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Celtic Traditions: Druids, Faeries, and Wiccan RitualsMerry Meet :)

I am working on Lesson 12 of my First Degree for Sacred Mists.  This lesson is is about the Celtic Tradition and Faery Wicca.   I have been drawn to both of these areas since starting my journey so am excited to be learning more about them and exploring them a bit more.  I picked up the book  Celtic Traditions: Druids, Faeries, and Wiccan Rituals to read as I'm taking the course.  I am loving it so far.

The first section of the book is about Celtic Roots and Shamanism.  I finished up this section with a meditation to find my totem animals last night. Some of the animals common to the Celts were: wolf, cat, dog, fox, rabbit, mouse, dragon, crane, seal, salmon, bear, deer, swan, owl, squirrel, falcon, crow, raven, otter, dog, eagle, boar, horse and the cow.  The purpose of the meditation was to find our spirit animals of the North, South, East and West.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I started because I wasn't sure that I was going to have an animal appear, let alone one for each direction.

The meditation started with focusing on a candle to relax my mind and get ready for my journey.  It then took me on a journey into a beautiful forest.  Within this forest was a natural clearing surrounded by various trees, ferns, wildflowers, and quartz rocks. A large oak tree was in the Northern point of the clearing.   Within this oak tree on a branch of the tree was a natural altar with several magickal tools.  It contained a wooden bowl filled with earth, a crystal-tipped wand, a golden sword covered with jewels, and an earth-colored stonewear chalice filled with water.

I began my sacred spirit animal journey by drawing a sacred circle of light around the clearing in the forest.  I then called upon Kerridwen and Kernunnos to assist me with my journey.    Next was to call upon my spirit animals of the four corners.  These animals are my totems, or guardians.

I began with the North, and the element earth, calling upon the my spirit animal of the North to reveal itself.    I was excited when it actually worked! :) From out of the forest came the most beautiful white wolf I have ever seen.  I was immediately at ease once I saw her.  She was solid white and had the most beautiful glistening soft fur I have ever seen.

Her eyes were very dark, they seemed to be blue but were so dark in color they were almost black.  As I looked into them I immediately felt comforted and knew that my experience was indeed working well.  I have been drawn to the white wolf quite a bit over the last year and she has appeared to me in dreams and in the cards, slowly making her presence known to me.  So this was a wonderful confirmation that she was indeed one of my spirit animal guides.  I spent a few minutes in my meditation with her attempting to get to know her better and learn more about her.  I then thanked her for being my spirit animal of the North and prepared to move on to the East.

"The wolf is sometimes considered a symbol of solitariness.  However, the wolf is a very social creature.  The wolf interacts with it's pack with a high degree of cooperation and nourishing behavior.  A powerful symbol of ability and strength, if a wolf comes into your life, know that you are capable of overcoming whatever challenge is in your path.   Through keen awareness and quick powerful reaction, deal with obstacles with extreme confidence right now.  If any doubt comes into your life, call upon the image of the wolf for reassurance and courage." (taken from totem animals iphone application)

The next spirit animal guide for me to call on was the East, and powers of the Air.  I prepared myself and waited patiently to see if I would get a response.  Slowly I noticed a bird flying in from the distance.  It was a hawk! :) I could not have been more excited.  She flew in slowly and gracefully and was the most beautiful hawk I have ever seen.  She was a beautiful snowy white, and the tips of her wings were this brownish gray color that was just beautiful and comforting somehow.  She had these golden brown eyes that just sparkled when I looked into them.  I immediately felt at home realizing this was yet another animal that I felt had been with me for some time.  I have seen signs of her being with me several times over the past year.  I have a couple that actually frequent my back yard.  More brown in color than my guide but I am always in awe when I see them.  I spent a few minutes getting to know her better and trying to shift into her to be able to soar freely for a moment and experience what it felt like to be her.  The hawk is also one of the symbols of Isis, who I feel has been with me over the majority of my spiritual journey.  So again my animal spirit guide affirmed what I had been believing.

