Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Rainbow Meditation and Journey to Subconscious

Merry Meet :)

So I had the opportunity for a bit of time off yesterday. My Mom was nice enough to take Cole for the afternoon.  I immediately headed for my favorite place.  Shopping? no  I headed straight to Barnes and Noble to tuck myself in a little corner of the cafe with a Starbucks coffee to read and enjoy the quiet of the afternoon.  Surrounded by new books and unlimited information and things to explore I could not be a happier camper.

The past few weeks have been a bit stressful for me.. hmmm past few weeks? Ok life in general. :) lol A lot of times I find myself saying I just need time to think, and I have a difficult time understanding where my frustration is coming from when I am in fact quite happy with my life. It's something I have thought about a lot trying to work out how to become more patient and happy all the time.  I'm a perfectionist. ;)

I was all but skipping up the escalator and I immediately headed to the New Age section which houses a brilliant selection of books on wicca and holistic healing.  As I got there this book just lit up with sparks and came flying off the shelf into my hand! Unreal right? Well yeah ;) wee bit exaggerated :) My hand did however start to vibrate, something that has happened since I got my Reiki attunement and a book called "Discovering Your Past Lives - The Best Book of Reincarnation You'll Ever Read in this Lifetime" seemed to beg to me to be read.  I took the book off the shelf and headed back downstairs to get comfy in the cafe area.

I was expecting to learn about Past Life Regression.  Something that I'm learning more about and is definitely an interest to me at this time.  What I found however was an answer to the question that's been driving me nuts the past few weeks.  Why am I short on patience and frustrated and finding myself snapping when I'm not wanting to be.

Most of us know we have a conscious and a subconscious.  The subconscious making up the majority of our brain and the conscious being the area we use the most.  The subconscious is where we retain memories of past lives.  It's like a deluxe filing cabinet with everything we've ever seen sorted out into files.  The majority of these files are sorted by emotion. We can access our subconscious by relaxing. :) Sounds simple right?

Relaxation is the art of allowing your physical body to completely let go of all tension, while allowing your conscious mind to free itself of all cares and worries.  As your conscious mind relaxes, your subconscious becomes open and more aware. As Wiccans we are taught to meditate to achieve this state.  What I didn't realize was how often it can be done naturally in normal day to day activities as well.  Some examples are when you are being creative, reading a book, watching a movie, daydreaming, or using your imagination.  That feeling that you're there but not really? :)  When you are able to reach this state you will reduce the amount of stress and fatigue and will become more in tune with yourself.  You will experience more energy and better health.  It will also help to increase your psychic awareness by opening your natural powers of intuition and precognition.

As a mom, I don't get a lot of time to read or be creative or even watch tv anymore. The majority of my time is spent cooking cleaning etc.  I've always known I was calmer in the summer but attributed it to being outside in nature.  I daydream a lot more in summer.  I work in my garden in the summer.  I take more walks in the summer. I will sit outside and read books in the summer as I watch my children play.  All of these activities allow me to be in a state to access my subconscious.  In the winter I tend to work a lot more. Since I am inside I will work while I am watching the kids rather then read a book.  Finding this book helped me to understand why I am stressed more lately and now that I know how to correct it I intend to put the work down a bit more and pick up a book, and take a few more bubble baths. :) I need to work with meditations more as well.  I need to make that time at night to set aside some quiet time and really start working with them.  I found a beautiful one in the book that I believe would help to clear your chakras as well so I thought I would share. :) I hope you enjoy ;)

Find a comfortable chair to sit in that supports your neck, or a couch, where you can stretch out.  Begin to relax by breathing deeply.  Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.  Focus your attention and your awareness on your breathing for a few moments.  Notice how the simple act of breathing begins to relax you, and notice how calm you are beginning to feel.  Listen to the sound of your breathing as you breathe in and breathe out, slowly and naturally.  Begin to imagine that you're breathing in a feeling of relaxation and a sense of well-being, and that you're breathing out all the tensions and unnecessary thoughts that crowd your conscious mind.

