Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Past Life Regression

Merry Meet :))))

On Saturday I had the chance to have a past life regression done.  I was extremely nervous and anxious the day it was to be done.  I couldn't help feeling like something not so pleasant was going to be revealed to me but I wasn't sure what.  I had asked my guides for answers to several personal questions during the reading if at all possible.  I thought for sure that past lives may be responsible for some things I am experiencing in life and wanted to see if that would ring true.

I got to the shop a half hour early and browsed around the shop as I was waiting.  At the time of my appointment the shopkeeper led me to the second floor where there was a couch in a room where the regression was to be done.  I actually caught myself pacing as I waited for Terri to come in to do the reading.  As soon as she walked in the room I felt this incredible warmth.  She asked if she had ever worked with me before as my energy felt familiar.  I told her this was my first time.  She was wonderful and made me feel at home quickly and explained what would happen.

I settled into the couch and got as comfortable as I could, knowing that I would only get the answers I seeked if I managed to relax and let myself go.  She started guiding me through the meditation by taking me down a staircase.  At the bottom of the staircase there were three doors and I was to choose one of the three.  As I looked in the first one I didn't see much of anything.  The second door I thought I saw a glimpse of forest but I wasn't sure.  I was starting to get frustrated then I opened the third door.  This door I saw tile on the floor or what I thought was tile on the floor, but the thing I noticed the most was a black swirl of energy that surrounded me right when I opened it. Each door was to represent a past life.  She asked me which door I wanted to choose and I felt compelled to go through the third door.

She told me to walk into the door and asked me what I saw.  The "tiles" on the floor were actually a sort of cobblestone path.   She asked me what I was wearing and I was barefoot with a sort of white robe on.  She told me to walk a bit farther and tell her what I saw.  I was surrounded by grass and some trees off to the side.  I was trying to quiet my mind and concentrate on what I was seeing.  She told me as I walked up the path that I would see my best friend.  I stood there and waited for a minute and then I saw her.  She told me to listen to what she had to say.   The girl had blond long wavy hair and really really blue eyes.  She was very excited telling me about some class with animals that was posted on the board and would be held in the town that night and was wanting me to go see.  As she told me this she pointed up the road and I could see a town up in the distance.  It was actually quite similar to a town I have seen in a dream before.  Definitely quite old.  Almost every building made of stone.  It was nestled in this valley between the hills.

At this point the guide told me to go to my home.  My home was somewhere away from that town.  It was a one room home.  It was made of stone.  It had 1 window in the front, and a sturdy brown door.  When she asked me where I was I told her I was in Ireland.  The house was seperate from the town by a fair amount, yet I could see the town off in the distance.  I was nestled in the rolling green hills.  You could see the ocean from the front of my house.  She encouraged me to walk inside the house and I definitely felt at home.  It was only one room but filled with things that made me feel comfortable.  There was a fireplace in the center of the room.   A sturdy wooden table in the center.  My bed was a sort of mattress on the floor in one of the corners.  She asked me if I was married and had children.  I was married but my husband had died in a hunting accident.  She asked me if he was a fisherman but I thought he was a hunter.  I had no children at that point.  I most definitely worked as a witch or the equivilant.  I was a healer.  I worked with herbs and potions to help people out.  I told her that I led a group but it was not looked fondly upon.  I was a leader but one in hiding of sorts.

Right after this my regression started getting a little funny and I found myself getting shot between wherever I was in Ireland and somewhere that appeared to be on the East Coast of Massachusetts where I currently live.  I told her what was happening and she told me to choose one.  I felt like I was being pulled to what I was seeing in the colonial one.  I was wearing a earthy toned brown floor length dress and standing outside of my house.  It was a brown saltbox type house. One of those times I wish I knew my architecture better. It looks exactly like the house in this picture (the one in the center), it would just be reversed.  The door was on the right hand side. There was a large garden and a fence to the left. From what I could see I was also located on the corner.  At a sort of intersection.  At the end of the road was the ocean.  There was a road that went past my garden though along the long side of the house, and one in front of the house.

I was situated within the town.  Again I could see the ocean from my porch.  She told me to walk inside the house.  An overwhelming sense of love and belonging I felt as soon as I walked in.  I told her that I worked as a healer.  I worked with herbs and making potions for people and also did some divination work.  However I had to be careful as it wasn't always looked fondly upon.  My hair was very long but I had to have it up all the time I told her.  I was married to a man whose name began with the letter C.  He was a fisherman.  I had one child, a son, named Cole fondly enough lol :) I'm not sure if that is actually his name or if it was just that I was so floored during the regression that my son was definitely my current son Cole.  That was one of the answers I had been seeking.  He did not look like my son does now.  My son is only two and in the regression my son was 6.  His eyes were very very familiar though and his energy was unmistakeable.  Most definitely my son.  I then told her that my husband had passed on in a fishing accident at sea when Cole was 6 so it was just the two of us then. Somewhere during this scene it came out that I was living either in or near Gloucester MA.

The woman leading the regression asked me to fast forward 20 years and where was I.  I was remarried to another man.  I can't remember what she asked me I just remember the emotions and what I saw.  It was an incredibly rich house and he was a very prominent man I was married to. I want to say he was the mayor of the town or something of that nature.  Definitely had huge influence.  However there was no love between us.  This too is a hard thing for me to describe.  I was in some sort of trouble in the past.  I believe I was to be hung for something to do with my healing or witchcraft.  By marrying this man it cleared my name and allowed me to stay alive.  He saved my life.  However he was a very very controlling man.  I could feel the resentment I had for him the second I stepped into that area of my life.  I was extremely unhappy but making do to fulfill my end of the bargain for him saving my life and living my life so that my son would have the best life possible.  All of a sudden what I was seeing shot forward and I was in a totally different place.  I was with this man, my husband, on some carriage ride.  He asked me to get out of the carriage onto this bridge in the middle of the woods.  It was a very rickety bridge.  Very small over a small river in this heavily wooded area.  I thought he was wanting me to see the water.  As I turned sideways however I saw this look of pure love an hatred at the same time come across his face.  I will never forget those eyes.  He was angry with me because I was unable to love him and I should for him saving my life.  I remember protesting and trying to calm him and I saw him take a rope from behind his back.  I knew right then that was it.  I started saying out loud he killed me, he killed me.  I backed up in the regression and saw him take my life by strangling me and tossing my body into the river below the bridge.  I saw my body just floating there.

As far as I can tell it was found out that I was murdered.  I said I was buried properly and my son knew about it. I am trying to search the information in the Gloucester area to see if I can find out anything about a man murdering his wife in that time range.  It should be somewhere round 1810 was the date given.  Hopefully maybe I can find some information :))) I was told not to overanalyze the reading though as they knew I would lol :)))))


  1. Amazing.
    A lot of people have ancestors from ireland even if you dont know it you might :)
    I believe that people try to stay in their own families so when they come back. Might be why people are inclined to give their children more than they have, you know?

  2. I had a past regression done many years ago. My daughter Kristy and I had a life together before in the 1850's. I believe were sisters in that life. I love that time period and did not know why until I had the past regression done. I also believe that family members do stay close by and your life paths do cross often.

  3. Thanks for sharing your reincarnation experience with us. Thanks


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