Tuesday, May 25, 2010

 Merry Meet everyone :)))

Sunday during the day my mom watched both of my children for me :))) How good it felt to be out on my own for a bit :)) I love my children but the opportunity to be responsible for just myself for a few hours is always welcomed. 

I decided I really just wanted to take it easy and drive and let the road take me where it wanted to.  I had such a wonderful day! First stop was to my favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden where I had the yummiest meal :))) Full and content I decided to drive on.  I wound up in a historical town about an hour from my house.  I have always had a thing for anything that is colonial New England.  So I was thrilled walking among the old houses and exploring the gift shop. 

Continued driving and found myself lost on a farm lol :))) Was driving for what seemed like miles across dirt roads in the farm.  The thing that struck me most is throughout the farm were patches of oak trees :))) Not something I find all that often about where I live anymore. So I was pleased to see them.  It led me to the bank of a river with one of the oldest and most amazing looking oak trees I have ever seen.  I spent a little bit relaxing at that location and just taking in the beautiful view and the peacefulness of where I was at.

After my stop by the river I started to make my way back home.  On the way a Tibetan shop that advertised holistic healing on their sign caught my eye.  I was compelled to go in and take a look about.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted by this amazing lady who worked there, but I was amazed at something else.  I was being pulled, like the day I found my quartz crystal to a jewelry rack on top of the display.  It was quite clear where I was suppose to go.  A rack of about 20 bracelets was there and it was the third one in calling to me :))))  It is silver and has a clasp with a beautiful design on it.  In the center of it is set the most beautiful stone.  I'm pretty sure it's a moonstone. I should have asked but I was so taken with the bracelet as soon as I saw it I knew it was coming home.  I asked to try it on and it has not been off my wrist since lol :))) I will post a picture for you to check out.  If anyone else has any idea what time of stone it may be I'm all ears lol :))))))

Love and Blessings

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