Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry meet :)))

I am working really hard at getting organized :)) Never enough hours in my day.  With Christmas coming things are even more busy right now.  I took a step the other day to try to help me with this. :) I got a desktop calender that sits on my computer.  I have been putting everything into that, reminders of things I need to do, appointments, goals, and of course events of things going on at the Mists that I wish to attend.  It is already making a big difference.  I spend a whole lot of time at my computer so it just makes perfect sense. 

I got view access for the new First Degree lessons.  I started browsing those this morning and I can't wait to get some more free time to read through them.  :)))) The topics all look great and the new format of the lessons is beautiful! :)))) They are done in such a way that it's relaxing just to bring up the page lol :))))

I'm also working on my first lesson of the Second degree.  It's coming along ;) :))))))) So many things I want to look into and not enough hours in the day. lol :))))) Learning to heal with gemstones is something I've been slowly exploring for awhile.  Now I'm taking a whole lot in at once.  I definitely see this lesson taking me a few weeks as I have so much that I wish to look into.

About a week ago I picked myself up a leather bound journal as well.  It is a Book of Shadows of sorts.  Mainly I got it for things I wish to remember.  I don't have the time I wish to put things into a Book of Shadows properly.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist lol :) So I want lots of time to make things look pretty in that and so forth. So for now I found this beautiful journal with the Tree of Life on the front of it and have started writing bits down in there.  Funny it was the only one like that at Staples when I went.  I actually went there again the other night looking for one for a friend and I couldn't find one, when I asked someone they had no clue what I meant.  Odd.... lol :) Will take it as it was meant to be. :)

When I get some free time at night I've also been reading my book the Mysts of Avalon.  I am absolutely loving it! There are so many things that I identify with in it at times I feel as if parts were written for me! lol :)))))  I find when I can make things quiet and get a chance to read it whisks me away to this most relaxing place.  I absolutely love it.  

My daughter is attending her first sleepover this weekend.  I am trying to relax and give her the room she needs to grow up. *sniff* She's seven now and I tell you it's like she has turned into a teenager overnight.  The time is going by soooo fast.  I wish I could just freeze time for a little while as I know both of my little ones will be grown much too soon. 

Love and Blessings to all of you. :)

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to ZirconMerry Meet :)

I received access to my Second Degree lessons at Sacred Mists tonight. :)) I'm quite excited.  Of course I signed in and started reading right away.  It's like getting a present. lol :)  First lesson is on Crystals and gemstones.  I've read through the lesson and am getting down to working with each of the stones mentioned in the lesson.  It's an area that I want to get a better working knowledge of.  My ambition on my path is to become a better healer.  Crystals and Gemstones are known to have properties that will assist in healing both the mind and body.

I actually have a book that I picked up on sale at Barnes and Noble over the summer as well. :) Healing Crystals and Gemstones From Amethst to Zircon.  Gotta love the way a new book smells when you first open it.  I've spent a little time with it tonight and am looking forward to working with it with the lesson over the next couple of weeks.  The book goes into detailed descriptions of each of the stones and has pictures of them as well which is really helpful. What I really love about this book though is the section in the back called "A Home Pharmacy of Crystals and Gemstones"  This section is really helpful in listing a lot of common issues and how to treat them with stones.  Something I will likely copy into my Book of Shadows for future use.   I will give you a couple of examples below. :)

"Anxiety - Malachite, rhodonite and turquiose should be worn. Place tournaline on the heart chakra. For free-floating anxiety a necklace of aventurine is recommended.  For anxieties related to a specific situation, job interviews for example, pyrite can be carried as a touch stone.

Depression - A chain with tourmaline should be worn.  Tourmaline is especially helpful for those going through a change of life.  Amazonite should be placed on the heart chakra or worn as an amulet.  Lapis lazulli has long been recognized as protectiong against depression of all kinds; it has a calming influence when the soul cries out for help.  Kunzite, tiger's eye and turquoise (good-size pieces) can be carried as touchstones.

Headache - Excellent results can be obtained by wearing a chain of amber.  This even works for migraines.  Other stones that alleviate headache include amazonite, amethyst, falcon's eye, lapis lazulli, pearl, rose quartz, emerald and tiger's eye.

Inspiration, lack of; writer's block - Blue topaz and sodalite help with a failure of creativity.  These stones stimulate fantasy and new ideas.

Irritibility - Gold topaz helps lesson irritability in one's da to da life and counters the tendency to get worked up about small things.

Muscle Ailments - For muscular weakness: rose quartz and black tourmaline.  For inflammation: amber or obsidian should be taped to the painful area.

Nervous disorders - Nervousness: citrine, pyrite, sapphire, all kinds of topaz, moss agate and moss opal, lolite is good when used as a touch-stone.  For inflammation: wear a chain made from amber alternating with tourmaline.  Sodalite can be used as a touchstone.

Nightmares - These can often be prevented by wearing heliotrope to bed.  Chalcedony is also effective in combatting anxiety-filled dreams. Or you can place an uncut piec of rose quartz next to your bed.  This should be discharged once a week under running water.

Pain - Aventurine, dioptase and kunzite relieve pain. Rose quartz is good for those who suffer from headaches and sore eyes after working at a computer for long periods of time.  "

These are just a few of the many found in the back of the book. :)))) Hope you enjoy.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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