Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mommy's Magick Kisses

Merry Meet :)))

So I'm running through facebook catching up with news and friends lives and this one article caught my attention:

Kissing and Energetic Medicine

"Many of us were raised in families where emergency medical treatment of minor childhood cuts and abrasions were treated with iodine, a Band-Aid and a hug. If you fell off your tricycle and scraped your knee, then your pain, tears and fears were soothed by the attending adult or teenaged baby sitter who would often end the first aid session with this heartfelt question, "Would you like me to kiss it and make it better?" This question was offered to any child as it addressed their most primary need for love, comfort and attention. A few minutes seated in a warm lap, some understanding words and a kiss on the hurt knee and you were healed, wiping away your tears, ready to return to play.

Children of such households learned at an early age that even when they were not bleeding or bruised, they could ask for a kiss for any number of concerns. The kiss could accompany the sting of the removing an old bandage, a visit to the doctor (for another sting) and hurt feelings. It could be administered anywhere at anytime and a child’s anxiety would melt, returning them to joy and balance. It always worked, and like any charm, it was truly magic….a mysterious spontaneous healing. "

I can't even begin to tell you how many times magic kisses make things better in my house with my kids.  I love that my children come to me first anytime they get hurt or don't feel good and ask me to give kisses and heal them. :) Although they will ask for the occasional bandaid as they think they are cool wearable stickers. :P   But it's amazing how many things a simple kiss and hug can fix :)))

"It is the intentional passing of healing and loving energy from one human to another and quantum physics is the science behind its efficacy. This is why these healing modalities work if we let them. So, next time you touch another person with kindly intent, remember this: your energy behind that intent affects them and has effects. You are participating in the ancient and timeless ritual of giving "a kiss to make it better."

Love this! Hope you enjoy! And keep giving out those magick kisses :))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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