Friday, May 7, 2010

Merry Meet everyone :)))

It has been an absolutely crazy week for me lol :))) I took my daughter to the circus last Saturday for a Mommy and Melody day as we call them lol :)))) We had an absolute blast.  There was a woman there sitting next to me who was soooo sick and I couldn't help but think oh no :( Was hoping I wouldn't get it but alas *sigh* lol I have been sick with the same thing the past few days.  I am finally doing better today yayyyyy :)))

I was grumpy yesterday because I wasn't feeling well.  Somewhere yesterday afternoon my necklace broke and my cherished moon pendent went missing.  This didn't help my mood at all.  I thought I was being punished some how for being in a bad mood lol   I was reading a post on Across the Veil that really struck a chord with me and gave me the fuzzies when all of a sudden my son who's two says Mommy I found your moon! I was absolutely estatic!!! :)) I still cannot believe that he happened to find this little moon that means so much to me :)))) Especially when all of us had searched for almost an hour lol    

Funny enough later on in the night my son was getting ready for bed and we couldn't find his blankie that he has all the time.  All of us searched for close to an hour to no avail it had disappeared.  As I was getting ready to put him down I asked if he could sleep without it for one night.  "No mommy" he said and he looked all sad.  I decided to give it one last look. I have no idea why but I walked straight to my daughter's hamper and there it was right on top.  When my daughter was cleaning up she had thrown it in there by accident.  Once I gave it to him he snuggled up all happy and went to sleep. :)))) Thought it was quite the coincidence that we both managed to find something that meant so much to each other last night. :))))

I am very very excited about tonight.  My Mom was helping me out at my house a few weeks ago and she was talking about a day that meant a lot to her when she was little.  She was an only child and was raised just by my Gram.  When she was little she went to see a play with my gram, and she was describing how wonderful it was.  She has never seen a play since.  So for Mother's Day I got my sister her and I tickets to go see Lord of the Dance tonight at Symphony Hall :)))))) My sister has never seen a Broadway type play either. :))))) I leave here in about an hour.  My mom still doesn't know where we're going we told her it would be a surprise.  I'm hoping she loves tonight as much as she did the time she saw when, when she was little. :))

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