Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final Lesson Submitted for My First Degree with Sacred Mists

Merry Meet :))))

Today I am submitting my final lesson for my first degree.  It took me a week longer then I wanted it to but I am actually shaking right now as I am submitting it :))))  In this lesson I explored the various traditions of Wicca which I loved taking a closer look at.  It seemed to help put things into perspective for me and also helped me to understand why I am drawn to things I am drawn to.  One of the questions was to which traditions are you drawn to and why.  I thought it appropriate to share my answer here. :)

I love the fact that Sacred Mists is ecletic and encourages us to learn about different religions and the different traditions.  I definitely lean towards the Celtic tradition although until today I didn’t make the connection of why. J  I am very in tune with nature and the fact that the Celtic tradition has so much emphasis on healing, magical properties of trees, plants, flowers, the elements and the fae is very comfortable to me.  I have always been drawn to Celtic items, music, and folklore as well as Wicca though until recently haven’t quite understood why.  Interesting to note that I recently had a past life regression done with a psychic in my area and one of the “lives” that came out was in Ireland I was a coven leader and a healer. J  Could see it perfectly and it was absolutely beautiful where I lived.  I also am drawn to Shamanism but this is an area I need to continue to explore.  I have worked with some Shamanistic meditations to find animal guides and I loved them.  I also like that they encourage each member to become their own leader.  I also like the philosophy and the freedom within the Alexandrian tradition that “if it works use it”.  I have found on my path that if I relax and meditate I seem to know what to do and what methods work best for me.  So I love the freedom within the Mists to develop my own path.

It took me a little bit to write the 1,000 word essay on what it means to me to be a Priestess of the Sacred Mists.  Although I must say it seemed to flow with me.  I was quite comfortable writing it although I am nervous submitting it.  I am going to put that here as well as I wish to have it as part of my journal. :))))

I am extremely proud to be a dedicant of Sacred Mists and soon be a Priestess of Sacred Mists.  It is a journey that has taken me a bit over two years to complete.  During this time I was able to explore the different wiccan traditions and discover where I personally fit in. I am constantly learning more and growing on my personal path.  From the time I was little I have always had the desire to help others.  Being a Priestess with the Mists will only help me to fulfill what I feel is part of my reason for being here this life. 

I currently teach the Empath extension class and support thread.  The sense of fulfillment I get from being able to help my fellow sisters and brothers of the Mists is amazing.  Each day I wake up and I am blessed with a gift of love light strength and confidence that I love to help pass on.  For with each person that I am able to help, my hope is that they will go on to help others as well.  The world can indeed be a very tough place to be but I firmly believe that with each person a difference can be made.  I do honestly believe that there are people here that are meant to bring “light” and hope to others in their times of need.  Each time I am able to help guide someone it lifts me up as well.  As a Priestess of the Mists I will be able to help more in guiding those who are members of the Mists and those outside the Mists.

One of the responsibilities of a Priestess of the Mists would be to grow within the craft.  My entire life I have always been drawn to Wicca but was discouraged from following my heart.  Two years ago I took a vow with myself, my guides, the Goddess and the Mists to learn all I could and find my own personal path.  Since starting this journey I have experienced tremendous growth in my personal self.  I can’t imagine not being a member.  I love to learn and exploring all the different areas of the craft is something that I absolutely enjoy.  I also love the ability to be able to help people with the knowledge that I am gaining.  It has already made a difference in several people around me.  I am able to teach people and help them because of the time I have spent studying and learning.  A specific example of this was the ability to show my family what Wicca is about.  That it is not “evil” as they previously thought and how well it actually suits our family lifestyle and how I was raised.  I love that they are able to come to me now for assistance and accept and support me wholeheartedly.  Their love and support helps to give me the courage both within and out of the Mists to be who I am.  For the first time in my life I am able to be strong enough to follow my own path and my heart and I will eternally be grateful to the Mists for helping me find that path.

When I first joined the Mists I noticed several of my sisters who had the title Priestess of the Mists.  I must confess I was quite awestruck by them for quite some time.  However, as they helped me along my journey and opened their hearts and arms to me they helped keep my feet firmly planted on my path and are responsible for my sincere dedication to wanting me to be a Priestess with Sacred Mists.  I can only hope to be given the honor to do the same for those coming in as well.  I come before you with an open heart, open mind, and as much love and light as I can have and look forward to assisting more in the place that I have come to call home.  I am completely aware of the impact that a Priestess can make upon a dedicant and what that dedicant can go on to become given proper love and guidance.  I take great pride in knowing that for each Priestess that is out there, each person that is dedicated to the path, there is one more person out there trying to bring light and love to the world.  Each person can make a profound different upon those around them.  It always makes me think of the movie “Pay it Forward”.  Each time you smile at someone they may smile at someone else.  If you are kind to someone they in turn may be kind to someone else.  The more people stopping to do this in the world the bigger difference we can make.  The world is a lot less scary when you are surrounded by love.

By working together as a coven we can absolutely make a difference in the world around us.  This I believe is the most important thing that every person within the Mists realize.  You’d be amazed how much of a difference one person can make, one action, one moment.  The more love and light that is put out there the happier and healthier the people of our world will be and the better off our Mother Earth will be.  It is essential to preserve the land and animals, people, and gifts of nature around us.  It is essential to our survival. 

So I come before you, as a dedicant to the Mists, to ask to become a Priestess of the Mists.  My heart is where it should be.  I grow stronger each and every day, and I would love the opportunity to continue to develop that strength and assist the students of the Mists around me as well as the people I encounter on a day to day basis in the name of the Mists.  It is a title I would be very proud of.  I will assist in any way that I can.  As a mother of two, homemaker and one who is self-employed I don’t always have as much free time as I would like but I know I will get more time as my life plays out.  I will continue my work as an Empath instructor assisting the gifted students on that board as well as working with the Healing Guild.  I am very proud of my work as a healer both within and outside the Mists and can only hope to get better at it as I move on my path.  I look forward to working with all of you for a very long time.  With much Love and Light.

Jasmeine Moonsong


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