerful. It goes along quite nicely with my belief that you have the power to achieve anything you desire in this life if you just set your mind to it. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I had one particular professor that challenged me to my fullest. Students avoided his class just because he was so difficult and it was extremely challenging to achieve a good grade in his class. I, however, took every class I could with this professor because he set the course to change my life. He told me that we can achieve whatever we want in this life by thinking about it. If you have a thought that you think over and over and you truly believe it can be done. It can....

You have the power to make your dreams a reality. A huge step in accomplishing this is the power of intention. Start small. When you wake up in the morning, take a moment to think about what you want for that day. I woke up this morning with the intention to not yell today. Being a Mom of two children this can be a challenge most days. However, I want to live a more positive spiritual life. I believe that if I can do this good will come to me. I've seen it happen. Such a simple sounding path can however be a difficult one to walk, at least on my personal journey it is at this time. I am determined to lead a powerful, peaceful, spiritual life.

Just by waking up this morning and reading the quote above, and setting how I intended to go about my day today, I have been more calm. In turn I have been more positive, and things have not seemed as overwhelming today, which is helping me in raising my children, and my work from home. So I ask you as a reader to think about your intentions for what you want with your life, this year, this month, today? Are you as happy as you could be? Come along this journey with me. Together dreams can become reality and happiness is entirely possible. :))

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Empath Class and Support Facilitator :)

Merry Meet :)

I am quite excited! Yesterday I was asked to become a facilitator of the Empath class and support board here at Sacred Mists. My being an Empath and HSP was what led me to my journey at the Mists. It was the first class I took and taught me so much about who I am and how to handle my emotions. It is a subject that I am constantly researching on my Wiccan journey, so I am very excited about this opportunity.

I started on the board last night and spent a few hours there last night and again this morning. I'm working on getting caught up with everyone's homework and seeing where the board is currently at. I definitely feel right at home there already. I love the opportunity to help others who are like me learn about their gift and how to control and develop it.

I am full of hope and inspiration right now and can only hope it will continue. I am loving the path that my Wiccan journey is taking me on. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Is Coming! :)

Merry Meet,

This morning I woke up with renewed energy and motivation. The sun was streaming through the windows in my kitchen as I woke up to get my coffee this morning. The weather is finally starting to warm up. This morning when I was getting my daughter ready for school it was warm enough where my son and I went out with her and hour before the bus was due to clean up the yard a bit and play outside. The kids had a blast in the fresh air helping me to pick up sticks. It's amazing what some warm air and sunshine can do for ones spirit.

Once I got my daughter on the bus, I came inside very clearheaded and have been cleaning and working on catching things up. I am quite happy and content. Definitely looking forward to the days of being able to work out in the yard, and start my gardening again.

Below is a picture of my pride and joy.  I am so happy to be a mother. I am truly blessed by the both of them.

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