Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lesson 14 Magickal Record Keeping

Merry Meet,

Tonight I turn in Lesson 14 Magickal record keeping.  Only one more lesson to go until I can take my final exam! I am wicked excited! :)  This lesson was pretty easy for me.  Some of it I have already been doing.  It went into the three basic forms of magickal record keeping, Dream Journal, Personal Journal, and Book of Shadows.

I have had my Magickal Journal since starting at the Mists since it is a requirement.  It is definitely a practice that I have come to love though I do need to get over and do it more often. :)) I see so many things as I go throughout my day that I would love to write about and seem to not get the time.  I am going to get a small notebook that I can put it my purse so that I can jot down notes.  I think this will make it easier when I do get time to sit down to remember all that I wanted to write about.

I have had a Dream Journal for a little while now though this is an area I really really need to improve upon.  A lot of messages I receive come to me right when I'm about to fall asleep or during my dreams.  I will remember them first thing in the morning but I always run to grab my coffee first and somehow never make it back to write things down.  So this is a personal goal that I am going to work on as well.  I have moved my dream journal closer on the alter to my bed so I will see it right away in the morning.  I've also made sure there is a pen there with it.  ;) Now if I could only get the pot of coffee next to my bed.......

My Book of Shadows :)))))) It's ordered! I am sooooooo excited.  This is something I've been looking into for a little while now but was apprehensive to start it as I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted.  I am getting a three ring binder so that it will be easier for me to add pages and reorganize.  Definitely a must for me lol :)))) It is soooooo pretty I can't wait to get it.  It is made by Zazzle and has an antique look to it.  The detail on it is just amazing for a binder.  It says Book of Shadows on the front and it has a pentacle on the back with the elements listed around it.  If you would like to take a peek you can see it here:   I was unable to get a picture for here due to copyright issues.   It is a requirement for the second degree so I am looking forward to get it set up and ready to continue on my journey.  I already have some ideas of things I want to put in it, such as a copy of the Wiccan Rede and copies of some of the artwork I've done throughout my journey with the Mists.  I will post a picture of it when I receive it :))))

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