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Empaths often Misdiagnosed

Merry Meet :)))

For those who know me or have been following my blog you may know that I am an Empath. With my gift I am highly sensitive to the energies of people and places in which I visit.   Through a lot of hard work learning to control and develop this talent I am now quite comfortable in calling it a gift, and am able to use it to help others.  Part of my involvement at Sacred Mists is to teach the Empath extension class and help others learn to control and develop their gift if they so choose.  I have been doing this for over a year now.

One of the things I have noticed with all of my students introductions and I find a bit alarming is how many of them have been what I would call "misdiagnosed" with anxiety disorders and depression and are being medicated for it.  While I am no doctor, and I am not wishing to pass judgement on any of the doctors I can tell you that a large number of my students are off their medication within the time they spend on the course or shortly thereafter. So why does this happen?

Most doctors may not be aware of what an Empath is, let alone how to treat it without medications.  It is becoming something that is being talked about more as more of us are realizing that there is nothing wrong with us, we have a gift that we need to learn how to manage.  As empaths we are hypersensitive to the energies of those around us.  Without being aware not only can we sense that energy but a lot of times that energy can be taken on as our own.  Hence why some empaths may be depressed more often, may experience a lot of mood swings, or become anxious.  Think about it this way, if you walked into a grocery store to get a gallon of milk and felt the emotion of every single person you walked by would that not affect your mood? Think about it......

Empaths can also take on actual illnesses of those around us.  We may not actually be sick but may still exhibit all the symptoms.  It is also possible to feel the energy that has been left in an environment of a place that you visit.  Hospitals and funeral homes can be an absolute nightmare for us.

The good news ;) This gift can be controlled.  No it does not have to be controlled with medicine.  There are two techniques fundamental to controlling this gift......grounding.... and shielding.  For those not familiar with what those things are you may be thinking ok sure.  A lot of what goes on is in and around us has to do with energy.  Once you start learning to control that energy you'd be amazed what we are capable of.  Both of these skills can take a bit of time to learn and there are many many variations on them, but they can do wonders to improving a person's wellbeing, even if you are not an empath.  It is impossible for me to teach you how to ground and shield in a blog entry but I can give you a simple example of each one. Of course as with anything you have to believe that things will work.  Your intentions and belief is core to making things happen for you.

Grounding - A simple exercise I like to ground can actually be done in the shower. :P :) As the water is running over you picture it pushing all the negative energy out of your body and down the drain and replacing it with positive energies.  Have anything bothering you, focus on it and let it go down the drain.  Once you finish you should feel refreshed and relaxed.  This is just one very quick variation on the many many ways to accomplish this. In essence it is a way to manipulate the energy that you are carrying to be positive and to inform your subconscious what to focus on.

Shielding - The act of shielding is like creating a magickal field around yourself to protect yourself from negative or unwanted energy.  You will want to ground before you attempt to put up a shield.  A simple shield that you can play with to begin with is the bubble shield.  Picture energy coming up around your body to form a "bubble" around you.  You can play with the colors texture etc to find what's most comfortable for you.  The outside of the shield will keep out negative energy and the inside will take the positive energy you are putting out and bounce it back to you to keep you strong.  :))

If you are unsure if you are an empath, here are a couple links to articles which may help you.

7 Signs You're an Empath
What Kind of Empath are You?

So while I don't necessarily disagree with the use of medicines to help Empaths in the beginning, I would love to see Empathy become more well known and have people start to work with alternative methods to the medicines to handle it.  Not only would they be off of the medications but more people with this gift would be able to do what we're intended to and help others.  So many times an Empath will read the description and say wow all this time I thought there was something wrong with me.  There is nothing wrong with you, it is not a curse it can be managed and hopefully made to feel as if it is the gift that it was intended to be.

Love and Blessings to You All

Jasmiene Moonsong


  1. Really interesting, thank you so much :)

  2. Dear Jasmiene

    Thank you so much for your post here about empaths. I learned so much and it is so informative. I'm going to check out the links you have here about it. I've noticed since I have become a stay at home mom and don't get out much that my moods have changed. I was diagnosed several years ago with bipolar and would have both manic and depressive episodes. I've been on numerous medications for them. Well since I quit working and I'm not around people much, other than my family...I quit taking all the medicine. I hated being tired all the time and not "feeling" anything. I have not had any problems since going off of it, no depression, no mania, no anxiety, etc. I'm now wondering if maybe I'm an empath and never knew it. Your post has definitely opened my mind to the possibility and I will definitely be looking into it. Thank you so much.

