Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Moon Ritual tonight

I just attended the Full Storm Moon ritual and I loved it :)  I am so at peace right now.  We had a beautifull meditation that led us through the forest to a beautiful brook surrounded by flowers.  Once arriving to the brook we were met by a unicorn on the other side of the river who gave us a precious gift to hold dear to our hearts.  This is the first time ever that I have been in a meditation and found myself struggling to come back! lol I was picking buttercups. Does that mean something? lol :)

I made it back and joined the rest of the circle for the rest of the ritual.  We planted our basil seeds.  I am looking forward to caring for them.  I went out earlier today and picked a packet of sweet basil seeds to use for the ritual tonight.  I also picked up a tera cotta pot to put them in.  As I was planting them tonight I'm wondering if I picked a big enough pot! I am still learning on gardning and I have much to learn. :)

I am trying to find little ways to incorporate Wicca into my children's lives.  They both very much love nature and love being outside.  I find it funny how much they both adore the moon as well.  Anytime my two year old son Cole is out at night he looks for the moon.  Each night before he goes to sleep he looks out his window and says goodnight to the moon and stars as well.  Today I decided to have them celebrate tonights full moon as well.  I picked out a tera cotta pot identical to mine for my daughter.  I bought her some chamomile seeds.  I thought those would be good for her because she loves the herbs in my garden and she was very excited about them flowering.

I set both my children up at the table tonight and helped my daughter plant her seeds.  My son helped me to fill my pot with soil.  He had a ball using a spoon to put the soil into the pot for me.  Once we had finished planting my daughters seeds I had her find a place outside to place her pot. I explained to her a bit about the full moon tonight and why it's a great time to plant.  My daughter is very much into anything magickal.  So I told her that it was a magickal plant because she planted it and put it out under this special full moon.  As long as she takes good care of it it will help her be more creative this year.  She loved the idea of it, and is very excited about it.  My daughter has been loving gardening since I first started my herb garden last year. 

As I'm getting ready to go get some sleep I'm very much at peace with how tonight's ritual went and how happy and responsive my children were to what I tried to do with them today. :) I love the closeness that they have with nature and want to try to ensure that they keep this bond as they grow older.

Love and Blessings,

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