Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Enchanted Evening

Merry Meet :)

On Friday I was lucky enough to have a few hours to myself to go out and about.  I immediately jumped online and looked about the area for a New Age shop in my area.  One in particular jumped out at me that was about an hour from my home.  I went to visit Some Enchanted Evening in Spencer, MA. The drive was amazing. It was a beautiful day out and it was wonderful to be alone with my thoughts just listening to music on the drive.

As soon as I stepped in the shop I immediately felt at home.  The shop owner Diane Hayes immediately made me feel right at home.  She was very welcoming and very helpful with some questions that I had.  Funny how you can go someplace and feel like somehow you were meant to go there?  I've been wanting to get a past life regression done for awhile now, but it has grown particularly strong in the past couple weeks.  I have some questions I would definitely like to try to get answered and I feel as if having this done will help me to answer them.  In talking with Diane I found out that Terri Jesson would be out at the shop on September 11th doing readings and yes she had a space available. So I am very excited.  She told me about a couple experiences she had with past life regressions and I loved hearing about them.  It was nice to speak with someone in person who was similar to me.

I actually spent almost two hours in the shop! lol :) I was floored when I got back to my car and realized what time it was.  I was so comfortable and at ease there.  I wound up leaving with lots of goodies as well.  I found a small opal that looks almost like a crystal ball that is now hanging alongside my pentacle.  I also picked up some white sage to use for smudging rather then the incense I have been using.  Overall it was just a wonderful experience and I am most definitely looking forward to going back there in September.

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