Friday, April 8, 2011

"This is Horse Country"

Merry Meet :))

I've been outside bonding with nature the past two days. The weather is getting up into the upper 50's and it's finally a comfortable temperature to spend some time outside.  So the past two days I've been working in my backyard burning brush to clean up the back corner of my lot. My face and arms are actually a bit sunburn from having the sun beat down on me all day.  I honestly didn't even think it was hot enough to do that. But my cheeks are nice and rosy and my mind is pretty clear.  It's amazing how much spending time outside does to heal my soul.

I've also felt the presence of my grandfather and my guides around me.  I felt compelled to get up and write this right away this morning. I'm not even sure what it all means but I'm doing what feels right.  I slept sound last night and my dreams were quite vivid.  I was most definitely aware of my grandfather being with me and trying to give me a message.  One sentence came through crystal clear although I'm not sure what it means.  "This is horse country."  He looked as I remembered him later on in life. He was showing me something to do with his life as I was able to see him in his younger days, yet he was also standing next to me.  My gram that I hadn't met was alive at this point. She passed on when my Dad was a boy so I never had the opportunity to meet her, yet I have felt her presence at times as well.

We were on some huge farm.  It's hard for me to tell the location though I'm pretty sure the phrase was a clue.  There were a lot of wide open fields.  It almost looked as though the area was going through some sort of drought, although it may have just been the end of a long summer.  There were horses about, and older "western" style buildings.  Like the kind you see on the old western movies. Except they weren't all lined up along one street, they were disbursed throughout the area.  I was very much at home wherever it was and felt like it was a familiar place.  There was another presence with us as well, though as I'm sitting here I'm not sure who that was.  It was an older male.  He is linked to my family somehow although I'm not sure at the moment how.

There was something that I was wanting to change in what was happening and I was distinctly told that I could not to anything to alter the past.  That I had to concentrate my attention on moving forward.  I will give it more thought as the day goes on but as I said I felt compelled to write it out.  I can still barely see as my eyes are blurry with sleep.

My body is so sore! Been a long winter and some time since I've done physical laber. Even though I am incredibly sore all over I have this great sense of peace this morning.   Upon waking this morning I pulled a single card pull from my angel oracle deck.  I received the card for Zanna. "You are protected from all types of harm.  The worst is now behind you.  I ask you to relax and feel safe."  The longer description on the card is as follows "No matter what has happened in your past, your present and your future are now safely protected by angels.  I am helping you to heal from past upsets or trauma.  I am helping to heal your heart of worry or fear.  I am here to help you release any self-sabotaging thoughts or behavior.  I am here, in other words, to help you enjoy a renewed sense of safety, and peace of mind.  The other angels and I stand guard around you, your home, your family, your vehicles, and your workplace.  You can rest assured that no lower energies can permeateour protective field.  We only allow the energy of love to enter wherever you or your loved ones reside.  Alll expressions of fear are transmuted back to the field of illusions from whence they came.  God and the angels ask that you relax and enjoy yourself, for your happiness brings a smile to Heaven."

The card matches part of my message from the dream perfectly.  That I am sure of.  Time to go and grab a coffee and get my eyes to open as I watch the sun rise up over the field behind my house. :))))

Love and Blessings

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. That's so interesting! Thank you for sharing. I hope your body feels better by now. :)


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