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Herbs and Old Wives Tales

I came across this in my perusing about today and loved it instantly.  I remember my gram doing some of these when I was little :))))) Thought I would share :)))  That being said, I also remember my gram always having silver dollar trees around? They may be called something different it's what my gram always called them. The "leaves" are very translucent and have almost a pearl like sheen to them. It looks like the one in the picture.  Does anyone have any idea where these are found? I haven't seen one since I was little and am not sure where she would've got them.  If I'm remembering right we use to pick them in the woods though I have been looking and haven't seen one. There's something comforting about them to me. :)) If you know I would appreciate it! Thank you

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


Herbs and Old Wives Tales
author unknown
Bluebells have both a good and bad magical reputation.
Long associated as harbingers of death, it is said that if
you hear bluebells ringing someone close to you will die.
Nevertheless, bluebells are commonly thought to be lucky.
Carrying bluebells compels you to tell the truth.

Cedar branches hung around your house protects it against
lightning strikes. Cedar, in your wallet, attracts money.
This spell really works. For years, I've had cedar in my wallet.
No matter what the situation or circumstance, somehow or other, money comes my way.

If you've been cursed, scatter chili pepper {or seeds} around
your house to break the spell. This also is a great spell for
kids who are afraid of the boogey man. Put the chili peppers
in a child's room, tell the child about the spell, and watch
the nightmares and "afraid ness" start to disappear.

Growing elder trees near your house will bring you prosperity
in addition to delightful elder flower champagne, elderberry jam,
and a plethora of hungry birds. Elder branches and twigs make
perfect wands.

Garlic is nature's antibiotic and an excellent pest control
in the garden. It's also a protection against shipwrecks for
sailors, against foul weather and monsters for mountaineers,
and against assaults by bullies. Garlic rubbed into your pots
and pans gets rid of negative vibrations that might ruin your food,
and if you eat garlic, you'll become lusty.

If you're a witch, plant geraniums around your house to foretell
coming visitors.

Grapes have long been considered symbols of fertility and money.
Wine, which is made from grapes, was often treated as sacred in
ancient cultures. In Tarot, the Ace of Cups can mean possible
wealth - both money-wise and for new friends.

Gather holly leaves on a Friday night - but beware, make absolutely
no sound when you pick the holly leaves or this spell will not work.
Wrap the leaves in a white cloth, knot the cloth nine times, and place
it under your pillow. Your dreams will come true!

Honesty or money plants {and chili peppers} when scattered about
your house will repel all monsters.

Finding the first white lily of the season will give you strength.
Wearing a fresh lily will break any love spells cast against you,
particularly when the love is unwanted.

Marigold and/or orange flowers added to your bath will make you
respected, admired, and attractive. Hang marigolds on your doorpost
to stop evil from entering your house (and stop those evil pests
from entering your garden)!

Mint is not just any ordinary garden herb used for mint juleps in
summer and relaxing teas in winter. Mint kept in the house protects
you and your loved ones. Putting a few leaves of mint in your wallet
will attract money. And mint leaves rubbed against your temples will
relieve headaches {same as smelling peppermint essential oil}.

If you catch a falling oak leaf, you won't have a cold in the winter.

Onions protect against venomous beasts and grown in your garden
protects your plants (against those venomous pests!). Quarter an
onion and place the quarters in the four corners of your house,
you'll get rid of any disease. Replace the onion quarters when
they turn black.

Pick pansies or Johnny-jump-ups, when the dew is still on them and
it will soon rain.

Eating parsley makes you lusty but wearing parsley on your head
stops you from getting drunk.

Roses and myrtle stand for love. Red roses mean passion, pink
roses - friendship, and white roses - pure love.

Rowan planted on a grave stops Hauntings and planted around your
house protects you and planted in stone circle makes the protection stronger.
Too, rowanberries make wicked jam and wine.

Rue grows best when stolen and then makes your garden grow better.
Toads don't like rue. Romans used to drink rue juice to guard against werewolves.

Thyme placed beneath a pillow ensures a pleasant night's sleep.
Thyme worn in a woman's hair will make her irresistible, and if you
both carry and smell thyme, you'll gain courage, but if you wear thyme,
then you'll see faeries.

On New Year's Eve, cast one of the shoes you're wearing up into a
willow tree {you have 9 tries}. If your shoe stays up in the tree,
then you'll be married within the year. To complete the spell,
you need to climb up into the willow tree and retrieve your shoe.

That horrid witch grass of garden wrecking fame, scattered under
your bed, attracts new lovers. An infusion of witch grass sprinkled
around your house repels depression.

Washing your head with a yarrow infusion will prevent baldness, and carrying
it, will attract love and friendship.

Yew (poison) will help you raise the dead.


  1. You are amazing! May blessings fall apon you for all of your days.

    1. Merry Meet :))))))) Thank you so much for stopping by :))) Many Blessings to you as well. :)))

  2. Money plant is called lunaria. Here's an article on how to grow it.

    You can get seeds from a number of catalogs, among them Burpee and Ferry Morse

  3. Merry Meet :)))) Thank you so much! Great Link Kathleen. Hugs and Many Blessings.


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