Monday, April 5, 2010

Working Outside

I am so blessed to be a work at home mom.  This afternoon I have been outside working since about noontime.  I have my laptop setup on my table on my deck.  While I get my work done I'm watching my little one run around in the play area I have setup for him next to my deck.  He is all set up with a swingset, sand & water table, sandbox, pirate water play table.  My son loves being outside so he's been playing and singing for the last few hours. 

I am quite content.  It is amazing to see my child so happy.  It is also such a blessing to be able to get my work done while the sun beats down on my shoulders and a cool breeze blows by me.   The view in my backyard is amazing.  I have a field behind my house that when the sun comes up in the morning I can sometimes catch a glimpse of a fox or deer going across the field.  We are surrounded by bunnies They are so cute scampering across the field and my yard.  I also have a birdfeeder set up at the edge of my deck.  I love watching the birds come and go to gather food.

I am soooo excited that the warm weather is here early this year.  I am such an outdoor girl.  I love being outside barefoot in the fresh air and sunshine.  I am especially grateful that my children are the same.


  1. As I was reading this entry I had to giggle and send you this comment. The first of your entries I read today was the one about your totem animals and I remembered your surprise at you South totem being a bunny. I thought that was a little odd too at the time, but then, in this post, you speak of the bunnies around your yard. Don't you think it's natural if you have so many bunnies in your yard that one of your spirit animals would also be a bunny. Perhaps Wolf, Hawk, and Whale needed to be a part of your life so Bunny was able to come to you from the South.

  2. Merry Meet :)))

    That makes perfect sense! Thank you! lol :)))) You made my morning this morning :))) As I have a bunny out in my backyard right now :))) Big Hugs


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