"The hawk is a very powerful totem animal.  It represents power, but also loyalty and comradeship.  When the hawk enters your life, it is time to examine the friendship you offer others.  Can you be a better friend? Are you letting a friendship wane that should be maintained? Also, the hawk may announce an oncoming new friendship of great importance."  (Totem Animals, Iphone Application)

The next spirit animal I called upon was my guide of the South and the powers of Fire.  I waited patiently to see what animal would greet me this time.  I was a little surprised when the sweetest softest white bunny I have ever seen came slowly sniffing and hopping out of  the forest towards me.  I was surprised that she appeared for the powers of fire, but perhaps there is a connection between the bunny and this element that I am not aware of.  This is the animal that appeared to me though.  And again I felt right at ease and immediately comforted as she came closer to me.  she had beautiful eyes that twinkled in the light of the sun.  They had the bluest blue I've ever seen on an eye surrounding the black center.  She snuggled up upon my lap and was sooooo soft to the touch I was content sitting there petting her.  Her presence made me feel almost like a child again.  She was quite small.  After sitting with her for a few minutes I followed her around a bit and attempted to shape shift.  I found myself noticing flowers in a way I had not noticed them before.  The brilliant colors of them and the dewdrops that I would probably not normally notice formed in the center of them.  I also saw patches of clover and loved the sweet smell that they gave off.  It was quite an amazing comforting experience for me.  Again it was an animal that just felt right to me. :)

"The rabbit has long been considered a sign of luck and and sexuality.  When the rabbit enters your life, one way or another, expect to get lucky.  This could come in the form of sexuality, money, emotional currency. etc." (Totem Animals, Iphone Application)

After my experience with the bunny. I readied myself for my final totem animal guide.  I called upon my spirit animal guide of the West and the powers of water. I must admit being this was a water animal I half expected a dolphin since I have always loved them or a seal to show up. I was also curious how this was going to work being I was in a forest.  As I waited the scene slowly shifted to one of the ocean.  It was perfect temperature, turquoise calm water, like what you would find in the Caribbean.  I marveled for a moment just relaxing and enjoying the tepid water. 

As I sat there I started noticing a very large shadow moving towards me.  As it came closer I realized it was a killer whale! One that I was familiar with from going to the aquariums. :)  I was a bit surprised that it was not a dolphin but all of a sudden it just felt right and seemed to make sense to me. I was immediately at ease even though she was absolutely enormous next to me.  She was mostly the glistening black but had the gleaming white belly and I just was amazed by her absolute beauty and friendliness.  I spent some time getting to know her.  Her skin was amazingly smooth, silky and cool to the touch.  Upon looking in her eyes I immediately felt the urge to giggle and realized she wanted to play.  I spent some time swimming with her and just enjoying myself.  Once again it was an amazing experience.

"The killerwhale has been venerated in myth and culture by the tribal people of Siberia.  They consider the wolf and Killerwhale to be the same animal which shapeshifts.  They believe this animal brings them good luck, especially in the hunt.  When the killerwhale comes into your life, expect help from friends soon.  Most importantly, make yourself open to this help.  Don't let your pride and independence prevent you from receiving some very valuable help at this time." (Totem Guides, Iphone Application)

After I completed the meditation I sat in awe for several moments and tried to absorb everything that just had happened.  It was my first experience working with animals and exploring shapeshifting.  I definately loved it and was amazed how comfortable and well it worked on my first attempt.  Since this was something I had not been exposed to previously I honestly expected to struggle with it. I have worked with the totem guide deck on my iphone application for almost a year now.  I downloaded it last year when I kept seeing animals that I thought seemed out of place and though they may be a sign, like a hawk sitting on a wire that goes over a highway. :) lol  It is definately a journey that I will take again to try to get to know all 4 of my spirit animal guides better.  One thing I find rather ironic is that in my signature tag if you look closely I have both a hawk, and a wolf in the background.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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