Monday, November 8, 2010

History Channel Reveals "The Real Story of Christmas"

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So I try to keep an open mind when I read the news, and have lots of patience for things that the media loves to misrepresent.  I was a bit irritated when I read this excerpt tonight,

"What better way to gain a better appreciation for the true spirit of Christmas than by learning a little bit more about the holiday’s roots? Later this month, History has a special set to run called The Real Story of Christmas.
The hour-long special will entertain and educate us on some of the customs we’ve come to hold so dear… like a bit of rowdy, rock-throwing caroling! 
Check out History’s description for the special below. It actually sounds pretty interesting.

“As THE REAL STORY OF CHRISTMAS shows, many of our seemingly innocent customs evolved from strange, surprising or even disturbing beginnings. With its roots in the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice, early Christmas was both a day of prayer and festival of drunken revelry. Rowdy medieval carolers begged for food and drink, threatening to throw rocks through the window of those who refuse. Christmas was actually banned for years in America during the 16th and 17th centuries. And the Santa of old world legend was accompanied not by elves but by a devil named Krampus who beat and kidnapped naughty children.”

I am getting use to the pagans and wiccans, our history and culture being misrepresented in the media by those who don't take the time to research or understand.   I was really really disappointed when I read this as it is being featured on the History Channel.  Ok, yes I'm a bit of a nerd :)) I absolutely love the History Chanel and Discovery Chanel.  I was excited when I first read it was being done by them, thinking it would be a nice documentary about the origins of Christmas and the fact that it was celebrated as Yule in Europe well before anyone had even heard of Christianity.   I was floored to say the least of the description above.  I would have expected better from the History Channel. Maybe it is just a tactic to get more people to watch? I'm not sure. I,  for one am disappointed. 

You can see the original article in it's entirety here:

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