Breathe in the relaxation...breathe out the tension. Breathe in the calmness and the quiet...breathe out the noise and disturbances.  Breathe in the relaxation and fel it flow naturally through you.  Feel all your muscles beginning to relax as they let go of tension and tightness.  Feel the relaxation flowing through your entire body...feeling all your muscles relax...feeling all your nerves relax...feeling every part of your body become totally relaxed and comfortable.  Enjoy feeling calm and quiet, relaxed and peaceful.


As you continue to breathe slowly and naturally feeling relaxed and peaceful, and calm and quiet within yourself, imagina a beautiful rainbow above you.  The rainbow has been formed by early morning rainfall, and by the sunshine that filters through clouds.  The colors are vibrant and pure...a shimmering spectrum of colors that blend into one another. It's the most beautiful rainbow you've ever seen.  It surrounds you like a perfect dome that touches the sky and the earth.  You feel like you could almost reach out and touch the rainbow.  You feel like you could breathe in the colors and you could be inside the colors.  You feel like you could travel the rainbow from beginning to end, and go into the sky and the universe at the top of the rainbow. 

You can feel yourself rising up into the rainbow...floating upward...rising slowly and naturally into the color red at the bottom of the rainbow.  You can feel the color all around you as you breathe in the color, you begin to experience the color inside of you.  As you absorb the color within your mind, you feel your mind opening up and expanding into the color.  You feel your mind becoming more and more aware, and you experience wonderful feeling of energy as you begin to travel the colors of the rainbow.

You can feel yourself rising up into the color orange in the rainbow.  As you breathe in the color, you feel yourself become the color.  You feel the color inside you and all around you.  The color makes you feel like you're standing on the earth and sky at the same time.  As you absorb the color within you, you experience an exhilarating feeling of freedom.  You find yourself expanding into the rainbow and rising upward into the color yellow. 

As you breathe in the color yellow, you can feel the color with your mind.  You feel your mind opening up more and more, and feel yourself becoming more and more aware.  You feel like you understand the quality and nature of the rainbow, and understand the quality and nature of inner truth and knowledge.  As you experience the color yellow within your mind,, you feel an awareness opening up inside of you..expanding and increasing you open up your mind even more.

You begin to move more easily through the colors now, expanding the unique energies and vibrations of each color.  You feel the color green, and as you experience the color within you, you become more in touch with your inner feelings.  You feel the color green with your emotions, and it feels rejuvenating and nourishing.  You're aware that the color nourishes your body as well as your mind.  You feel refreshed and healthy, as your body and your mind experience harmony within themselves.  

You rise up smoothly into the color blue in the rainbow.  As you enter the color, you feel very peaceful and tranquil.  You almost feel your thoughts are words, and that your words are images put into action by your feelings.You feel like you can say and see your thoughts at the same time and they really are one and the same, with no difference between the thought and the way you experience a wonderful sense of knowing and understanding that the sky and the earth are really one and the same, with no difference between the universe and you.

As you become aware of this, you find yourself inside the color indigo...almost at the top of the rainbow.  As you breathe in the color of psychic awareness and true inner knowledge, you feel your mind completely opening up and expanding into ever-widening horizons that go beyond what can be phsyically seen and touched.  You experience your awareness with an understanding and knowledge that goes beyond words and feelings.  As you recognize and accept this awareness within yourself, you reach the top of the rainbow. 

The color violet at the top of the rainbow inspires a fewwling of love and reverence inside of you.  You realize that you've opened your mind's awareness, and you've allowed yourself to being to experience your true spiritual nature.  You've allowed yourself to experience your soul, and to understand all that is within you.  

Above the rainbow, you notice a shimmering white mist.  The mist looks comforting and warm, and feels protective and secure as you wrap it around you, like a cloak of awareness.


As you reenter the rainbow, you feel yourself gradually descending through all the colors you've experienced.  You find yourself blending into the colors of violet, ,indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.  You find yourself standing on the ground again, looking up at the rainbow above you.  You notice the sunshine, as it begins to disperse all the clouds.  the sun feels pleasantly warm and the sunshine is very bright.  As you reflect on what you experienced as you felt your mind opening up and becoming more aware, you feel like you've discovered a special treasure within yourself. 

I hope you enjoy it :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Thank you for this! It is a beautiful meditational exercise and i am going to do it tonight. I felt calmer just by reading it. I hope you will find more tranquility in your life and that you will seek out those moments for yourself more.
    Brightest blessings,


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