Friday, March 4, 2011

New Storm Moon Esbat

Merry Meet :)

I attended the New Storm Moon Esbat ritual tonight.  I've been working on the graphic since the second it ended.  I was kinda in a daze after the ritual now I am just sleepy. lol :) The ritual was amazing :))))) It always seems to be the meditations that get me.  Where I always seem to get my messages and tonight was no exception.   The meditation was gorgeous.  We started in a cave and wound our way down to the beach with trees in the background and the fresh scent of herbs and salt air all around us.  At one point we were to be met by an animal.  I saw this midnight bluish color come out of the mist in front of me up the beach and as it came closer he turned to white. My wolf :) I still don't know his name but he is very familiar to me.  I took a moment to enjoy being with him, then we walked up the path back toward the cave.  I received the message that I was intended to receive during that walk.  It pertained directly to my wish that we did during the ritual work tonight.

Once we reached the top our animal that met with us had the choice to stay or leave.  I was rather disappointed when mine said that he was going to leave.  I was in good hands he said and he was no longer needed.  I asked him to stay with me and enjoy the fire up ahead but it was not to be.  I watched him walk slowly down the path and disappear back into the Mists.  At this point, Tansy, who was leading the meditation told us that if our animal friend stayed with us it was our totem animal.  I started to feel disappointed again wondering if he wasn't my totem animal who was he? I see him all the time? She then went on to say that if he left he was a spirit guide and to pay close attention to the message that we received. I sat their in stunned silence contemplating what she had just told me.  I just asked in study hall three nights ago if my wolf was a spirit guide or totem as I was unsure of how to tell the difference. Here was my answer clear as a bell a couple nights later.

If that weren't enough the next part was a poem that Tansy chose to share with us entitled "Moonsong" by DJ Conway.  I all but fell out of my chair. Yes, I like my signs nice and clear but really? wow :) I'm still a bit awestruck.  The poem was beautiful so I will leave you with it this night as I get ready to go to sleep. Sweetest of dreams and Blessings upon you who may come by.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Moon Song

I raise my arms in greeting
As She slips up through the night,

The rounded Moon of Mystery,
A glowing silver disk of light. 
My spirit answers to Her call
And longs for wings to fly
That I might seek Her secret place
Whose symbol is the sky? 
A place of hidden secrets, 
Of sacred Mysteries old,
A place I knew in other times,
In temple wisdom no more told. 
I struggle to remember
All the things I learned before,
The forgotten Mysteries of the Moon,
The Goddess and Her lore. 
Although my arms reach skyward,
I turn inward toward Her voice.
I tread the inner labyrinth,
Trusting in my choice.
"Seek not without, but deep within."
The words are soft and clear.
"Keep faith with Me for thirteen months,
The Mother's Sacred Year." 
I watch Her through Her cycles,
As I did in lives before,
And follow down Her moonbeam path
To the secret, inner door.

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  1. Wow! That is amazing! I've never met my totem or spirit guide, but I hear they come to you when you need them or when you're ready. So I guess I don't need one yet or I'm not ready... anyway, that sounds so awesome, I really hope to have the same experience soon. Bright blessings!


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