Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creating Your Reality

Merry Meet :)))

It's been a little bit since I've posted and I'm working on getting back in the game.  I've been doing a whole lot of soul searching as always and working on being a better person.  One of my friends put in her information for where she was at in her life "as always, a work in progress." I've loved that since I first saw it and it really does describe how I am.  I know that there are constantly things I need to learn and ways I can improve myself.

In my travels today of finding material for writing and learning I came across this video that I really liked. It does a really nice job of explaining what I've tried to help some people with in the past.  We are all energy and everything around us is energy.  What you put out there is what you are going to get back.  For example if you think that you're depressed and nothing is going to go your way, that's ultimately what will happen.  In College I had this professor who made me work a lot harder then the other professors but he was amazing and honestly he made my college experience worth it.  One of the things he taught us was that you can have whatever you want in life you just have to believe it.  If you believe strongly enough and it is your intent to have something you can get it.  This can apply to pretty much anything.  Ok so if you want a yacht and you think about it enough is it gonna show up in your driveway? No. :) But if you start thinking that you are successful enough to have a yacht, you may find that your career will become more successful and ultimately you can wind up with that yacht.  It's all about what you put out there for energy.  :)

In any event this video did a really nice job with it, so I thought I would share. :)))

Enjoy :)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You Highly Sensitive?

Do you have vivid dreams? Can too much sound or bright lighst become overwhelming to you?  Have you ever been told that you are too sensitive? Do you need alone time as part of your daily routine? One of the books I am working on reading is the Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aaron.  I've pretty much always known I was a sensitive. Though didn't know it had a definition till a few years back.  In most cases being a highly sensitive person is an inherited trait, though there are some cases of people whom have developed it. For those who are highly sensitive and are unaware that they are they may find themselves walking through life questioning if they are crazy, when in fact they are gifted.

HSP's absorb much more then the average person.  Where someone who isn't sensitive will walk into a room and notice one or two things like the furniture or the food available an HSP will walk in and sense the mood of the room and sometimes each individual person, the air quality, any smells present in any area of the room, the lighting, the noise, the colors.  In other words if you are looking for someone to recall details ask an HSP.  Where most people can ignore loud music, sirens, and crouds, glaring lights, weird odors and chaos in general they can really bother an HSP.  Hence the need to spend alone time somewhere quiet and not as stimulating in order to come back to center.  Highly Sensitives are very misunderstood and can be labeled as shy or weak, or emotional.

Highly Sensitives are very intuitive.   We are highly conscientious people.  We can achieve deep levels of concentration when in an area free of distractions.  Highly sensitive people tend to fill the advisor roles in this world.  We are the writers, historians, philosophers, judges, artists, researchers, theologians, therapists, and teachers to name a few.  It has been proven that we utilize the right side of our brain more.

Most of you will be familiar with Carl Jung as the father of Psychology.  A few quotes from him were used in the chapter I'm reading and I wanted to share them with you.  Jung says that "a certain innate sensitiveness produces a special prehistory, a special way of experiencing infantile events" and that "events bound up with powerful impressions can never pass off without leaving some trace on sensitive people." Jung says that the intuitive ones, HSP's are naturally more influenced by their unconscious, which gives them information of the "utmost importace," a "prophetic foresight."

For those who are familiar with working with your conscious mind vs your subconscious mind you can see how this could give an HSP quite the intuitive advantage.  Hence, why we are "gifted". However we will walk a tougher life for this gift unless we know how to control it.  I will leave you with the test from the introduction of the book to help you decide if you are an HSP. :)

Are You Highly Sensitive? 
A Self-Test 
from the Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N Aron

Answer each question according to the way you feel.  Answer true if it is at least somewhat true for you.  Answer false if it is not very true or not at all true for you.

 - I seem to be aware of subtleties in my environment.

 - Other people's moods affect me.

 - I tend to be very sensitive to pain.

 - I find myself needing to withrdraw during busy days, into bed or into a darkened room or any place where I can have some privacy and relief from stimulation. 

 - I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

 - I am easily overwhelmed by bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, or sirens close by.

 - I have a rich, complex inner life.

 - I am made uncomfortable by loud noises.

 - I am deeply moved by the arts or music.

 - I am conscientious.

 - I startle easily.

 - I get rattled when I have a lot to do in a short amount of time. 

 - When people are uncomfortable in a physical environment I tend to know what needs to be done to make it more comfortable. (like changing the lighting or seating)

 - I am annoyed when people try to get me to do too many things at once.

 - I try hard to avoid mistakes or forgetting things.

 - I make it a point to avoid violent movies and tv shows.

 - I become unpleasantly aroused when a lot is going on around me.

 - Being very hungry creates a strong reaction in me, disrupting my concentration or mood. 

 - Changes in life shake me up.

 - I notice and enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, works of art.

 - I make it a high priority to arrange my life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations.

 - When I must compete or be observed while performing a task, I become so nervous or shaky that I do much worse then I would otherwise. 

 - When I was a child, my parents or teachers seemed to see me as sensitive or shy. 