    Blessed Be!
    Seshat Moon Willow

  3. I am a born empath with strong abilities. It was truly amazing to me when I found out that not everyone is like this. It is hard for me to fathom that most people only hear someone's words and see their body language, but that is all; it seems soooo... one-dimensional.

    When I explain what it is like to be an Empath, I say that it is like hearing all of the thoughs of all of the people around you at the same time but instead of hearing their thoughts, you are feeling their feelings and intentions.

    It is very hard to distinguish which feelings are your own and can be very overwhelming. The stronger energies sometimes take over and can be very depressing, negative and alarming at times. And, my "moods" can change rapidly depending on where I go or whom I am around. Until now, I never knew I could do anything abou it.

    Learning to shut off other's feelings and get back to only housing my own is a beautiful and peaceful experience. But I don't have it down 100%. I am trying to control my "gift" so that I can choose who to open up to, get the information I need and then shut them off. If anyone knows of a good technique for this, please share.

    Hugs to you all!!

    1. I have started saying, "That's not mine." When it was the grief of someone I was close to it was very hard and it was suggested that I put myself into a mental room right next to them so, I could be near to comfort but not drown in it.

  4. Merry Meet Alex :)))) First off Huge Hugs. A first step to dealing with your gift is realizing it and accepting it. You can then learn to work with it and control it. One of the basic techniques to help manage it is shielding. One of the most basic types of shield is a simple bubble shield. You use your energy to form a shield around yourself to help control what energy and information reaches you. Another technique that is vital for us is grounding. Grounding is when you transfer any unwanted energy out of you and replace it with good. These are simple explanations and there is so much more to do with it. I teach a class at Sacred Mists for empaths. Would love to have you join me there. If you are unable to if you start looking up how to ground & shield those are wonderful first steps for you to take in controlling it. Thank you for stopping by! Love and Blessings to You. :)))

  5. I spent childhood growing up discovering a variety of psychic abilities over the years. And at the same time doctors and my parents put me on meds for depression adhd and behavioral issues. The meds kept changing and made me sick and worse in some ways. I went off meds through my late teens and 20s. And than last summer at 31 my therapist sent me to a psychiatrist to look at meds again and this time I got physically sick from them. We tried a dozen types in 4 months and I had headaches, rashes, mouth sores, joint pain ect. My therapist believe my body can't tolerate antidepressants. My current doctor just put me on a tiny dose of Prozac 2 weeks ago to get me through. He believes I have gastro intestinal candidias from all the joint pain, inflammation, mood swings, psoriasis ect.
    But with everything going on this week with the election I've been a rollercoaster of emotions sensing everything going on in the country.
    So I started speculating if all the physical and emotional stuff could be my psychic abilities which I never learned to develop and control and understand over the years. Which led me to your article. I'm sending an email to my therapist so we can discuss this at my next session. I'm curious now.
    I do want to learn more about my gifts though I have felt so alone about it over the years and scared to come out to a lot of people about my psychic gifts except my current therapist really for fears they will think I'm crazy and lock me up.
    But since a child I have had dreams of specific details of events that come to pass in reality years later, I've been a strong empath sensing everything not only locally, or nationally, but around the whole world. I get swings and sickness some times from huge natural disasters as well such as earthquakes. Once in my teens I had an astral projection experience. I can still remember specific details about it to this day. I felt for years when it's all quiet and night and I'm laying down to sleep that I could hear the earth itself crying out and weeping over something. And I found domesticated animals have always taken a liking to me. Like visiting a horse stables as a kid or some one's house the animals in the house or stables are elsewhere and perk up when I enter and go out of their way to see me and lick me or want me to pet them. I feel like animals sense my spirit or nature or something.
    I feel more grounded and healing when I unplug from technology and take a walk in nature, especially a hike in the fall alone. It offsets some of my seasonal swings.
    I had years of my childhood where I could hear ringing and buzzing sounds no one else heard, and could hear a dog whistle and other higher pitched sounds that are normally impossible for humans.
    I've always had a strong gut feeling I learned to trust later in life as being always accurate, and good intuition about certain things.
    I've been google searching and not sure how much information I'm finding is actually true or false or a scam. Just trying to find my way to better understanding myself and how to move forward healthy and happy.

    1. Merry Meet sweetie. I am so so sorry that you've been going through to much. Huge Hugs. If you can email me sweetie, I have some resources for you that will help :)))))

      Much Love and Many Blessings,
      Jasmeine Moonsong


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