Monday, August 30, 2010

Streetlights going out?

Merry Meet :)

So I decided to get out and take a quick walk tonight.  It looked beautiful outside as the sun had just gone down.  Beginning of the walk was beautiful I was loving the twilight. It's just so beautiful to see the mountains reflect the pinks and blues of the end of the day.  As I was getting closer to the end of my walk though it was getting dark really really quickly.

I was coming down the side of the mountain and going into the most heavily wooded area of my walk and when I looked forward it was pitch black.  Little unnerving for someone who's not all that comfortable in the dark to begin with.  Don't get me wrong, dark is wonderful if I'm with someone I trust, but while alone? Not so much lol :) Was honestly wondering why there were no streetlights lit up in the section I was on, as they had been on for the first half of my walk in the residential area.

I was thrilled when a streetlight flickered up ahead of me and came on.  I walked quickly to the light and looked up once I got underneath it, then poof! lol The streetlight just went out and I was in the darkness again.  Ok rather strange but I can see how that can happen.  So I walked really quickly down the rest of the hill and around the corner.  Could see a couple street lights up ahead though they were spaced pretty far apart.  I got up to the next street light and no sooner did I get almost underneath it then poof! Out it went again. This made me a bit more nervous and I started walking much quicker.  There was another one up in the distance and I was happy as soon as I hit the light.  Until I looked up and poof! Yes the third streetlight in a row went out as soon as I got underneath it.  I promptly started running through the remainder of the woods up to the main road up ahead with multiple streetlights. lol :) Maybe this is normal? I dunno but I'm happy to be back home now. :)))  I'll be taking a flashlight with me in the future :P

Anyone have any takes on this? Is it possible to have personal energy affect a streetlight or something? lol  I was in a really good mood.

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  1. LOOOOOOL! omgawd! I would totally have been freaked out!


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