Tuesday, May 25, 2010

 Merry Meet everyone :)))

Sunday during the day my mom watched both of my children for me :))) How good it felt to be out on my own for a bit :)) I love my children but the opportunity to be responsible for just myself for a few hours is always welcomed. 

I decided I really just wanted to take it easy and drive and let the road take me where it wanted to.  I had such a wonderful day! First stop was to my favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden where I had the yummiest meal :))) Full and content I decided to drive on.  I wound up in a historical town about an hour from my house.  I have always had a thing for anything that is colonial New England.  So I was thrilled walking among the old houses and exploring the gift shop. 

Continued driving and found myself lost on a farm lol :))) Was driving for what seemed like miles across dirt roads in the farm.  The thing that struck me most is throughout the farm were patches of oak trees :))) Not something I find all that often about where I live anymore. So I was pleased to see them.  It led me to the bank of a river with one of the oldest and most amazing looking oak trees I have ever seen.  I spent a little bit relaxing at that location and just taking in the beautiful view and the peacefulness of where I was at.

After my stop by the river I started to make my way back home.  On the way a Tibetan shop that advertised holistic healing on their sign caught my eye.  I was compelled to go in and take a look about.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted by this amazing lady who worked there, but I was amazed at something else.  I was being pulled, like the day I found my quartz crystal to a jewelry rack on top of the display.  It was quite clear where I was suppose to go.  A rack of about 20 bracelets was there and it was the third one in calling to me :))))  It is silver and has a clasp with a beautiful design on it.  In the center of it is set the most beautiful stone.  I'm pretty sure it's a moonstone. I should have asked but I was so taken with the bracelet as soon as I saw it I knew it was coming home.  I asked to try it on and it has not been off my wrist since lol :))) I will post a picture for you to check out.  If anyone else has any idea what time of stone it may be I'm all ears lol :))))))

Love and Blessings

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Merry Meet :)))

The night to see Lord of the Dance with my mom was absolutely amazing :))) Loved every minute of it.  The joy on my mother's face was priceless. :) She was beaming the entire time.

I took my little ones to the ocean on Sunday.  First time going this year.  It felt sooooo good to be back on the beach with the sand between my toes and listening to the ocean waves lapping against the shore.  I always am instantly relaxed when I go there.  Spent a few hours there with the kids playing in the sand and catching hermit crabs.  My son was so excited to be there.  He was singing "beach yay yay yayyyy" for like the first 15 minutes that we were there. 

There is also a shop called the Dinosaur Place in Oakdale Connecticut. It's on our way to the beach.  I love stopping in there as they have a lot of crystals, and other Wiccan items throughout the store like tarot cards, pendulums etc.  I was very excited to see that they had a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp for sale there. I've been interested in them for quite some time.  They put out negative ions into the air and are suppose to help with sinuses.  The glow from them alone is just absolutely beautiful :)))))

"A Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is made from a chunk of salt crystal rock that was taken from the salt mines found in underground caves in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The Himalayan salt lamp makes use of the minerals that have been preserved for millions of years, releasing their special properties through the introduction of heat from an electric bulb or from the flame of a candle. These special properties emitted from the Salt Lamp are responsible for promoting the health and wellness of individuals via ionization of the air and the eradication of pollution. The special properties of the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp consist of negatively charged ions that act on the contaminants in the air by neutralizing them and weighing them down so they can no longer circulate. When this occurs, individuals can breathe more easily and many ailments and allergies that frequently afflict them start to disappear."

Right now I have it on my kitchen table next to my computer.  I absolutely love it. :)))) 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Merry Meet everyone :)))

It has been an absolutely crazy week for me lol :))) I took my daughter to the circus last Saturday for a Mommy and Melody day as we call them lol :)))) We had an absolute blast.  There was a woman there sitting next to me who was soooo sick and I couldn't help but think oh no :( Was hoping I wouldn't get it but alas *sigh* lol I have been sick with the same thing the past few days.  I am finally doing better today yayyyyy :)))

I was grumpy yesterday because I wasn't feeling well.  Somewhere yesterday afternoon my necklace broke and my cherished moon pendent went missing.  This didn't help my mood at all.  I thought I was being punished some how for being in a bad mood lol   I was reading a post on Across the Veil that really struck a chord with me and gave me the fuzzies when all of a sudden my son who's two says Mommy I found your moon! I was absolutely estatic!!! :)) I still cannot believe that he happened to find this little moon that means so much to me :)))) Especially when all of us had searched for almost an hour lol    

Funny enough later on in the night my son was getting ready for bed and we couldn't find his blankie that he has all the time.  All of us searched for close to an hour to no avail it had disappeared.  As I was getting ready to put him down I asked if he could sleep without it for one night.  "No mommy" he said and he looked all sad.  I decided to give it one last look. I have no idea why but I walked straight to my daughter's hamper and there it was right on top.  When my daughter was cleaning up she had thrown it in there by accident.  Once I gave it to him he snuggled up all happy and went to sleep. :)))) Thought it was quite the coincidence that we both managed to find something that meant so much to each other last night. :))))

I am very very excited about tonight.  My Mom was helping me out at my house a few weeks ago and she was talking about a day that meant a lot to her when she was little.  She was an only child and was raised just by my Gram.  When she was little she went to see a play with my gram, and she was describing how wonderful it was.  She has never seen a play since.  So for Mother's Day I got my sister her and I tickets to go see Lord of the Dance tonight at Symphony Hall :)))))) My sister has never seen a Broadway type play either. :))))) I leave here in about an hour.  My mom still doesn't know where we're going we told her it would be a surprise.  I'm hoping she loves tonight as much as she did the time she saw when, when she was little. :))

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