Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be"

Merry Meet,

It was another beautiful day outside today.  The cool crisp air met me as soon as I awoke this morning, but by 10:00 the air was getting considerably warmer.  I'm trying to be outside as much as possible in what I know are the last warm days around here. 

My littlest one is an outdoor man as well.  One of my favorite past times is just following him about to see where he leads me. This afternoon I decided to venture out a bit and drove us to an older garden in my town that I honestly have never been to.

It was a bit of a reality check of the changing seasons when I got in there and most of the flowers were beginning their slumber for winter.  All that remained were a few in the bright autumn colors.  Nonetheless I had a wonderful time following my son up and down the cobblestone paths covered with leaves and watching him hide among the bushes and jump out at me yelling peek-a-boo.  Days that as a mom I will cherish forever.

He led me out into a huge meadow where there was a significantly large tree surrounded by a cement circle on the ground.  Engraved in the circle was the year 1939.  My son had a blast running about the circle that had to be about 20 foot across.  I am very curious as to what this circle was used for with the lone tree in the center of it.  I sat under the tree for a bit watching him run circles about me.  Then he started to venture back through the field to the gardens.  We stayed for a bit over an hour.

On our way back he was running down one of the paths and stopped at a sundial up ahead of me.  When I caught up to him he was running his hands over it in a bit of awe.  It was my turn to be awestruck when I read the quote, "Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be".  I cannot help but think it is a message.  Cole smiled up at me as I read it.  We stayed for a few minutes then I chased after him as he ran towards the car ready to leave.  It was a wonderful way to end our exploring today. :))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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