Scoring Yourself

If you answered true to twelve or more of the questions, you're probably highly sensitive.

I scored a 22 lol :) What about you?

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Storm Moon Esbat

Merry Meet :)

I attended the New Storm Moon Esbat ritual tonight.  I've been working on the graphic since the second it ended.  I was kinda in a daze after the ritual now I am just sleepy. lol :) The ritual was amazing :))))) It always seems to be the meditations that get me.  Where I always seem to get my messages and tonight was no exception.   The meditation was gorgeous.  We started in a cave and wound our way down to the beach with trees in the background and the fresh scent of herbs and salt air all around us.  At one point we were to be met by an animal.  I saw this midnight bluish color come out of the mist in front of me up the beach and as it came closer he turned to white. My wolf :) I still don't know his name but he is very familiar to me.  I took a moment to enjoy being with him, then we walked up the path back toward the cave.  I received the message that I was intended to receive during that walk.  It pertained directly to my wish that we did during the ritual work tonight.

Once we reached the top our animal that met with us had the choice to stay or leave.  I was rather disappointed when mine said that he was going to leave.  I was in good hands he said and he was no longer needed.  I asked him to stay with me and enjoy the fire up ahead but it was not to be.  I watched him walk slowly down the path and disappear back into the Mists.  At this point, Tansy, who was leading the meditation told us that if our animal friend stayed with us it was our totem animal.  I started to feel disappointed again wondering if he wasn't my totem animal who was he? I see him all the time? She then went on to say that if he left he was a spirit guide and to pay close attention to the message that we received. I sat their in stunned silence contemplating what she had just told me.  I just asked in study hall three nights ago if my wolf was a spirit guide or totem as I was unsure of how to tell the difference. Here was my answer clear as a bell a couple nights later.

If that weren't enough the next part was a poem that Tansy chose to share with us entitled "Moonsong" by DJ Conway.  I all but fell out of my chair. Yes, I like my signs nice and clear but really? wow :) I'm still a bit awestruck.  The poem was beautiful so I will leave you with it this night as I get ready to go to sleep. Sweetest of dreams and Blessings upon you who may come by.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Moon Song

I raise my arms in greeting
As She slips up through the night,

The rounded Moon of Mystery,
A glowing silver disk of light. 
My spirit answers to Her call
And longs for wings to fly
That I might seek Her secret place
Whose symbol is the sky? 
A place of hidden secrets, 
Of sacred Mysteries old,
A place I knew in other times,
In temple wisdom no more told. 
I struggle to remember
All the things I learned before,
The forgotten Mysteries of the Moon,
The Goddess and Her lore. 
Although my arms reach skyward,
I turn inward toward Her voice.
I tread the inner labyrinth,
Trusting in my choice.
"Seek not without, but deep within."
The words are soft and clear.
"Keep faith with Me for thirteen months,
The Mother's Sacred Year." 
I watch Her through Her cycles,
As I did in lives before,
And follow down Her moonbeam path
To the secret, inner door.

Jasmeine Moonsong's Bookshelf

Merry Meet :)

A lot of times I get questions on what books what I recommend on specific topics, what I'm reading, etc. I've started to have quite the collection of books as I'm an avid reader. I've set up a virtual bookshelf for you to peruse. It includes sections for being an Empath, Healing, Being a Witch, Herbalism, and much more. :) Pull up a chair and take a look. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roller Skating Rink Restoration

Merry Meet :)

I always believe it's important to help out and give back where you can.  I wanted to share a cause that I am going to be donating some time and support to.  For those of you who know me I absolutely love to roller skate. :) When I was little my parents use to bring me to the rink all the time.  I can remember spending hours upon hours just skating around the rink.  My favorite one was called Babb's roller skating rink in West Suffield, CT.  It is about 15 minutes from where I live.  The rink was actually built in the 1890's and started out as a summer lake resort on the edge of Congamond Lake.  Babb's was utilized as a dance hall in the 1930's.  It was then turned into a roller skating rink until 1996.  The way I fondly remember it from my childhood. :)

"The 11,000 s.f. building was falling into disrepair and on October 31, 2003, the Town entered into a four-year lease with four extension periods with Citizens Restoring Congamond (CRC). CRC agreed to utilize its non-profit status to conduct fundraising and restore the building as a rollerskating rink. The Town recieved a $100,000 Small Town Economic Assistance Progam (STEAP) grant from the State of Connecticut to help with the restoration. Babb's Beach was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 21, 2006. Once the rollerskating rink is restored, CRC plans to sublease the building to a rink operator and any profits realized from the sublease will be used for CRC's mission of the protection and preservation of the Congamond Lakes. Future plans for the town-owned property, pending available funding, include reutilizing the beach area, constructing a bathhouse, and building a pavillion overlooking the lake." (from the website  

Recently an Article was published in the Suffield Patch.  You can find the original article with some wonderful pictures here:

Babb's Rink Rich with History
By Matt McCloghry 

"It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing."

