Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elements, Thoughtforms and Spirits

Merry Meet :)

Tonight I am submitting my Lesson 11 homework. Only 4 more lessons and I get to take my exam to become a Priestess at the Mists! :) This lesson was about Elements, Thoughtforms and Spirits.

The lesson covered Earth, Air, Fire and Water more in depth.  We had an exercise to learn how to absorb and project the elements.  For fire, I sat and imagined myself absorbed in a sphere of fire. I inhaled and imagined the fire being drawn into my body. I held a string of beads in my hand, and kept tract on the beads how many times I inhaled until I felt full of fire.  While doing this I kept picturing energy and spirit.  Then I exhaled the exact number of times I inhaled to project the element and my intention and energy that I had built up.

I found this exercise so neat! As soon as I started I felt warm all over, mainly the area of my root chakra then my solar plexus chakra.  What’s even cooler is when I started this I was freezing! I tend to be cold a lot. By the time I was done I felt warm and tingly and empowered.   I completed this exercise with the rest of the elements but used the characteristics each element corresponded too.  I've been working with these each day a bit more to try to get use to them more.  I am picking the one each day that seems to be the area I need to work on the most.  I've been tending to use water the most. :) I find each time I do it, it warms my heart, and seems to be helping me to think more clearly about emotional issues that I am dealing with.

I also really loved the section about divination.   It went into clairvoyance a bit which is an area that I am very much interested in being an empath.  It gave an exercise to work on developing it as well which I have been working with daily for the last week.  Basically it's to close your eyes and envision the room you are sitting in recalling as many details as you can then open your eyes and see how much you had correctly.  As I am working with it I am trying to move a bit farther each time.  It seems to be working well, and I do believe I'm getting better at it which excites me.  However, I have noticed that if I do it for more than a minute or two it starts to give me a headache.

I really enjoyed this lesson.  I am very excited to receive the go ahead to work on the next lesson. :)

Love and Blessings,


  1. This is so cool. Cudos**
    Brightest blessings.

  2. Your website is Great, Jasmeine. Inspiring and interesting. Love the graphics - have downloaded several of your magical pics - eg "knowledge".

    I wish you all the best with your path as a healer and a priestess.
    Avec Amour, Jules


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