Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reiki for the Little Ones

Merry Meet,

I know a lot of you work with Reiki and energy healing.  I practice it whenever I can, typically on those closest to me.  Two of my biggest customers are my children. :) lol   If they get a scrape outside they come to me and ask me to heal them.  Which I love.  But one of the challenges I've found with giving them Reiki is that they don't like to sit still.

Both of my children have had a nasty cold that doesn't seem to want to go away over the last week.  My son was particularly uncomfortable the other night and he asked me to heal his scratches from being outside and his throat.  Each night when my son goes to sleep we talk about the Moon, and go through a basic form of meditation where he picks a place where he would like to go and I describe the scene to him.  From magickal walks in the woods, to a trip to visit the moon, the fire station and everything in between.  He and I both have come to love this bedtime ritual.  So the other night I decided to combine the two together.  I led him on a meditation through a magickal forest to a lake that would cleanse him of the sickness.  I talked to him about bathing in the lake and letting it take away the sore throat and the pain from the scratches.  I talked nice and slow and described everything about him.  He laid perfectly still relaxing.  The entire time I was leading him through the meditation I had my hands on him giving him Reiki as well.  It worked like a charm :) He stayed still for 10 minutes so I could give him energy and he fell into a sound sleep as he was comfortable.

I then tried the same thing on my seven year old daughter.  I was amazed that she didn't question what I was doing at all.  I led her through the forest to the same lake.  I just modified it a bit to include fairies and unicorns.  Hers lasted about 15 minutes and she was a little ball of mush by the end of it, completely relaxed.

So for those of you who have little ones, it may be something you want to try if it's not something that you've tried already.  Even if you don't need to heal anything I'm finding that the meditation and energy given to them each night is most definitely affecting their moods, and helping them to sleep better at night.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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