For Babb's Rink, the swing era is long gone. As are the days of poodle skirts and roller skates. In fact, most of the patrons of Babb's Rink during it's heyday are long retired. Babb's is just a distant memory of their rollicking youth.

Yet, the rink still remains as a reminder of the glory days. The reclamation project, now entering its eighth year, still has a long way to go. But no one involved with this multi-million dollar undertaking is ready to retire as yet.

The Babb's Roller Skating Rink Restoration Project began in 2003 as the Citizens Restoring Congamond (CRC) entered into a lease with the town of Suffield to use its status as a non-profit to begin the fundraising necessary to repair the historic building.

The Babb family began operating a resort on the shores of the Congamond Lake in West Suffield near the Southwick border in the late 1890s. The main building opened as a dance hall in 1932

In its early years, teens flocked to the new location to hear the big band sounds of swing made popular by Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller. In the post-war days, the advent of rock 'n' roll became the thing for kids of the era to listen to. From big bands to rock, new music played and skaters rolled around the dance floor. Babb's soon became a hotspot on Lake Congamond and enjoyed a thriving clientele.

As rollerskating became less popular, Babb's prospered and even experienced a resurgence in the 1970s and 1980s as it adapted to disco music and rollerblading. However, as expenses rose, the Babb family opted to donate the seven-acre property to the town of Suffield in 1977 and retain the rights to operate the skating rink. The rink as a business closed in 1996 as the property needed significant code compliance updates beyond its budget.

The building fell into disrepair and the CRC purchased the rights to redevelop the property with thoughts of restoring the luster and starting a thriving new business. But the change is taking time.

The CRC did receive a $100,000 grant from the state of Connecticut and has been able to rebuild the roof and insulate some of the walls. Old windows have been restored and much of the charm of the basic structure remains. It was registered as on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks in 2006.

To achieve the dream of the CRC and the many fans of the property, the Babb's Rink Restoration Project is going to need an influx of capital. The property has a good roof but still needs many of the basics such as heat, electricity and water.

“In round numbers, we have raised and spent about $250,000, and we are going to need about $900,000 before we can complete the project and get a [certificate of occupancy],” said CRC President Jerry Crane.

The certificate will allow the CRC to begin using the building for business purposes and thereby generate revenue. It is the first step to Babb's again becoming a viable entity that generates income.

Vandals set progress back to the tune of $7,200 on November 20, 2010, specifically targeting replacement windows, a donated antique piano and the rink floor. Police have no leads at this time and the CRC is seeking information to catch the culprits. However, the vandalism has not dampened the spirits of volunteers working diligently on the project.

Crane, volunteer engineer Bill Norcross and site manager sScott Feron lead a dedicated group of worked who have braved the cold weather to do some of the basics needed to keep the project going. Numerous local businesses have donated their time, materials and money to help the project.

Crane noted that the project still can use help in many ways not only on-site, but in fundraising, grant writing, publicity and networking to find other people who can help.

“This is such a wonderful place with a rich history and we have so much demand from local people to use the building for many purposes that I am confident this can be great place again,” Crane said

If you happen to live in the area and can donate your time to help out you can find out more information here:   Even if you don't live in the area, if you would be willing to donate money to this cause it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The Watcher in the Woods

The Watcher in the WoodsMerry Meet :)

So we've all been doing something and all of a sudden it will make you  remember something that you may have forgotten about completely.  No? :P C'mon, surely you can remember one example of it. :)  I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds the other night, and I honestly can't remember what did it but something I saw made me remember a movie I was absolutely obsessed with when I was young.  I haven't seen it in well over 20 years.  As I sat on the couch all the scenes of the movie came tumbling back to me.  I thought it was a bit random to have this come back to me, now, lol so I've been working the last few days to try to find out the title of the movie.  I found it! I all but fell out of my chair when I saw the title.  "The Watcher" has a lot of personal meaning for me. I also found it on the very same night that I attended a class on Watchers and Spirit Guides.  Coincidence? Maybe, but..... knowing what I know I don't believe it is. :)

It is actually a Disney film no less which I find shocking given the content of the movie.  I have always known Disney films to be family friendly. I would venture to say that this movie is their spookiest by a mile.  I never like scary things when I was little but I remember watching this movie hundreds of times.  To the point where I'm quite sure my mom lost the film on me :P :))  I was only 4 when it came out, so I would guess my obsession with this film started around 6 or 7 years of age.  It's still a movie I'd recommend watching today. It is an older movie, obviously so it's not got the technological advance of today, but I still like it. :)  They actually have it on youtube if anyone is interested.   Here's the preview:

I've always thought that I knew most of my life where I belonged as far as my beliefs.  I'm quite sure I was a witch in a past life as well. This is just one of the early clues that I had. lol :) What 7 year old is obsessed with this sort of movie? Ok maybe you'll find one, how bout one that's terrified of the dark and obsessed with this movie? lol :) In the first five minute the teenager in the movie is asked if she's a "sensitive".  It's always been all around me I'm just starting to connect all of the dots now.  If you choose to watch it enjoy! :))) Let me know what you think! :)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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