Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Is Coming! :)

Merry Meet,

This morning I woke up with renewed energy and motivation. The sun was streaming through the windows in my kitchen as I woke up to get my coffee this morning. The weather is finally starting to warm up. This morning when I was getting my daughter ready for school it was warm enough where my son and I went out with her and hour before the bus was due to clean up the yard a bit and play outside. The kids had a blast in the fresh air helping me to pick up sticks. It's amazing what some warm air and sunshine can do for ones spirit.

Once I got my daughter on the bus, I came inside very clearheaded and have been cleaning and working on catching things up. I am quite happy and content. Definitely looking forward to the days of being able to work out in the yard, and start my gardening again.

Below is a picture of my pride and joy.  I am so happy to be a mother. I am truly blessed by the both of them.

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