Monday, October 11, 2010

50 Best Blogs for Wiccans

Merry Meet everyone :))

I came across a list this morning that I had a lot of fun with.  For those of you who use a blog reader or enjoy reading different blogs I thought you may appreciate this. ;)  The list is the 50 Best Blogs for Wiccans.  I was quite proud to see both the blog for Sacred Mists, Within the Sacred Mists, and my fellow sister of the Mist, Rowan Pendragon's Blog, One Witch's Way.

You can see the entire list here:  50 Best Blogs for Wiccans  


Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. I have a blog and i love your layout here. I really like but alm looking for some different layouts and background images that are wiccan/pagan but am not sure how to do this. Any suggestions or can you point me to somewhere where i can learn to change my blogspot appearance to something that looks like a wiccan blog?

  2. Hello Jasmine. Thanks for posting the list. I checked it out and have added it as a post on my blog at Cauldron Chronicles with a link back to your blog

  3. I loved the list. I have posted it on my blog and also mentioned this blog. I hope you can find the time to check my blog out at

    I just started it so there is not much there yet.

  4. Hey I am a shop owner to a small magic shop. I would like to invite you Www.AmarisMagic.Com ~ Much Love and Light~ Blessed Be! )O(

  5. My name is Raven Nightclaw, and I am also an owner of a small online Pagan/Metaphysical and Spiritual website. We provide Products and Services to the general public globally, and I invite all of you who see this to come to our site and check it out. relations to being gypsies at all)

    Namaste, and blessings to everyone.

  6. There is also a blog for the website I have just post previously. That address would be

  7. This blog is awesome!!.. I love Wicca !..I also doing my blog with a mixture of magical stuff and music as well other things I like it...not only wicca..cause I also..know just couple of things about it!!
    My blog is
    I know is very far away other blogs...about WIcca..but just visit me if you like it or not!! thankssssss

  8. Yes, I agree with everyone else. Your blogs are amazing and helps me out when I need to discover new things. As a matter of fact, your blog are so awesome, that it inspired me to create a Book of Shadows app. Jasmine, if you get a chance, check out
    Free Book of Shadows

    I made this app just for us all. Take care and please keep blogging on.

    Blessed be,

  9. I have a Wicca/pagan blog too. the url is

  10. I love how you put together all the information on wicca and magick on this blog and hope this message finds you well. Going to look into the listings with other content related sites ;) Will be back here though. Blessings!

  11. I just started a blog last month, and this list will help me create netter posts by seeing great examples of Wiccan blogs! Thanks so much for this!

  12. I have just published as an e-book a story about mother goddess worship in Ancient Britain. I thought maybe some Wiccans might be interested since it talks of the rituals, the symbols, the background and suggests some ideas about how sites like Avebury in Britain were used in the past. It's called Evin of the Trees and is available on Amazon.
    Leitha Martin, Italy.

  13. I used to be a solitary wiccan along time ago I didn't know a lot about it but I'm getting back into it and could really use some help if anyone has some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Blessed be

  14. Thank you for sharing the 50 best blogs on Wicca. I also found a radio that broadcasts music Wiccan: The address of the site of the radio:


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